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Domestic corporal punishment (parental spanking) -


Dummy demonstrations and artists' impressions

People who have received it

Effects on recipient

Illicit corporal punishment -


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Effects on recipient

Punishment in progress -- see also Video clips

Judicial corporal punishment -


Dummy demonstrations and artists' impressions

Effects on recipient

People who have received it

Punishment in progress -- see also Video clips

School corporal punishment -


Dummy demonstrations and artists' impressions

Effects on recipient

People who have received it -- Female

People who have received it -- Male

Punishment in progress -- see also Video clips

Prison/Reformatory/Military corporal punishment -

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Corporal punishment in general -

Implements and equipment used



blob Cartoons of illicit corporal punishment -

Sweden: Cartoon illustrating news story about a boy spanked by a fake cop, 1983


blob Cartoons of judicial corporal punishment -

Jamaica: Cartoon of public flogging, 2004

Jamaica: Cartoon of public flogging, 2005

Russia: feeble Australian cartoon about Russian scientists' finding that caning brings happiness, 2005

Singapore: New York Post cartoon inspired by the Michael Fay affair, 1994

Singapore: another cartoon on US reaction to the Michael Fay affair, 1994

Cartoon Singapore: cartoon by Britt, reproduced in Newsweek, 1994

Uganda: cartoon about a case in which a man of 30 was caned by a local court in front of his mother, 2004


blob Recipients of school corporal punishment -- Female -

Abbott, Molly and Freda, aged 12 and 14, caned in front of school, UK, 1948 (poor quality photocopy from microfilm)

Bartee, Mackenzi, Texas high school student, previously spanked by male vice-principal, speaking at public meeting in favour of corporal punishment, 2012

Cahanin, Megan, 10, paddled at school in Louisiana USA, 2001

Cahanin, Megan, pictured with family, including her brother who has also been paddled, 2002

Dickson, E. Jane, pictured 2005, says she was caned almost every day at primary school in Northern Ireland

Mugshot Ekis, Katie, 18, paddled at US school, 1990s/2000

Farida Ikyimaana, 18, attributes exam success to canings, Uganda, 2004

Fletcher, Marisa, 15, paddled at Missouri high school, 2008 (also video clip)

Gaspersohn, Shelly, senior student paddled at US high school in 1981, shown at age 20 giving evidence with her mother to Senate hearing in 1984

Gerhartinger, Mary, 7, paddled at school, USA, 1930

Mugshot Katwesige, Margaret, former housegirl in Uganda who at 21 has gone back to school, where she gets caned the same as everyone else, 2005

Mihalik, Rebecca, 15, paddled at US school, 1990s/2000

Mihalik, Sarah, 16, paddled at US school, 1990s/2000

Ngabase, Asanda, 18, illegally caned in South African school, 2005

Olds, Sue, 14, caned frequently at Bacon's school, London, 1978

Page, Amber, 17, cheerleader paddled in Texas high school, 1999

Page, Amber, another picture, shown with her father

Amber Page Page, Amber, in her cheerleading uniform

Santos, Taylor, high school sophomore, spanked by male administrator in Texas, pictured with her mother, 2012 (also video clip)

Savage, Annette, 11, spanked four times in one month at Texas elementary school, 1971

Seven girl students at a Texas high school, six of whom have been paddled there, 2008

Simmonds, Lynne, 14, caned at girls' school, UK, 1976 (2 pictures)

Mugshot Torbert, Tamara May, 15, strapped by own mother in principal's office at Texas school, 1977

Torbert, Tamara May, another picture

Washington, Jennifer, paddled for being late to high school, Mississippi, c.2002

Watt, Jada, 16, spanked by male administrator in Texas, pictured with her mother, 2012 (also video clip)

Watt, Jada, another picture with her mother, 2012

Wilcox, Maureen, 9, caned along with whole class, UK, 1954


blob Recipients of school corporal punishment -- Male -

Ahmad, Mohamed Asrul, 17, whipped in Malaysian classroom for talking to girl, 2003

Ahmad, Mohamed Asrul, better picture showing cane weals on his back, 2003

Andrew, Prince (Duke of York), spanked with clothes brush at UK prep school around 1970

Prince Andrew Andrew, Prince, aged 8 in 1968, arriving at UK prep school at which he was spanked at about age 11

Baur, Jeffrey 'A.J.', 11, caned with fiberglass rod in US Christian school, 2000

Mugshot Bigham, Jimmy III, c.15, paddled by teammates and football coaches at Texas school, 2002

Bridge, Stuart, age 19 in 1984, had been caned at secondary school, UK

Brown, Gordon, UK Prime Minister 2007-2010, pictured as a boy, strapped at school aged 14 in 1966

Bullock, Steve, age 36 in 1984, had been caned in 1960s, UK

Bunter, Billy, "Fat Owl of the Remove", fictional schoolboy in stories by Frank Richards, frequently caned by Mr Quelch at Greyfriars, UK fictional public school (cartoon)

Bunter, Billy, old- and new-style drawings

Mugshot Cameron, David, British Prime Minister 2010-2016, pictured age c.11 in 1970s when he was punished at prep school with clothes brush

Charles, Prince (Prince of Wales), pictured in 1957 with prep school headmaster who caned him

Cogburn, Travis Jr., age not stated, paddled at US school, 1959

Conlan, Peter, 11, caned at UK private school, 1938

Cornell, Colton, Texas high-school senior, paddled several times in 2012, two pictures (also video clip)

Mugshot Coulson, Simon, age not stated, English private schoolboy who supports CP, interviewed on TV about being caned, 1996 (also video clip)

Dennis, Jerod, 19 in 2003, US army private lost in action, held record for paddlings at his school

Derrickson, Vance, c.16, paddled (four swats) at Oklahoma high school, 1978 (also video clip)

Dhanook, Michael, 12, belted at school in Trinidad, 1999

Mugshot Downes, Joshua, age not stated, English private schoolboy who supports CP, interviewed on TV about being caned, 1996 (also video clip)

Duncan, Samuel, 17, relocated to Ohio from New Orleans school where paddling was familiar form of discipline, 2005

Dundas, Andrew, 18, previously caned at Emanuel School, London, 1962

Ebarb, DeWayne, age not stated, paddled "regularly" at elementary school in Louisiana, USA, 2001

Fashanu, John, former UK football star, now 40 in 2003, revisiting school where he was caned in 1977 at age 14

Flores, Jose, 12, paddled at Texas middle school (also video clip), 2009

Foster, Gary, 13, slippered at UK school, 1981

Mugshot Foster, Wayne, 16, Gary's brother, prefers slippering to detention, 1981

LaDraun Gardner Gardner, LaDraun, 18, paddled at US school, 1959

Gardner, LaDraun, another picture on same occasion

Goetz, Brandon, recipient of birthday spankings at US film school, pictured in 1994 at age 14 with Robert J. Clark, principal who spanked him

Goodwin, Barry, 9, had to touch his toes for pants-down caning at prep school, pictured with his mother, UK, 1933

Green-Ellis, BenJarvus, 22 in 2006, Mississippi football star, paddled frequently at St Augustine High School in New Orleans

Hargis, Stephen, 17 in 2003, paddled at City View High School, Wichita Falls, TX, at age 15

Hart, Leigh, New Zealand comedian, in 2016 recalls severe canings in 1980s at Christ's College

Hawkins, Cody, 7th-grader paddled at school in Oklahoma USA, 2008, also video clip in which he is interviewed about it

Senator Hillman, Mark, Colorado State Senator, recalls with approval "board of education" being applied to his "seat of knowledge"

Holloway, Toby, 16, slippered once a term at UK school at age 13 in c.1975

Johnson, Raleigh, 17, paddled at Ozen High School, Texas, 2011

Jones, Brian, member of Rolling Stones rock band, frequently caned at school, UK, 1950s

Jones, Greg, swatted on wet rear end with tennis shoe by coach at high school, USA, 1970s

Judkin, Omi, 15, paddled by football coach, Detroit, USA, 2001

Kelly, George Jr, 12, paddled at junior high school, Florida, pictured with his parents, 1976

Khan, Salman, Bollywood film star, spanked and caned at school in India

Kinnock, Neil, as a boy, caned at UK grammar school in 1950s

Landon, David, 9, caned along with whole class, 1954

Lichfield, Patrick (Lord Lichfield), caned at Harrow School in 1950s (also video clip)

Line, Ben, 13, paddled at school in Texas, 2001

Long, Cole, Florida high school senior, paddled "plenty of times", approves of corporal punishment, pictured with principal, 2012

McDonald, Casey, 12, paddled at private school in Mississippi, 2013

McGrover, Scott, first-grader, paddled at US elementary school, 1977

Mugshot Manus, Samuel Lee, 14, paddled at US school, 2005, pictured with his parents

Manus, Samuel Lee, now 15, another picture, 2006

Mathieu, Tyrann, football star, paddled at St Augustine High School in New Orleans from which he graduated in 2010, pictured in 2011

Miller, Brian, 12, paddled at US school, 1987

Morris, Colin, 15, caned at school in Australia, 1971

Noll, Glen, now 34, paddled "a lot" in fourth grade, USA, c.1963

Mugshot Onsby, Shane, 14, paddled by football coach, USA, 2002

Ongarr, Tony, third-grader, paddled at US elementary school, 1977

O'Sullivan, John, age not stated, English private schoolboy who supports CP, interviewed on TV about being caned, 1996 (also video clip)

Petersburg High School football team, paddled by coach Bob Smith, Virginia, USA, 2000

Phelps, Don, now elderly (in 2004), shows miniature paddle he was awarded as trophy for holding all-time record for spankings at his school, USA, 1930s

Mugshot Prince, Matthew, pictured at age 25, caned at UK private school age 15 in c.1982

Mugshot Pshigoda, Jason, paddled at age 17 by US high school principal in 1996, pictured three years later

Rafie Jahisin, Mohd, 15, showing welts on back and leg from school caning, Malaysia, 2004

Rongotai College boys supporting caning head, New Zealand, 1981

Schauer, Jakob, 14, paddled at Texas middle school, 2005 (also video clip)

Mugshot Seconds, Egon, star rugby player, frequently caned at school in South Africa, 1990s

Smith, Tyrone, 11, caned on the backside at UK school, 1976

Snelsdon, Tony, age 27 in 1984, frequently punished with the "ferrula" at Jesuit college, UK

