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School CP - February 2003

Courier-Mail, Brisbane, 26 February 2003

Sporting News

Secrets an open book as Broncos go home

By Barry Dick
rugby league editor


Shane Webcke

THE way they were ... Shane Webcke at Leyburn State School, with acting principal Rosemary Hodder and fellow Bronco Carl Webb, where Webcke's entry in the 'bad book' was unearthed.

SHANE Webcke found himself in the bad book yesterday but it wasn't long before the Broncos hardman was in the good books again.

As part of the National Rugby League's "back to the bush" program, Webcke returned to Leyburn and Clifton, southwest of Toowoomba, and visited his former schools where the report cards varied considerably.

At Leyburn, the local state school's "Corporal Punishment Register" was produced and the last entry on November, 4, 1982 read:

Name of student: S. Webcke.

Fault: Wilful disobedience.

Kind and extent of punishment: One stroke on the left hand.

Webcke recalled that he had been caught using the typewriter in the headmaster's office but, more than 20 years on, he refused to divulge exactly what he typed.

From Leyburn yesterday it was on to Clifton High School where the headmaster, Daniel McGrath - who happened to be Webcke's principal - introduced him to assembly as "Shane Webcke, a model student who excelled in English".


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