Standridge, David, now 38, paddled and strapped at US schools, c.1960

Stephens, Alan, 12, spanked with beach bat at Australian primary school, 1976

Sting (UK rock star), shown as a teenager in 1960s when he was frequently caned at grammar school

Students of St. Augustine High School, New Orleans, gathered to demonstrate in support of retaining the school's policy of frequent use of hard paddlings, 2011 (also video clips)

Sullivan, Danny, age 17 in 1984, had been caned at secondary school, UK

Tan, Edwin, pictured now at 43, recalls repeated public canings at school in 1980s, Singapore

Thomas, Louis, 12, paddled at US blind school, pictured at hearing with superintendent who defended the punishment, 1954

Tuanku Ja'afar Ibni Al-Marhum Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Sultan of Negeri Sembilan, King of Malaysia 1994-1999, recalls boarding school canings in 1930s

Unnamed senior high school students being made to uproot trees as punishment, having also been caned, Swaziland, 2005

Volpeliere-Pierrot, Ben, pop star pictured aged 22 in 1987, slippered at UK state boarding school c. 1980

Walden, Jay, 15, paddled at Texas school, 2007

Warne, Shane, Australian cricket star, caned at school in 1980s (video)

Washington, Frederic, now 23 in 2012, was paddled on at least 30 occasions at Caddo Parish Schools in Louisiana up to 2007

Webcke, Shane, Australian rugby star, in 2003 visits school where he was caned 21 years earlier

White, Alan, 13, caned with blackboard ruler in front of class, technical school, Australia, 1956, shown with his mother

Wright, George, 12, strapped across backside at UK school, 1978

Yeh, Tom, now 41, caned at school in Taiwan, 1950s

Zayas, Bruce, 17, illegally paddled by sports coach at Chicago school, 2008


blob Recipients of reformatory/prison/military corporal punishment -

Caron, Roger, 17, one month after receiving ten-stroke strapping across his bare posterior in Canadian prison, 1955

Junior seamen at Royal Navy training ship, 50% likely to be severely caned, UK, 1930

Mitchell, Frank, 33, birched (15 strokes) in prison for violence against staff, UK, 1962

Students of Heartland Academy, faith-based Missouri reform school with high level of paddling, 2003

Unidentified young drug addict, shackled to bed in rehabilitation centre at which each new arrival receives trousers-down strapping, Russia, 2001

Unnamed air force private, 21, shown with picture of his bruised buttocks after being punished by sergeants, Thailand, 2019


blob Recipients of illicit corporal punishment -

Bibbs, Juwuan M., 22, had his "tail whooped" by former mayor for burglary, Jackson, Mississippi, 2017

Bjarnason, Teddy, Norwegian footballer, spanked as team punishment, 2009

Dahm, Fredrik, Norwegian footballer, spanked as team punishment, 2009

Elliott, Linda, 16, typist spanked by boss, UK, 1961

Gillman, David, 18, given "six of the best" with fly-swat by Conservative party agent, UK, 1963

Halloran, Dan, New York City Councilman who was flogged in obscure pagan sect, 2013

Meier, Rodrigo, 17, caned by his Taekwondo instructor, Canada, 2018 (also video clip)

Orlando, Janet, 53, spanked in front of co-workers as part of "team-building exercise", wins $1.7m damages, USA, 2006

Sheridan, David, now 24, publicly flogged on board replica of Captain Cook's sailing ship, Australia, 2001

Sigurdsson, Indridi, Norwegian footballer, spanked as team punishment, 2009

Stevens, Mrs Pauline, 29, spanked by husband with a slipper, Kenya, 1948

Mugshot Whiting, Keith, 19, caned and spanked by cricket coach, UK, 1999


blob Effects of illicit corporal punishment -

Results on man's back of sharia flogging in Australia, 2013 (also video clip)

Bruised backside of 17-year-old handball player spanked as initiation in Iceland, 2013


blob Real judicial corporal punishment in progress -

Afghanistan: still from video showing woman flogged in street by religious police, 2001 (also video clip)

Afghanistan: judge publicly whips offender in courtroom, 2011

Afghanistan: public flogging of woman, 2015 (also video clip)

Australia: public flogging of David Sheridan (q.v.) on board sailing ship Endeavour, 2001

Bangladesh: youth caned on hands at village court, 2015 (also video clip)

Benin (formerly Dahomey): preparations for a whipping, possibly c. 1900

Bolivia: strikebreaking driver being unofficially whipped by his colleagues, 2005

Spanking Bolivia: striking bus drivers spank a scab colleague, 2005

Bolivia: another strikebreaking driver is whipped in the street, 2006

Caning in court Botswana: Tebogo Malete, 27, receiving five strokes of the cane on his bare seat at traditional court, for housebreaking, 2005

Botswana: Two teen boys receiving four lashes each at customary court, for stealing phone, 2009

China: "Whipping a lawbreaker", c.1900

China: Judicial paddling, pre-1912

China: bare-bottom caning in Wei Hai Wei, early 20th century

China: another bare-bottom punishment under way, early 20th century

Colombia: tribal whipping on back of legs, 2012 (also video clip)

Congo: native flogging, c.1900

Egypt: public flogging of profiteering baker, 1950s

Egypt: clearer version of the above

Ghana: unofficial community caning of young man, 2016 (also video clip)

India: public flogging, 1919

India: young man spanked in the street by policewoman, 2015

Indonesia: public caning under Dutch colonial rule, c.1890

Indonesia (Aceh): man and woman caned together, 2007 (also video clip)

Indonesia (Aceh): public caning of man for gambling, 2005

Indonesia (Aceh): another picture of the same event, 2005

Caning Indonesia (Aceh): another public caning for gambling, 2005

Indonesia (Aceh): public caning of man for drinking alcohol, 2006

Indonesia (Aceh): public caning of young woman for illicit sex, 2006

Indonesia (Aceh): woman being publicly caned, 2015

Indonesia (Aceh): woman being publicly caned, 2016

Indonesia (Aceh): more photographs of women being caned

Indonesia (Aceh): one of two men receiving the first caning for homosexuality, in front of huge crowd, 2017

Indonesia (Maluku): unofficial public whipping (also video clip)

Iran (known at the time as Persia): public flogging of criminal, c.1910

Iran (known at the time as Persia): caning the soles of the feet (falaka or bastinado), date unknown

Iran (known at the time as Persia): another old photo of falaka caning

Iran: serial murderer and rapist being given 100 lashes in public before being executed, 2005

Iran: public flogging of youth in Tehran square, 2001

Iran: public flogging of man in Tehran square, 1983

Iran: another public flogging, 2007

Iran: another public flogging, date unknown (also video clip)

Iran: public flogging in Sabzevar, 2013

Iran: public flogging, 2014

Kenya: unofficial flogging of woman by plain-clothes policeman, 2008

Kenya: woman publicly caned for adultery, 2015 (also video clip)

Flogging Korea: photographs from c.1900 of public floggings

Korea: clearer view of detail from one of the above

Korea: another public flogging, probably also c.1900s

Libya: public flogging, 2013 (also video clip)

Malaysia: caning of criminal in prison, may be a posed reconstruction but could well be real, c.1980s (for the real thing on film, see video clips)

Malaysia: two pictures of another prison caning under way

Malaysia: Syariah (religious) symbolic caning of woman, 2010 (also video clip)

Paddling Maldives: paddling of Moslem woman, 2015

Maldives: paddling of young woman, 2013 (also video clip)

Myanmar: caning of illegal loggers in a jungle, 2015 (also video clip)

Namibia (or possibly Tanzania), when they were both part of German Africa: judicial pants-down strapping in progress, c.1910

Namibia (or possibly Tanzania): clearer version of the above picture

Nigeria: Mohammed Abubakar, 13, pictured being publicly flogged, 2002

Nigeria: Sanusi Isiyaka, 23, pictured being publicly flogged, 2002

Nigeria: man being publicly caned for sex with unmarried woman, 2013

Nigeria: man being caned at local court for defiling a girl, 2013 (also video clip)

Pakistan: Muhammed Shah, 40, pictured being publicly caned, Karachi, 1978

Pakistan: another public flogging under way, Rawalpindi, 1979

Pakistan: public caning in Karachi, c.1980, high-quality colour photo

Pakistan: sequence of photographs of a public caning in sports stadium, 1970s

Caning Pakistan: various photographs of miscellaneous public canings, c.1980

Pakistan: two views of Mohammad Sabir, 27, being publicly caned, Rawalpindi, 1978

Pakistan: public flogging by semi-unofficial court in tribal area, 1992

Pakistan: caning in a public place over a chair, 1987

Pakistan: flogging by Punjab police, 1998

Pakistan: Punjab police administer flogging with the "patta" (leather paddle), c.2010

Pakistan: woman receives unofficial Taliban flogging on the ground, Swat Valley, 2009 (also video clip)

Pakistan: another Taliban public flogging in Swat, 2008

Pakistan: more Taliban flogging, 2009

Flogging Papua New Guinea (at the time just New Guinea): floggings of German civilians by Australian troops at Rabaul, 1914

Peru: Young man being whipped by quasi-official local court, 2016

Peru: Another local citizens' whipping, 2019

Russia: Cossack flogging, date and other details unknown

Russia (Chechnya): caning by breakaway Moslem regime, 1996

Russia (Chechnya): another caning, 1990s

Russia (Chechnya): another caning, 1996

Russia: bastinado in the Caucasus, possibly c.1900s

Saudi Arabia: caning in street outside ad hoc court during annual pilgrimage, Makkah, c.2005

Saudi Arabia: public caning in progress, Riyadh, 1970s

Saudi Arabia: public caning in a town square, 1970s

Singapore: scenes in prison caning room during punishment session

South Africa: two small pictures of unofficial (kangaroo court) whippings, 1996 and 2004

Somalia: Inept public flogging of two youths, 2009 (also video clip)

Somalia: Isaaq, Jeylani, 45, pictured being publicly flogged, 2006

Somalia: Omar, Mohamed, 58, pictured being publicly flogged, 2006

Somalia: Woman pictured being publicly flogged, 2006

Somalia: Shogow, Mohamed, 19, pictured being publicly flogged, 2006

Sudan: unnamed woman pictured being publicly flogged in the street, 2010 (also video clip)

Uganda: woman publicly caned, 2012 (also video clip)

Uganda: on-the-spot caning of man by local court, 2004

Uganda: on-the-spot caning of man by local court, 2005

United Kingdom: prison flogging with cat-o'-nine-tails, c.1910

United States: flogging in Alaska (Klondike gold rush), 1896

United States: pictures of floggings in Delaware, 1870-1935

United States: painting of a Delaware prison yard flogging, 1896

United States: public whipping at the whipping post in Delaware, early 20th century

United States: juvenile delinquent being spanked by police on instructions of Mayor, New Jersey, 1920

United States: old photo of prison or judicial flogging, date and source unknown

United States: wife-beater being whipped in Baltimore jail, 1931

United States: wife-beater being whipped in Baltimore jail, 1938

United States: wife-beater being whipped in Baltimore jail, early 20th century

United States: four youths being lashed in Chicago courtroom, 1936

United States: 16-year-old spanked by mother on the order of the court, 1938

United States: police station paddling of juvenile delinquent in Ohio (3 pictures), c.2003

United States: police station paddling of three young teens in California, 1950

Vietnam: a thief sentenced to a whipping, c.1900

Zimbabwe (at the time Rhodesia): preparations for caning, 1970s


blob Prison/institutional/military/slave corporal punishment in progress -

Australia (and other allied forces): military flogging in "Dunsterforce", 1918 (two pictures)

Cuba: whipping of slave, 1868

Ghana: caning of soldiers, no date

India: army cadet punished with a hockey stick, no date (also video clip)

Indonesia: prison caning, c.1900

Indonesia: prison whipping, c.1900

Iran: boy being caned on the soles of his feet in workshop, c.1888

Jamaica: boy being caned on hand in reformatory, 2005

Myanmar (Burma): reformatory caning in yard, date unknown

Nepal: Gurkha trainees lightly caned en masse, 2016 (also video clip)

Poland: Polish soldiers flogging a peasant in Belarus, 1920

Russia: prison flogging with the plet, 1890 (two views)

Russia: prison official holding a plet, 1891

Russia: another flogging with the plet, c.1900

Singapore: military detainee receiving a caning in the army barracks

South Africa: an African flogged at the wagon wheel, Boer War, c.1900

South Korea: mass caning of soldiers, no date

South Korea: recruit caned by military police, no date

South Korea: trousers-down caning for two soldiers, possibly real but could be a scene from a fictional film

South Korea: pants-down army paddlings, no date

Sri Lanka: female army recruits in training are encouraged with stick, 2013 (also video clip)

Thailand: young soldiers caned in front of their peers, c.2012 (also video clip)

Thailand: army caning, c.2012

Uganda: prison escapee being caned upon recapture, 2006

bare-bottom slippering United Kingdom: army lad gets an unofficial slippering, c.2007 (also video clip)

United States: prison strapping, Colorado, c.1900


blob Illicit or miscellaneous corporal punishment in progress -

Canada: Store owner spanking failed robber, 2012 (also video clip)

Chile: Pants-down whipping for teen thieves, 2014 (also video clip)

China: China bank employees spanked in front of colleagues, 2016 (also video clip)

China: Boss spanks office worker, 2022 (also video clip) New!

Peru: Youth being strapped by his father over his shorts, apparently under police supervision, 2018 (also video clip)

Russia: Teen weightlifters strapped for smoking, 2013 (also video clip)

Russia: Soldiers bare their buttocks for a belting (jocular), c.2014

Sweden: Goalkeeper of national football team bending over with shorts down for punishment by target practice, 2012

Ukraine: Public flogging of looter, 2022 (also video clip) New!

United States: Jocular over-the-knee paddling by fraternity house mother, Alabama, 1949

United States: Paddling at Wake Forest University, NC, 1943

United States: Fraternity paddling, Vanderbilt University, 1937

United States: Fraternity paddling, Texas A & M University, 1919

United States: Fraternity paddling, Pomona College, Calif., c.1940

United States: Pants-down fraternity paddling, apparently in the present day, source unknown

United States: "Corps of cadets" paddling, Texas A & M University, 1982

United States: Paddling, Alpha Sigma Delta fraternity, unknown college, possibly 1920s or 1930s

United States: Mass paddling, unknown college, possibly 1940s or 1950s

United States: "Assume the Angle", another vintage college paddling picture

United States: Disciplinary swats at car club, 1970s

United States: Spanking of man who allegedly slept with underage girl, 2012 (also video clip)


blob Effects of judicial corporal punishment -

Botswana: Weals on buttocks after judicial caning, 2013

Botswana: Small picture showing weals on buttocks of illegally caned woman aged 24, 2013

School students looking at picture of caned buttocks Brunei: school students look at picture supposedly showing the results of a judicial caning, c.2000

Guatemala: scars on back after whipping with peach tree branches, 2006

India: bruised buttocks following police strapping, 2011

Indonesia: scars on back being treated immediately after flogging, 2006

Iran: weals on back after flogging, 2006

Iran: weals on back and legs after flogging, 2007

Iran: vertical weals on back after lengthwise flogging, 2007

Isle of Man: weals partly visible on back of youths' thighs, a few days after receiving a heavy birching, 1965

Jersey: weals on teen boy's groin, a few days after inept application of birch, 1964

Malaysia: bleeding buttocks, evidently immediately after caning

Malaysia: bloody, mashed-up buttocks after very heavy caning (WARNING: extremely graphic picture, not for the squeamish)

Malaysia: wealed buttocks during and immediately after caning, still pictures taken from genuine video of judicial canings

Malaysia: several pictures of various different caned buttocks, on show at prison exhibition, 2005

Malaysia: closer view of picture of caned buttocks at prison exhibition

Malaysia: scarred buttocks after judicial caning, date unknown

Malaysia: two more photographs of weals caused by caning

Malaysia: another photograph of a detainee's recently wealed posterior

Singapore: scarred buttocks some time after caning (several different pictures)

Singapore: former drug-trafficker shows old caning scar

Singapore: bleeding buttocks immediately after caning (two different pictures)

Singapore: buttocks of 20-year-old Dickson Tan, 12 months after he received 8 strokes of the cane in 2007

South Africa: marks on buttocks and legs after lashes with sjambok administered by people's court, 1998

Thailand: two youths show cane weals and bruises on their buttocks, claiming to have been illegally whipped by police

Zimbabwe: bruised buttocks after illicit paddling of regime opponent, 2000


blob Dummy demonstrations or artists' impressions of judicial corporal punishment -

Country unknown: drawing of a juvenile judicial caning

Australia: modern re-enactment of early 19th-century flogging

Australia: another flogging re-enactment

Brunei: officials demonstrate judicial caning on dummy, 1998

Brunei: another judicial caning demonstration, c.2000

Brunei: yet another one, 2003

Brunei: and another, 2004

Brunei: and another, 2004, this time with members of the public invited to try their hand

Brunei: and another, 2005

Brunei: and another, 2012

Brunei: another dummy demonstration at the prison, 2008

China: drawing of bare-bottom caning in imperial court, possibly Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)

China: paddling of a criminal, 19th century

China: painting of public caning, 19th century

China: undated painting of a pants-down judicial caning

China: two drawings of judicial paddlings

Congo: painting of flogging, 1884

France: drawing of unofficial military slippering, c.1800

Germany: old print of prison flogging, possibly 18th century

Iran (known at the time as Persia): 1872 print of foot-caning scene (falaka or bastinado)

Ireland: dummy of flogging in Cork jail

Jamaica: scenes from filmed reconstruction of prison-yard judicial flogging with tamarind switch, 1960s

Japan: diagram of judicial flogging, Edo period

Korea: modern re-enactment by museum visitors of ancient flogging punishment

Korea: modern re-enactment of public flogging (4 views)

Korea: tableau representing ancient flogging

Korea: another flogging re-enactment, in period costume, as an animation

Korea: another tableau illustrating flogging in miniature

Korea: two drawings of bare-bottom judicial floggings

Korea: four paintings or engravings depicting judicial caning or paddling

Malaysia: official photograph taken from filmed reconstruction of judicial caning

Caning Malaysia: stills from filmed reconstruction of judicial caning, 1990s

Malaysia: pictures from Pudu Prison exhibition, including more stills from a different filmed reconstruction, 1997

Malaysia: caning demonstration at prison exhibition, 1997

Malaysia: caning demonstration using dummy, 1999

Malaysia: another caning demonstration on a dummy, 2004

Malaysia: a different picture of the above event, 2004

Malaysia: yet another dummy demonstration, c.2005

Malaysia: and another one, 2005

Malaysia: graphic showing juvenile judicial caning under way in open court, 2014

Malaysia: series of stills in which a prison officer demonstrates the difference between caning under Syariah law and caning under criminal code, 2005

Malaysia: graphic showing the procedure for Syariah caning of woman, 2009

Malaysia: another diagram illustrating the Syariah caning of woman, 2009

Malaysia: yet another illustration of the modus operandi for caning women, 2009

Nigeria: bailiff re-enacts courtroom lashing, 2014

Russia: drawing of flogging, 17th century

Russia: a female serf is birched, c.1700

Russia: 1887 print of a Cossack whipping

Russia: 19th-century police station birching, as imagined by a 20th-century painter

Russia: "Preparation for flogging", artist's impression, early 20th century

Russia: Judicial birching of a peasant, painting, early 20th century

Singapore: official (inaccurate) diagram of caning procedure, 1994

Singapore: another diagram, 2015

Caning diagram Singapore: Asiaweek diagram of caning procedure, 1994

Singapore: posed picture on book cover purportedly reconstructing caning of Michael Fay (inaccurate), 1994

Singapore: teenagers watch prison officer demonstrating caning on dummy, 1995

Singapore: prison officer demonstrating caning on dummy, 1994

Caning Singapore: computer-generated representation of caning under way in prison

United Kingdom: mediaeval birching, woodcut, 1563

United Kingdom: inaccurate re-enactment of Scottish juvenile birching

United Kingdom: staged reconstruction of prison flogging, from an unusually accurate film, 1948

United Kingdom: prison flogging, 1958, probably a posed scene from a film

United Kingdom: inaccurate drawing of juvenile birching, 19th century

United Kingdom: drawing of police administering birching to a boy as ordered by magistrates court, pre-1948

Courtroom spanking United States: artist's coloured drawing of courtroom spanking of teens in Indiana, 1962

United States: staged reconstruction of the above (also video clip)

United States: modern artist's impression of early colonial flogging in Carolina, c.1700

Vietnam: theatrical sketch representing a judicial caning before a magistrate, possibly c.1900


blob Dummy demonstrations or artists' impressions of prison, military, reformatory or slave corporal punishment -

Australia: Crude drawing of a prison flogging, 1836

Austrian Empire: Frieze on a building in Prague showing young Czech soldier being caned by Austrian officer, c.1900

Brazil: public whipping of a slave, engraving, 1830s

Brazil: whipping a slave, drawing, 1825

Canada: artist's impression of reformatory strapping, 1960

Canada: drawing of a flogging in Montreal Gaol, 1875

China (Tibet): Tableau or model showing ancient flogging punishment

India: dummy of flogging at cellular jail, Andaman Islands

India: two more views of the same

Japan: drawings of caning in Indonesia wartime camps, 1945

Russia: artist's impression of a military flogging, c.1700

Singapore: demonstration of caning at Boys' Town, a home for troubled teenagers, 2015

Sweden: cartoon of a military flogging, c.1830

Sweden: caning of soldiers, cartoon, c.1820

United Kingdom: artist's impression of a senior Approved School (reformatory) inmate being officially caned, c.1960s

United Kingdom: artist's impression of flogging of junior seaman over the bare breech on board ship, c.1850

United Kingdom: computer-generated impression of flogging of junior seaman over the bare breech on board ship, c.1820 (view from 3 different angles)

United Kingdom: artist's impression of flogging of adult naval rating with a cat-o'-nine-tails on board ship, c.1850

United Kingdom: another drawing of a traditional 19th-century or earlier naval flogging

United Kingdom: painting of a 19th-century naval flogging

United Kingdom: artist's impression of informal flogging of a sailor with the rope's end on board ship, 19th century

United Kingdom: drawing of a formal caning on board a Royal Navy training ship, c.1950

United Kingdom: artist's impression of the formal caning of a boy seaman on board ship, 1906

United Kingdom: "Flogging in the New Militia", anti-militia propaganda poster, 1852

United Kingdom: artist's impression of British Army ceremonial flogging, 18th century

United Kingdom: artist's impression of British Army caning in Burmese jungle, 1943

United States: drawing of "spanking" in Civil War prison camp, 1864

United States: artist's impression of a prison paddling, 1912

United States: prison warden demonstrates flogging with strap, Colorado, 1951

United States: staged photo of flogging with strap, Colorado, no date


blob Dummy demonstrations or artists' impressions of school corporal punishment -

Country unknown: pretend caning at a school museum

Country unknown: another pretend caning at a school museum

Canada: posed photograph of child being strapped on the hand

Denmark: mediaeval drawing of school students with schoolmaster holding birch

France: Drawing of a classroom spanking, 1880s

Caning (posed) Germany: posed photograph of student bending over for pretend caning demonstration in a school museum, c. 2000

Pretend caning Germany: another, rather less authentic-looking, caning demonstration in a school museum

Germany: caning demonstration at the school museum in Sulzbach-Rosenberg, 2008, supposedly representing 1875

Germany: caning demonstration at the Bauerhofmuseum in Illerbeuren, Bavaria, 2011

Germany: preparation for punishment in a village school, painting, 19th century

Germany: staged picture of supposed punishment with a carpet-beater, 1957

Germany: famous painting of schoolmaster with cane confronting naughty schoolboys, probably c.1930

Germany: scene of supposed school caning, staged for a play

Germany: old print of a classroom strapping

Germany: boy, 11, pretends to be caned as photo stunt for ceremony of putting school cane in museum, Munich, 1970

Germany: drawing of schoolboys taking revenge with birches on their master on one day a year when tables were turned by tradition, 1867

Kenya: jocular re-enactment of a school caning

Malaysia: demonstration of caning as a warning to new first-year secondary students, 2009

Malaysia: drawing of a secondary school caning with translation of explanatory text

Myanmar (Burma): posed photograph of schoolgirl holding hands out for rulering, 2004

New Zealand: posed press photograph showing young student touching his toes and being caned

Demonstration of caning position Singapore: senior student demonstrates position required for receiving routine caning at Catholic boys' school, 2007

South Africa: photo showing student in school uniform bending over for the cane, pre-1996, presumably posed but positioning is authentic

South Korea: youth members of Democratic Labour Party give a mock caning demonstration as part of their campaign against CP, 2006

Spain: painting by Goya, c.1780, of a pants-down classroom whipping

Uganda: posed scene of a classroom caning

United Kingdom: artist's impression of schoolboy bending over for a classroom slippering, 1960s, new improved version updated

United Kingdom: a caning in the housemaster's study, being acted out for a stage play, 1937

United Kingdom: "Bottoms Up!", poster for comedy film, 1960

United Kingdom: four mediaeval representations of school CP

United Kingdom: mediaeval woodcut shows schoolroom birching in progress

United Kingdom: Etching showing a schoolroom birching, 1807

Classroom scene United Kingdom: drawing of schoolboy about to be caned in classroom, c.1900

United Kingdom: artist's impression, not necessarily authentic, of a student being birched in front of the school in a traditional private (so-called "public") boys' school, from a rather unreliable book first published in 1941

United Kingdom: silly posed picture of schoolboy pretending to be caned on the hand

Eton caning United Kingdom: drawing of an Eton Pop-tanning in progress, as practised until about 1970

United Kingdom: drawing in silhouette of traditional English school caning by headmaster

United Kingdom: modern lithograph imagines William Shakespeare about to be birched as a schoolboy, c.1580

United Kingdom: modern painting of imagined English classroom birching in the 16th century

United Kingdom: another imagined English classroom birching in history, wrongly showing punishment over trousers

United Kingdom: photograph of student bending over for a rulering at front of class, but it's all in fun (I think), boys' secondary school, London, 1970

Tawse United Kingdom: posed picture of Scottish primary school tawse in use

United States: pretend paddling of senior student at a high school in Arkansas, posed for jocular effect, c.2005

United States: college students pretending to paddle a fellow-student with huge planks, Texas, early 20th century

United States: 19th-century school caning re-enacted for a modern play

United States: pretend paddling at a school museum, Oklahoma

Paddling United States: artist's impressions of various modi operandi for paddling students

United States: child receiving over-the-knee paddling with "the board of education", presumably a posed picture, possibly c.1900

United States: senior girl student paddles senior boy student on "student takeover day", high school, Kentucky, 1971

United States: paddling scene from a fictional film set in the 1950s, unusual position adopted

United States: paddling by the Dean of Men, Hardaway High School, Georgia, posed for yearbook, 1968

United States: posed paddling scene, from Georgia high-school yearbook, 1965

United States: posed paddling scene, unknown junior high-school yearbook, 1982

United States: posed paddling scene, unknown high-school yearbook, date unknown

United States: posed paddling scene, unknown high-school yearbook, possibly 1960s

United States: sixth-grade paddling, picture posed for amusement by real teacher, 1965

United States: posed photograph of elementary student being paddled in front of country schoolhouse, allegedly in 1915

United States: posed press photograph of student being paddled, 1987

United States: posed press photograph of schoolgirl clutching bottom as though just paddled, 2004

United States: posed photograph of schoolboy bending over for a switching in the classroom, 1905


blob Real school corporal punishment in progress -

Australia: A schoolboy's caning by his housemaster is secretly captured on camera, 1930s

Barbados: Tardy boys caned on arrival at school (two pictures), 2010

Barbados: A less cropped version of one of the above two pictures, 2010

Botswana: A senior schoolboy receives a caning in class, 2015 (also video clip)

Cameroon: A high-school whipping, 2015

Cameroon: Secondary students stripped and flogged in school yard, 2017

Canada: Sequence of real-life pictures of a teen boy bending over for a paddling at private boarding school, 1974 (also video clips)

China: Punishment with huge martial arts sticks, allegedly at Shaolin martial arts academy, no date

Ecuador: Senior student given the belt (also video clip)

Germany: classroom caning of elementary schoolboy, 1960s (possibly a scene from a film, but might be real)

Ghana: girl student being caned in classroom, c.2002

Ivory Coast: punishment in secondary school yard, 2011 (also video clip)

Jamaica: classroom strapping of girl on hand, undated file picture (possibly posed but might be real)

Japan: Caning of young men at cycle racing training school, c.2007 (also video clips)

Japan: Another caning under way at the cycle racing school on a different occasion

Caning Japan: classroom caning with bamboo sword, 1970s

Japan: several classroom canings, and boys clutching buttocks in anticipation as they wait in line to be caned, 1970s

Japan: thought to be from the same school, but possibly more recent, another picture of a student being caned with a kendo sword

Caning Japan: another schoolboy being caned in front of watching classmates, 1970s

Japan: a more recent picture of a student being caned with a kendo sword, possibly real but could be posed

Japan: punishment under way at a Table Tennis Academy in Tokyo

Japan: student at martial arts academy bending over for punishment with cane, may be posed

Japan: school baseball training scene, possibly involving CP

Kazakhstan: caning of youth at religious school, 2015 (also video clip)

Kenya: schoolgirl being caned at the blackboard as classmates watch, date unknown

Kenya: 10 secondary schoolboys being caned hard across the backside, 2014 (see also video clip)

Kenya: Senior student gets an English-style caning, 2014 (also video clip)

Lebanon: school student being caned on soles of feet, 2014

Caning of girl in class Liberia: President Taylor caning his own daughter in front of class, 2001

Liberia: Young boy being caned for talking in class, 2010

Malaysia: secondary student receiving the cane in school office while another awaits his turn, 2003 (might be posed, but quite possibly real) (for the real thing captured on film, see video clips)

Malaysia: another boy being caned in the same school office, presumably at the same session as above, 2003

Malaysia: classroom caning, hands on the desk, 2009

Malaysia: classroom caning, hands on the wall, 2012

Malaysia: caning at school entrance for latecomers, 2013

Nigeria: boy and girl being whipped in front of schoolmates, 2010

Nigeria: mass outdoor caning of girls and boys, 2016

Pakistan: boys caned in schoolyard (also video clip)

Pakistan: Cadet college residents caned outdoors (also video clip)

Caning Singapore: secondary student gets two strokes of the cane in front of his class, c.2006 (also video clip)

Singapore: secondary school boy being caned on stage in front of whole school, c.2005 (also video clip)

Caning on stage in front of school Singapore: sequence of five pictures showing the caning of a school student on stage, 2008

Singapore: computer-generated artist's impression of the above, several angles

Singapore: schoolboy receives a caning in school corridor, 2007

Singapore: 15-year-old being caned in front of his class ("class caning"), 2007

Singapore: another class caning under way, 2007

South Africa: senior male secondary student undergoing "six of the best" at private school, 2012 (also video clip)

South Africa: boy being caned in elementary classroom, 1999

South Africa: high-school boy being caned, 2006

South Africa: high-school girl being caned, 2016 (also video clip)

South Africa: senior schoolgirls being caned, 2013 (also video clip)

South Africa: secondary students caned at school gate as they arrive late, 2014

South Africa: secondary boy and girl caned on hands in class, 2018

South Africa: unidentified pictures of illegal punishment with plastic ruler (possibly posed but might be real), 2002

South Korea: canings at the school gatehouse for latecomers, Seoul High School, probably c.1960

South Korea: paddling of secondary schoolboys in a corridor, c.2008 (also video clip)

South Korea: push-up posture commonly adopted for corporal punishment

South Korea: mass punishment of boys with a baseball bat

South Korea: schoolboy being caned in classroom on lower posterior and/or back of thighs, 2009

South Korea: senior student adopts the classic Korean position for receiving the cane across seat of trousers, outdoor view

South Korea: high-school boy gets spanked in class, 2003

South Korea: secondary boys being caned in front of their mixed class, two pictures

South Korea: punishment in class with a thick rigid rod, 2009

South Korea: formal caning of a student, two pictures

South Korea: schoolgirls being caned, cellphone captures, 2000s (also video clips)

South Korea: a senior secondary girl being paddled on the seat in class (also video clips)

South Korea: mass punishment of students outside school, not clear whether it includes CP, 2000s

South Korea: numerous school students in sports uniform being whacked on their backsides, c.2007

South Korea: pupils spanked with a ruler for arriving late to school, 2008

Paddling Taiwan: junior high school boy being paddled in front of class, 2005 (also video clip)

Taiwan: four teenage boys soundly caned by their swimming coach, 2015 (also video clip)

Tanzania: mass public caning of secondary schoolboys, 2019 (also video clip)

Tanzania: young boy caned by headmistress, 2014 (also video clip)

Tanzania: senior student being caned in classroom, c.2012 (two views)

Thailand: caning of schoolboy in front of class, 2013 (also video clip)

Thailand: schoolboys caned, 2000s (also video clips)

Thailand: schoolgirls caned, 2000s (also video clip)

Thailand: boys caned in the school office across the seat of their shorts, 2000s

Thailand: mass caning of boy scouts, 2010

Thailand: school student being caned across his bottom by lady teacher, no date

Thailand: a classroom caning in progress, 2009

Thailand: flexible rattan wielded at front of class by lady teacher, no date

Thailand: caning of novice monk at Buddhist temple school, 2014 (also video clip)

Tonga: caning by prefects, 2011 (also video clips)

Uganda: junior boys queueing up to receive a caning, c.2005

Uganda: senior girl student being caned in presence of parents, 2003

Uganda: girls being caned outside school for lateness, 2009

United Kingdom: housemaster caning a boy at Lord Wandsworth College, Hampshire, c.1970

United Kingdom: Christian Brother wielding the strap at a Roman Catholic grammar school, date unknown

United Kingdom: prefect's caning at a boys' boarding school, 1960s

United Kingdom: "sponsored canings" at comprehensive school open day, c.1979 (two pictures)

United States: a high-school senior gets his last paddling before graduating, Arkansas, c.2007

United States: high-school student in North Carolina receiving birthday spanking in class, 2014 (also video clip)

United States (probably): over-the-knee switching at front of class, early 20th century(?)

United States: boy being paddled at a New Orleans school, 2013 (also video clip)

United States: high school footballer being paddled for poor grades while teammates watch, 2001

Paddling United States: paddle swat being delivered to unseen Louisiana school student, c.2006 (also video clip)

United States: recent paddlings of high-school students (also video clips)

United States: elementary student being paddled in school cafeteria, 2001

United States: whacking with a stick on school stage, possibly c.1910, probably only a "birthday spanking"

United States: high-school boys being paddled in Butler, Pennsylvania, 1978 (also video clip)

United States: paddling of high-school boy, Texas, 1977

United States: improper paddling at Tennessee high school, 2009 (also video clip)

United States (possibly): female student supposedly receives ruler over knuckles, probably a posed picture, date and purpose unknown

Vietnam: schoolboy receives a caning at front of class, 2007 (also video clip)

Zimbabwe: caning of schoolboys (also video clip)

Unidentified African country: schoolboy caned in front of class by his lady teacher, date unknown New!

Unidentified African country: secondary student receives "six of the best" in front of class (also video clip)

Unidentified Middle Eastern country: boy in his late teens bending over for the strap (also video clip)


blob Cartoons of school corporal punishment -

Canada: cartoon of school strap and frightened student, 2003

India: cartoon of bad-tempered schoolmaster brandishing cane at kids, 2003

Kenya: cartoon of schoolboy being caned in front of class, 1999

India: cartoon of young schoolboys getting a pants-down rulering from angry schoolmarm, 2009

Malaysia: cartoon by "Lat" on controversy over school discipline, 2000

New Zealand: 2 cartoons on Rongotai College "video caning" controversy, 1981

Uganda: Cartoon of girl being caned at front of class, 2003

United Kingdom: A Greek Tragedy. Cartoon in Punch, 1871

United Kingdom: freshly caned boarding-school boy writes home to parents, early 20th century

United Kingdom: "Smith Minor, it is now my painful duty to cane you." "Yes, Sir. Do you wish me at any particular angle, Sir?" Cartoon in Punch, 1921

United Kingdom: slippering of prep school boy, Speaking Clock advert, 1937

United Kingdom: Cartoon of schoolboy bending over for a caning, 1952

United Kingdom: David Langdon cartoon "If 'e's naughty ...", 1955

United Kingdom: traditional schoolmaster prepares to cane boy, 1956

United Kingdom: over-the-knee spanking in school football lesson, c.1970

United Kingdom: Belsky cartoon on sexual equality (girls to be caned as well as boys), 1976

United States: "A Maine Schoolmarm Spanks a Young Man who Would not Obey the Rules", old cartoon of classroom paddling, source and date not stated, poss. 19th century

United States: Four cartoons suggesting different ways of punishing schoolboys, 1893

United States: schoolmarm drags boy out of class to cloakroom for a whipping, 1940

United States: principal paddles teen girls, 1952

United States: cartoon of school whipping implements accompanying article on Supreme Court ruling, 1977

United States: "Maybe we can ship them back to the factory", cartoon by Kirk on the abolition of school paddling in Ohio, 2009


blob Effects of school corporal punishment -

Australia: buttocks of Alan Stephens, 12, after being punished with beach bat, 1976

Malaysia: buttocks of Mohd Ashrul Abdul Razak, 12, after classroom caning, 1998

Malaysia: buttocks of Mohd Roziman Roppie, 14, after school caning, 2009

South Africa: unidentified boy's buttocks after punishment with sjambok, Cefups Academy, Mpumalanga, 2001

South Africa: buttocks of 13-year-old boy caned at school, 2011

South Africa: partial view of buttocks of 10-year-old boy caned at school, 2013

South Africa: buttocks of Johnny Buckingham, 15, after "six of the best", 1989 (poor quality photo)

South Africa: buttocks of Mornè, 17, after headmaster's caning, 1989 (v. poor quality photo)

South Korea: boarding-school girls show bruised backsides after mass punishment, 2006

South Korea: schoolboys show results of being caned on back of thighs, 2000s

South Korea: secondary schoolboys show effects of caning on seat, 2011

South Korea: students show "tramline" effects of recent posterial caning, c.2011

Taiwan: a schoolboy's bruised buttocks after being spanked with baseball bat, 2009

Taiwan: a high-school boy's buttocks showing "tramline" weals after an accurate formal caning, 2015

Thailand: buttocks of 12-year-old boy after 10 strokes of the school cane, 2018

United Kingdom: buttocks of Barry Tavner, 13, after headmaster's caning, 1987

United States: bruised right buttock of unidentified schoolboy said to be result of 1990s paddling

United States: slightly reddened buttock of Kimberley Garza's unnamed 13-year-old son as a result of paddling by gym teacher, 2004

United States: right buttock of Jay Walden, 15, after receiving 3-swat paddling at Texas school, 2007

United States: part of right buttock of Julie Halcomb's unnamed 17-year-old son after paddling at Texas high school, 2008

United States: part of buttock of Tyler Anastopoulos, 16, after receiving 3-swat paddling at Texas high school, 2011

United States: buttocks of a 17-year old high-school athlete just after expert paddling by football coach, Texas, 2013


blob Cartoons of domestic corporal punishment -

Canada: "The Supreme Court ... the ever popular woodshed", cartoon by Corrigan on Supreme Court ruling on spanking, 2004

Canada: "Don't forget to keep it transitory and trifling!", cartoon by Clement on Supreme Court ruling on spanking, 2004

Cartoon Canada: "La Cour suprème permet la fessée, mais trouve déraisonable de frapper un enfant à la tète!", cartoon by Garnotte on Supreme Court ruling on spanking, 2004

France: Father spanks toddler, 1902

Russia: Cartoon of "between the knees" belting

Singapore: "I can't join the sit down strike", cartoon of parental caning, 1956

United Kingdom: Dennis the Menace gets the slipper again, frame from strip in The Beano

United Kingdom: cartoon of mother spanking boy, 2004

United Kingdom: mother attracts disapproval by spanking son in park, 1951

United Kingdom: "Go to bed or the Harry Potter book gets it", cartoon by Matt, 2004

United Kingdom: Spanking camera, cartoon by David Austin, 2004

United Kingdom: "How will the coalition cope with corporal punishment?", cartoon by Ros Asquith, 2012

United States: "Famous Switch-hitters", cartoon on Adrian Peterson controversy by Jeff Darcy, 2014

Spanking United States: cartoon of mother spanking boy, 2000

United States: cartoon of parentally spanked brat, 2000

United States (probably): cartoon of multiple domestic whipping, possibly c.1900

United States (probably): old cartoon of boy emerging in pain from a spanking, date unknown

United States: father spanks boy, Shinola advert, 1948

United States: father spanks boy, cartoon by Marty Lowe, 1992

United States: 'The Boondocks' comic strip on threat of paternal strapping, by Aaron McGruder, 2004

United States: another 'The Boondocks' episode, same subject, 2004

United States: 'Curtis' comic strip on parental spanking, by Ray Billingsley, 2006

United States: cartoon illustrating article on "The Economics of Spanking", 2002

United States: "Getting to the Seat of the Matter", cartoon shows over-the-knee spanking, c.1958

United States: "A good spanking has helped many a teen-ager", 1961


blob Recipients of domestic corporal punishment -

Barnett, Amber, now 21, pictured with a signboard reading "Thank you for spanking me Dad", USA, 2008

Chia Ying, 8, caned by father for running away from home, Singapore, 2005

"Church of God" family members, Canada, 2001

Cobble, Judah, 13, pictured with his father, who spanked him with belt, USA, 1999

Kindle, Sergio, 18, college football star, paddled by father, USA, 2006

Jones, Lorraine, 16, whipped by her mother (also pictured), USA, 1928

Morgan (aka Plonka), William and Douglas, brothers aged 9 and 10 respectively, after running away from home, arriving back for promised parental spanking, 1974

Salvati, Bobby, 15, shown with his father Joey, who recently paddled him, and holding the paddle, USA, 2002

SikHanyiso, Princess, 17, daughter of Swazi king, whipped by palace official, pictured in traditional garb for annual ceremonial dance of "maidens", Swaziland, 2005

SikHanyiso, Princess, another picture, in Western dress, 2005

Sons of Acting Education Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, aged 10, 12 and 13, shown with their father, who occasionally spanks them, Singapore, 2004

Tan Chia Khee, Jeremy, 10, caned by father for running away from home, Singapore, 2005

Walker, Calvin, 17, high-school footballer, brother of Sergio Kindle (q.v.), paddled by father, USA, 2006


blob Effects of domestic corporal punishment -

8-year-old shows red marks on his back after belting by father, USA, 2007


blob Dummy demonstrations or artists' impressions of domestic corporal punishment -

Australia: posed photograph of young boy's over-the-knee spanking by father, possibly 1960s

Canada: father paddles young boy with what might be a hair brush, 2003 (also video clip)

France: "La Fessée", propaganda postcard, First World War

Indonesia: posed photo of unlikely formal parental whipping, book cover, c.2010

Romania: Church fresco showing the Devil administering an over-the-knee spanking

Russia: 19th-century painting of a bourgeois domestic birching

United States: two boys spanked by Mom for wrecking the fence, old posed picture

United States: a spanking for young John, watched by sister and big brother, old jocular posed picture

United States: young boy gets spanked over father's knee, c.1960s, possibly a scene from a film

United States?: posed picture of small boy bending over to be paddled with a table-tennis bat, date unknown

Spanking United States: posed press photograph of teen boy's over-the-knee spanking by father, 1997

United States: a father paddles his son, 1897

United States: a mother does the same, 1897

United States (probably): man paddles small boy, jocular posed picture artificially coloured, possibly c.1900

United States (probably): over-the-knee spanking, posed stereoscopic picture, possibly c.1900

United States: boy getting spanked by mother, c.1896

United States: boy is spanked by father, probably posed, c.2005

United States: small boy receives over-the-knee spanking, posed picture, possibly 1960s

United States: demonstration by Rev. Arthur Allen Jnr of whipping of 14-year-old boy in church, 2002


blob Implements and equipment used -

Unspecified country in North Africa, Schoolboys with paddles with which they are allegedly spanked, 2000s

Mythical spanking machines as imagined by various artists, 19th and 20th centuries

Australia, prison birch in its box, no date

Australia, leather protective belt for flogging, no date

Australia, leather lash used on juveniles, c.1870

Australia, leather lash for the punishment of boys at Point Puer, c.1840

Australia, another leather lash, 1850s

Australia, timber whipping stool for boys, c.1870

Australia, cat-o'-nine-tails, date unknown

Australia, another cat-o'-nine-tails, early 19th century

Australia, flogging triangle at parade ground, Old Sydney Town, possibly early 19th century

Australia, flogging frame and implements on display in museum, date unknown

Australia, same flogging frame and implements as above, different views

Australia, different flogging frame in another museum (two different views)

Australia, cane borrowed from police barracks for court-ordered police-supervised caning of two teen boys, 1956

Australia, cane being waved by teacher at kids, 1970s

Australia, rattan cane in school museum, Victoria, 20th century

Austria, whipping bench, date unknown

Austria, another whipping bench

Austrian-Hungarian Empire, whipping bench (three views)

Austrian-Hungarian Empire, another whipping bench

Brunei, adult and juvenile judicial punishment canes

Canada, big paddle said to be in daily use at St John's School, tough boarding school for boys in Alberta, 2002

Canada, leather strap used for prison "paddlings", 1960s

Canada, Ontario prison strap

Canada, straps and cats used in prison, displayed in a museum

Canada, paddling table over which prisoners were bent to receive posterial corporal punishment in federal penitentiary, 1903 to 1968

Paddling bench Canada, much clearer picture of the paddling table over which prisoners were bent to receive judicial punishment in federal penitentiary, 1903 to 1968

Canada, a different paddling table, in New Brunswick

Canada, "the machine" into which prisoners were secured for paddling in Ontario provincial institutions, 1950s (poor-quality photograph)

Canada, "the machine" into which prisoners were secured for paddling in Ontario provincial institutions, 1950s (clear computer-generated b/w drawing from the photograph)

Canada, "the machine" into which prisoners were secured for paddling in Ontario provincial institutions, 1950s (artist's impression in colour)

Canada, whipping frame and cat-o-nine-tails (applied to the upper back) sometimes used in judicial CP sentences instead of the leather paddle - picture from a museum, source of caption unknown, but the facts appear to be correct

Canada, school paddle signed by recipients, from a high school in Vancouver, c.1950s

Canada, school strap in a museum in Saskatchewan

Canada, typical school straps

Canada, school strap for sale in illustrated advertisement, 1919

Canada, posed picture of a school strapping with alleged extract from punishment book, 1978

Canada, boards used to paddle students in illicit high school hazing, 2003

Canada, whipping post, c.1700

Canada, whipping frame, Nova Scotia, c.1850

China, "Stocks for punishment beatings", with paddles, c.1895

Denmark, school cane in museum (also video clip)

Germany, School cane, allegedly the last in use in Bavaria, newly consigned to museum, 1970

Germany, Prügelbock (whipping trestle) in a prison in Lower Saxony, used until 1913

Germany, Prügelbock (whipping trestle) in a prison in Thuringia, used until 1848 (two views)

Germany, Prügelbock (whipping trestle) in a museum in Saxony-Anhalt, 16th century

Germany, whipping bench, cane and birch in prison museum, possibly 19th century

Germany, multi-tailed whip in poor condition, probably used on prisoners in occupied Norway, 1940-45

Ghana, bulk supply of canes allegedly for use in schools

Ghana, bundles of school canes on sale in a bookshop, 2013

Hong Kong, caning trestles and cane on display in prison museum

Hong Kong, close-up of padded bar on punishment trestle, with cane at prison museum

Hong Kong, cat-o'nine-tails and punishment register on display at prison exhibition

Hong Kong, reformatory caning horse in prison museum

Hong Kong, clearer view of the reformatory horse

Hong Kong, gauges for verifying correct thickness of canes

India, flogging frames, Andaman Islands

Isle of Man, judicial birch in police officer's hand

Isle of Man, policeman with judicial birch

Isle of Man, another view of the judicial birch

Isle of Man, town birch and birching stool at museum in Peel

Manx judicial birches Isle of Man, birches standing in a bucket, photo by Lord Snowdon

Jamaica, Strap at Charlie Smith High School being "buried" in ceremony, although CP was not being abolished altogether, 2006

Japan, bamboo sword used for canings at cram school, 1970s

Korea, flogging bench at Seoul Folk Village Museum (presumably a modern reconstruction)

Korea, a different design of flogging bench

Korea, huge flogging paddle in a museum

Korea, more flogging paddles

Malaysia, secondary school discipline master with his cane

Malaysia, domestic or school canes on sale in local store, 2016

Malaysia, A-frame used for judicial caning

Malaysia, judicial cane as displayed in prison exhibition

Malaysia, range of canes on display at another prison exhibition, 2005

Malaysia, a closer view of the rack of canes on display at prison exhibition, 2005

Malaysia, array of canes in close-up in a different display, c.2005

New Zealand, primary school strap, date unknown

Philippines, wooden paddles prepared by police and army for spanking election-law offenders, 2018

Singapore, judicial/prison caning trestle, stills from government video

Singapore, judicial punishment canes on sale in USA, 1994

Singapore, domestic punishment cane for parental use

Singapore, parental punishment canes after use on 9-year-old boy

Singapore, parental punishment cane (incorrectly used to illustrate an article about school caning), 2004

South Africa, cat-o'-nine-tails as formerly used for judicial floggings, 1950s

South Africa, juvenile caning trestle and canes, 1994

Tanzania, school teacher with cane, 2004

Thailand, rattan whips used in prison up to 1896

Uganda, school prefect holding switch, 2009

United Arab Emirates, a whip, which may or may not be the real thing, used to illustrate a press article about changes in whipping policy, 2007

United Kingdom, three photos of Wandsworth Prison flogging/birching frame being tested, c.1930

United Kingdom, Scottish whipping table for young delinquents, 1909

United Kingdom, birch and cat-o-nine-tails used in Northern Ireland

United Kingdom, birching table at Inveraray Jail, Scotland

United Kingdom, another Scottish juvenile birching table in another museum

United Kingdom, another view of the above

United Kingdom, birching block, with birches used for punishment at Eton College until 1964, seen in the school's museum

United Kingdom, Eton birching block, with birches, another view of museum exhibit

United Kingdom, Eton birching block, two views, photographed in 1939

United Kingdom, more pictures of Eton birching blocks in situ, early 20th century

United Kingdom, canes hanging on wall of library at Eton College, probably 1940s or 1950s

United Kingdom, Eton Head Master's Room with birching block and birch, late 19th century view

United Kingdom, Eton Lower School birching block, pictured in 1948

United Kingdom, Eton Lower School room, possibly c. 1920s, shows birching block and birch in situ

United Kingdom, Prefect with cane at Winchester College, photographed in 1951

United Kingdom, juvenile birching donkey at Cold Bath Fields boys' prison, London, 19th century

United Kingdom, juvenile birching donkey at Nottingham prison, 19th century

United Kingdom, juvenile birching pony, Manchester Police Museum

United Kingdom, juvenile birching pony, Beamish Museum, from a police station in Sunderland (two views)

United Kingdom, juvenile birching bench, Edinburgh Police Museum

United Kingdom, a better view of the Edinburgh birching bench,

United Kingdom, whipping stand, Summerlee Museum, Coatbridge

United Kingdom, oak birching bench used for punishment of juvenile offenders

United Kingdom, another juvenile birching bench, completely different design, allegedly from Shropshire

United Kingdom, another juvenile birching machine, from a police station in Leeds

United Kingdom, a better view of the above, in colour

United Kingdom, a more complete view of the above

United Kingdom, flogging frame in prison, inept and unreliable drawing, possibly late 19th century

United Kingdom, 19th-century flogging frame, on display at Beaumaris prison museum in Wales

United Kingdom, official diagrams of flogging triangles used in prisons, 1894

United Kingdom, flogging frame with cats and birches, Wormwood Scrubs Prison?, possibly c.1900

United Kingdom, flogging frame from a prison, photographed in Dartmoor prison museum

United Kingdom, 1935 whipping frame from Wandsworth Prison, on display in a museum, together with its designer's drawings

United Kingdom, senior birch, as used on males over 16 until 1948, pictured in museum

United Kingdom, school 'slipper' (an old gymshoe), used in a Lincolnshire secondary school, 1970s, top view

United Kingdom, school 'slipper', as above, underneath view

United Kingdom, schoolboy attempting to destroy school cane on abolition of CP in Inner London, 1981

United Kingdom, school punishment canes being made at factory, 1965

United Kingdom, school punishment canes being made at factory, 1994

United Kingdom, school cane supplied by Bognor Cane Co., probably 1980s

United Kingdom, Scottish school tawses

United Kingdom, Scottish tawses shown by manufacturer's wife, 1954

United Kingdom, Scottish tawse, for judicial use on teen boys, early 20th century

United Kingdom, stock of school canes at premises of Eric A. Wildman, 1947

United Kingdom, Irish-style strap from Catholic grammar school, date unknown

United Kingdom, tawse used in Walsall secondary schools, 1975

United Kingdom, a much clearer picture of the Walsall secondary tawse, removed from a school in 1988

United Kingdom, wooden-handled tawse, apparently Scottish (or maybe not), possibly 19th century

United States, whipping post, Florida, no date

United States, Arkansas prison strap, 1968

United States, paddle used on slaves, 1863

United States, paddle on a Texas high-school principal's desk, 2018

United States, paddle at a Florida high school, made of ash wood, 2012

United States, paddle at a North Carolina high school, 2018

United States, paddle in the "tardy room" of a Texas high school, 2013

United States, Alaska school paddle with twelve holes, was in a museum, date unknown

United States, Georgia assistant principal shows his paddle, 1986

United States, Dallas assistant principal shows his paddle, 1991

United States, flogging of prisoner, poor-quality picture, c.1920

United States, Florida school superintendent holding paddle, 2004

United States, fraternity paddle said to be similar to paddle used in Texas schools, 2001

United States: Big paddle ready for use at boys' summer camp, Michigan, 1950s

United States: school paddle said to have been used in Arkansas, 1960s

United States: school paddle supposedly used in Alabama, 2016

United States, paddle with holes, made of red oak, not meant for real use, Alabama, c.2012

United States, huge joke paddle wielded by principal of a high school in Ohio for posed picture, 1970

United States, jocular school paddle issued as advertising novelty by school furniture company, possibly c.1960

United States, Kentucky principal shows his paddle, 2001

United States, Louisiana prison strap, 1955

United States, Louisiana school paddle, now sitting disused on shelf, 2006

United States, paddle at a North Carolina high school, still in use in 2017

United States, paddle at a Georgia high school, used 66 times in 2015 (also video clip)

United States, elaborate new paddle at a Texas middle school, 2012

United States, school paddle with names, Ohio, 1930s

United States, school paddle with names, Washington State, 1968

United States, school paddle with names, Colorado, date unknown

United States, Michigan "Board of Correction" novelty paddle, two views

United States, Mississippi assistant school principal with paddle, 2004

United States, Mississippi middle-school paddle, 2015

United States, Missouri assistant school principal with paddle, 2004

United States, Texas principal with paddle in the school office, c.2015

United States, "Old Gray Mare", device over which prisoners were flogged, Colorado

United States, South Carolina "Board of Applied Psychology", now retired

United States, another view of the above

United States, paddle used by upperclassmen at The Citadel, military academy, for punishing freshmen

United States, perforated school paddle, source unattributed

United States, large school paddle with holes, bears some of its recipients' signatures, date and place unknown

United States, reformatory paddle and strap, Florida, 1974

United States, punishment straps at Denver reform school, 1941

United States, school paddle, quite old, with names, taped up

United States, Tennessee reformatory paddles, and pictures of teen boy inmates who probably received it, 1955

United States, Tennessee school paddle, 2005

United States, Tennessee school principal with paddle, 2004

United States, Texas school superintendent with paddle, 2013

United States, Texas: close-up of the above paddle (two views), 2013

United States, Texas paddle, 2008 (also video clip)

School principal United States, Texas school principal Anthony Price with paddle, 2006

United States, 'The Rod', flexible whipping stick marketed to parents, 2005

United States, witness brandishes paddle before Maryland House Committee, 1987

United States, collection of school paddles, 1975

United States, family paddle for parental use, date unknown

United States, paddle lying on desk in office of Arkansas high school, 2000

United States, wooden paddle on principal's desk at a Florida high school, 2012

United States, fiberglass paddle hanging on door at a Florida middle school, 2012

United States, paddle photographed at North Carolina middle school, 2005

United States, school paddle hanging in principal's office, 1998

United States, school paddle remains unused in OR principal's office, 1999

United States, school paddle, provenance unknown, used by Florida TV station to illustrate item about school CP, 2003

United States, school paddle signed by recipients, said to be from Washington State, 1930s

United States, school paddle signed by recipients, from North Carolina, c.1940s

United States, paddle in principal's office, in frequent use, Alvarado High School, Texas, 2012 (also video clip)

United States, school paddle, Texas, 2004

United States, school paddle kept in a Missouri school district though no longer used, 2005

United States, huge paddle found at premises of church-run reformatory, 1992 (poor-quality photo)

United States, large leather strap used at Ohio boys' reformatory, 1956

United States, rattan cane used until 1981 across school students' buttocks in St Louis, Missouri

United States, school paddle allegedly used in North Carolina, date unknown

United States, Washington State school paddle labelled "The Educator" hanging in former principal's garage


blob Background -

Australia: Bensley, Mark, principal of Bundaberg Christian School, Queensland, who uses the paddle, 2009

Australia: boys of Frank Dando Sports Academy, one of the last schools using caning in Victoria, 2005

Australia: Newman, R.F., Senior magistrate, ordered canings for teenage delinquents, 1956

Australia: sailing ship Endeavour on which David Sheridan (q.v.) was flogged in 2001

Bahamas: Deveux, Kenneth, teacher who allegedly gave 12-year-old schoolboy 70 strokes of the cane, 1999

Botswana: Kenosi, Ndaboka, 23, sentenced to caning but went berserk as police were due to carry out the punishment, jailed for 18 months instead, 2007

Botswana: Mosarwa, Batshwentse, village headman, ordered illegal flogging of woman, 2007

Botswana: Motshwane, Paul, President of Gerald Estates Customary Court, defends judicial flogging as best punishment for mischievous young men, 2004

Canada: Benditt, Aaron, the "Ryerson Spanker", jailed for illicitly spanking teen boys, 2001 (picture from poor-quality photocopy)

Canada: prisoners in yard after riot, shortly before ringleaders flogged, 1952 (poor-quality photo)

Canada: Sanderson, R.F., school principal who strapped students on the seat at request of parents, 1931

Canada: school supplies catalogue offering regulation punishment straps, 1971

Canada: two Toronto politicians pretending to paddle each other with cricket bats, 2014

France: Laboureur, José, teacher accused of slapping student, 2008

Indonesia (Aceh): road sign warning transgressors against Islamic law that they will be caned, c.2007

Isle of Man: O'Callaghan, Hugh, 16, ordered to be birched but sentence thrown out on appeal, 1981

Teacher with cane Kenya: Kasolya, Nicholas Kaloki, teacher leading campaign to restore CP in schools, pictured with cane, 2006

Kenya: Open-air village court, scene of judicial public whippings, 2017

Malaysia: secondary school boys getting haircut in lieu of caning, 1998

Malaysia: typical school class, 1998

Malaysia: role model school in Sarawak where canings are administered, 2004

Malaysia: McGregor, Dr Alistair, former boys' school headmaster, made liberal use of cane, pictured in 1961 with class of students and now aged 74

Malaysia: Ong Ka Ting, former school discipline master, introduced public caning to rid high school of gangsterism, now a government minister, 2006

Malaysia: Phua Seng Tiong, award-winning school principal, advocates caning but says the student must agree to it, 2006

Malaysia: Tengku Azuan Tengku Mohamed, award-winning school headmistress, has already caned several boys in her first three weeks at new school, 2005

Malaysia: Tiong Ting Ming, principal who canes students in front of school assembly if they are found visiting pornographic websites, 2006

New Zealand: Benson-Pope, David, Education Minister, was a teacher in 1980s, at centre of belated allegations of excessive canings, 2005

Saudi Arabia: town square being prepared by police for public flogging of teen boys

Singapore: discipline committee on patrol in vicinity of boys' secondary school at which bullies get the cane, 2003

Singapore: Coffee mug with cartoons and jocular references to judicial caning, probably 1990s

Singapore: Poster at bus stop threatening rioters with the cane, 2013

Singapore: Freehill, Stephen, 16, escaped judicial caning, 1994

Singapore: Gopal, Saminathan, secondary headmaster who caned 41 boys at one go, 2001

Singapore: Michael Fay's natural father, with picture of Michael, 1994

Singapore: Michael Fay's mother, 1994

Singapore: Michael Fay's lawyer, with journalists, 1994

Singapore: errant teen boys being made to do pushups at strict reform camp where they are also shown video of prison caning, 2002

Singapore: illegal immigrants being arrested prior to mandatory caning, 1998

Singapore: typical boys' secondary school, c.1996

Singapore: school courtyard in which students are publicly caned, 2000s

Singapore: secondary schoolboys, caught on camera buying cigarettes and smoking, a caning offence, 2005

Singapore: Suparman Adam, secondary school principal, turned school round with more vigorous enforcement of caning, 2002

Discipline Master Singapore: Zainudin Ali, discipline master at a secondary school, job includes caning boys, 2001

South Africa: superintendent of boys' home who administers canings, 1972

South Africa: students give views on reintroduction of school caning, 1999

South Africa: Magolego, Monhle, leader of vigilante group which administers unofficial floggings to criminals, 2000

South Africa: Shangase, Sibussiso, secondary school principal, caught on hidden camera illegally caning students, 2004

South Africa: Volsteedt, Johan, Principal of Grey College, pictured in 2005, used to offer boys sweets after caning them

Taiwan: Democratic Progressive Party politicians, campaigning for the introduction of judicial CP, display a whip at press conference, 2007

Trinidad: Samuel, Brother Michael, retiring principal of boys' school, believes a spanking can change a pupil's attitude for the better, 2002

UK: Aukett, James, dentist cleared of spanking young assistant on her bare bottom, 1998

UK: Beating the bounds, ancient English tradition involving caning of local boys at parish boundaries, two views, c.1950

UK: Beating the bounds, on another occasion, 1950s

UK: Beating the bounds, another example in a different place, date unknown

UK: boys of Dollar Academy (former caning school in Scotland)

UK: boys of HMS St Vincent, Royal Navy training ship for boys, scene of birchings, 1868

UK: boys, discipline master and cane at an English state secondary school, 1978

UK: Boyson, Sir Rhodes, cane-wielding headmaster who became outspokenly pro-CP politician, died 2012

UK: Bucknall, S. de Moyse, prep-school headmaster acquitted of assault charges after giving 9-year-old a pants-down caning, 1933

UK: circular to prison governors giving details of birches to be used, 1899

Policeman UK: Colyer, P.C. Stanley, policeman who birched Dennis Craddock (q.v.) and another juvenile offender, 1943

UK: Copping, Robert, young headmaster of "progressive" school who laid a trap into which Eric A. Wildman (q.v.) fell, 1948

UK: Court Lees Approved School, subject of official inquiry into excessive corporal punishment of boys, 1967

UK: Dines, Miss Janet, headmistress who caned girl (2 pictures), 1976

UK: girls of Heaton School, Tyneside, going on rampage after being told they were liable to be given the strap, 1976

UK: Guise, John Lindsay, headmaster who spanked senior girls on their bare bottoms, 1964

UK: Guise, John Lindsay, another picture

UK: Huntingdon, Eric, purveyor of punishment canes to schools, pictured with bundles of canes, 1981

UK: Jeffs, Miss Audrey Margaret, schoolteacher aged 23, caned entire class of 9-year-olds at one go, 1954 (poor quality photocopy)

Teacher UK: Jeffs, Miss Audrey Margaret, pictured at court hearing, 1954

UK: Kendrew, Colonel D.A., Commandant of Army Apprentice School, UK, defends policy of caning boys aged 14½ to 17½, 1948

UK: O'Dwyer, Father, Magistrate who sentenced boys to birching, Sunderland, 1932

UK: Peverett, Robin, headmaster, spanked girl and boy students on bare bottom in 1970s and 1980s, pictured in 2000

UK: Pritchard, Ashley, deputy headmaster, slippered 'special needs' boys in 1980s, pictured in 2000

UK: price list of Scottish school tawses, 1966

UK: price list of Scottish school tawses, 1973

UK: punishment book, Braunton Academy, Devon, 1980s

UK: punishment book, Greenfield Primary School, Oldham, 1970s, 1980s

UK: punishment book, King's Norton Boys' School, Birmingham, 1970

UK: punishment book, Staffordshire, c.1920s

UK: Ralph Gardner High School, Tyneside, high in CP league, 1983

UK: Roebuck, Peter, 44, cricket coach accused of caning and spanking Keith Whiting (q.v.), 1999

UK: Roebuck, Peter, at court appearance for caning three boys, 2001

UK: 'Safe smack' video, cover, sold with strap for parents to use on kids, 1997

UK: Smith, Mrs Marjorie, schoolmistress who spanked senior girls with headmaster J.L. Guise (q.v.), 1964

UK: Steel, Mrs Audrey, pictured with riding crop with which she whipped children, 1975

UK: Wildman, Eric, campaigner for corporal punishment and retailer of canes, shown displaying his wares, 1947

UK: Wildman, Eric, ambushed at "progressive" school and beaten with one of his own canes, several pictures of the fracas, 1948

UK: Wildman, Eric, pretending to cane stenographer on his visit to USA, 1952

UK: Wildman, Eric, mugshot, 1953

UK: Wildman, Eric, police raid on his offices, 1953

UK: Williamson, Phil, headmaster of Christian school, fighting court case to overturn ban on corporal punishment, 2001

USA: Allen, Rev. Arthur, Jnr,, sent to prison for whipping children in his church, 2002

USA: Anderson, Ted, basketball coach removed from post for paddling players in 2004, Tennessee, seen in 2008

USA: four assistant principals at a high school in Memphis TN where their job includes administering the paddle, 2003

USA: Barnett, Barry W. Jr., charged with child abuse after paddling his son, 2008

USA: Judge S.T. Binns Jr., juvenile court judge who sentenced teen boys to woodshed strapping, Virginia, 1963

USA: Bond, Troy, principal of private religious school in Wisconsin, accused of child abuse after paddling student, 2001

USA: boys of Briarcrest Baptist High School (paddling private school in Tennessee), 1975

USA: Bujak, Rev. Daryl P., convicted of battery for spanking girl, 2009

USA: Burke, Doug, Texas high-school principal, paddled 12 boys at one go in 1996 for hazing, including senior football stars

USA: Campbell, Byron, high-school principal in Alabama, ordered paddling of 28 students for haircut violations, 2005

USA: Canant, Leila, schoolmistress, used to paddle boys, pictured in 1923 and at age 99 in 2005

USA: Chaney, Eugene, County Judge in Kentucky, offered two 17-year-old storebreakers a whipping instead of jail, 1968

USA: Conroy, Mickey, California Assemblyman who in 1996 tried to introduce juvenile judicial paddling, pictured with a paddle

USA: Cookson, Ronnie, Missouri high-school basketball coach brought out of retirement, still paddles when necessary, pictured with players, 2008

USA: Cunningham, David W., Oklahoma social worker, accused of paddling youngsters in his care, 2015

USA: Davis, Rhonda, 16, Oklahoma cheerleader, was to have been spanked by principal for tardiness but her parents got her out of it, 1977

USA: Dominy, Charles Brian, high-school senior, accused of paddling freshmen, 2003

USA: Fallaw, Chandler Scott, age 6, pictured with his mother, who took him out of school rather than accede to school's demand that she spank him, though she had spanked him before, 2005

USA: Evans, Carl, middle-school teacher in Wisconsin, pictured with his "board of education", 1982

USA: Fiedler, Bobbi, Member of Los Angeles School Board, "takes paddling" for press publicity stunt on reintroduction of school CP, 1980

USA: Fowler, Timothy, 37, accused of spanking his 12-year-old son for 15 minutes, 2010

USA: Garza, Gustavo "Gus", Texas Justice of the Peace, offered option of paddling in courtroom, 2008

USA: Goddard, Arvo, Texas elementary principal, paddled girl four times in one month, 1971

USA: Hargrays, Courtney, Chicago basketball coach under investigation for illegally paddling players, 2008

USA: Harris, Steve, principal of City View High School, Wichita Falls, TX, keen user of paddle even for trivial offenses, pictured with a class of his 10th-graders, 2003

USA: Kouchalakos, Peter, junior high school principal in Florida, pictured with autographed paddles, 1976

USA: Lathrop, Bud, basketball coach, suspended after paddling players, 2003

USA: Lathrop, Bud, basketball coach, another picture

USA: McConnell, Scott, 26, expelled from college for writing essay advocating corporal punishment, 2005; was himself paddled at school in Oklahoma

USA: McIver, Bub, Assistant Principal in charge of paddling at a Texas high school, 1998

USA: Malone, Sam, former Cincinnati city councilman, in court for whipping his son with a belt, 2006

USA: Martin, James, police chief in Ohio who ran juvenile diversion program involving paddlings, 2004

USA: Maryland prison, pictured in 1912 when floggings still took place there; last was in 1940

USA: Murrah, Craig, policeman accused of spanking 18-year-old woman, 2007

USA: Nowak, Peter, Philadelphia Union soccer coach, spanked players in 2010, 2011 and 2012

USA: Norris, Odis, Texas middle-school principal, frequent user of paddle, 2012

USA: Oliver, Rev. Walter, 66, on trial for using belt on boy parishioners, 2003

USA: O'Neil, Justin, student at Piney Woods Country Life School, Mississippi, historically black boarding school where paddles used to swing, shown being made to do punishment push-ups, 1997

USA: Pashkowsky, Bohden, teacher, paddled 30 boys in one go, 1960

USA: Perry, Eugene, headmaster of charter school in N. Carolina, accused of assaulting 7-year-old student, 2006

USA: Prince, Stella, director of Florida charter academy, defends paddling of half the students, 2004

USA: Roberts, Dustin, high school senior, accused of paddling freshmen, 2003

USA: Sanders, Drew, 49, New York basketball coach, accused of giving teen boys pants-down paddlings when they miss shots, 2005

USA: Sanders, Jerry, 40, candidate for coroner, is in the habit of paddling his twentysomething cousins on their bare seats, 2003

USA: Sanders, Jerry (see above), another picture, 2003

USA: signboard outside Baptist church advocating use of paddling, 2011

USA: Smith, Bob, high-school football coach temporarily suspended for paddling players, 2000

USA: Sorrells, Larry, Missouri school principal, vindicated after paddling girl, 2008 (also video clip)

USA: Stanton, Greg, school football coach temporarily suspended for paddling players, 1999

USA: Surgenor, Robert, Ohio spanking policeman, 2000

USA: Thomas, Judge Herman, judge accused of paddling prison inmates, 2007

USA: Torbert, Mrs Ann, mother of Tamara May Torbert (q.v.), shown with belt she used to punish daughter in school principal's office, 1977

Father with belt USA: Wallick, Tyler, Christian father, pictured with belt and son on whom he uses it, 2005

USA: Weitensteiner, Rev. Joe, leader of boys' ranch in Washington State, pictured in 2002, "legendary in his use of the discipline paddle" over 45 years

USA: Whipping room at reformatory, Chicago, 1898 (drawing)

USA: Williams, Walter, court judge who paddled 18-year-old defendant in chambers, Tennessee, 1990s

USA: Zachary, Thomas, elementary school principal in Tennessee accused of assault after paddling student, but later cleared of any wrongdoing, 2008

US Virgin Islands: Teachers demonstrating in protest against the prospect of no longer being allowed to use corporal punishment, 2010


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