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Illicit CP - June 2012

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Mail Online (web only), London, 20 June 2012

Father offers man who slept with his underage daughter jail time for statutory rape ... or a 'brutal spanking' (guess which one he chooses?)

By James Nye

A video appearing to show the beating of a man who supposedly slept with an underage teenager has been placed on YouTube by the family of the girl.

The video begins with an older man offering to either call the police and administer a 'severe asskicking' to another man identified as James, or to give him a 'brutal spanking' with no further action.

Although the video does not appear to be staged, it is impossible to confirm it is genuine as neither man is identified.

The video begins with a man named Robert (on the ground) showing another man named James (right) where and how he wants him to lie on the ground

Accepting the less serious of the two options, the men then calmly discuss the dynamics of how the corporal punishment will be delivered as another unseen person shakily videos the proceedings.

'I'll bend over but I'm not going to get down on the ground and get my ass kicked,' explains an understandably nervous James, who has been identified by YouTube user 'rassule' as 27-years-old.

However, the older man, identified in the video as Robert, makes clear the position James is in.

'What, you think I couldn't just jump you and give you an ass-kicking right now?' says Robert.

'God I could just jump you and kick your ass.

Offering him a stark choice between the police being called and a vicious attack or a spanking like a child, Robert is clear to James

'I don't want you to hit your face on this (points to a raised paving stone) that's why I am saying this.'

Maintaining that he will respect the choice that James has made, he continues to demonstrate what he wants and what he doesn't want.

'I am serious, I don't want you to hit your face on any of this s**t,' says Robert.

'The thing is I can take you down like in one second.

'Just lay down, I'm not gonna kick you, I'm not gonna punch you, I'm not gonna do anything but spank your ass.

After weighing the alternatives, James lies chest down on the floor

Robert then proceeds to pull down James' shorts before he hits him

Robert hits James 21 consecutive times for allegedly sleeping with his 16-year-old stepdaughter Chelsea

'That is the deal and it will be the end of it.

'Just lay down pointing that way and I am not gonna do anything.

'I am not gonna kick you in the balls, I promise.'

The person shooting the video has identified the beater as the step-father of 16-year-old Chelsea, who James is supposed to have slept with.

Just before he encourages James to lie chest down on the grass, he tells him that this is what his alleged lover received as punishment also.

He then pulls down his shorts and then proceeds to violently spank him 21 times.

'F**k Robert, enough dude,' screams James as he squirms free and his voice cracks.

After it gets too much for James he recoils from Robert screaming about how much it hurt

'I'm not even gonna be able to sit dude.'

Unrepentant, Robert is adamant that this was justice done.

'So, shut your f***ing gob,' says Robert.

'So, consider yourself lucky James. You could have had rape charges plus an ass kicking.'

Moving back into his car followed by his videoing friend, Robert wheezes as he considers the damage to himself.

'Was that hard enough?' says Robert.

'My ring finger has swollen up, I gotta get my ring off.'

Justice dished out, Robert gets back into the car and drives off complaining that his ring finger hurts.

Responding to the almost 50 pages of comments on the video which was placed online five days ago, YouTube user 'rassule' thought that James got off lightly.

'You don't know him, his hands are as solid as brick,' said 'rassule' on YouTube.

'I've never seen anyone take more than one strike of his fist and still stand.

'The person that got spanked had blisters and a blackened ass.

'He knew he got off lucky, he could've easily been beaten into a coma or worse if he didn't submit.

'You're right about the average 40yr-old, but he's not average.

'He's tougher than you think.

'He is like a surgeon with his fists.'

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The 3-minute amateur video of this bizarre incident, including the dialogue as related in the above news article. Over one minute is spent just discussing exactly how the punishment is to be carried out. The whacks themselves take only a few seconds. The alleged "culprit" seems, for an apparently grown man, to be making a rather excessive fuss about the pain of a simple handspanking. Some may find it difficult to take this whole story seriously. It is possible that the whole affair was staged as a hoax or some sort of stunt (but see further item below).


IMPORTANT: Copyright in this video material rests with the original copyright holders. This brief excerpt is reproduced under the "fair use" doctrine EXTERNAL LINK: opens in new window for private, non-profit, historical research and education purposes only. It must not be redistributed or republished in any commercial context.

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The Smoking Gun, 21 June 2012

Meet The Two Stars Of That Crazy "Brutal Spanking" Video That Just Went Viral

That new viral video showing an angry father spanking the bare bottom of an adult man who allegedly consorted with his underage daughter just has to have been staged, right? It was guerilla theater tailored to yield maximum YouTube views, blog posts, and morning zoo chatter, right?


The 2:49 video, seen above, was filmed about six years ago outside the Salt Lake City home of James Jessee, who was spanked while lying face down in his front yard. Jessee apparently consented to the spanking after the girl's father assured him, "I'm not gonna kick ya, punch ya, do anything but spank your ass. That is it. And it'll be the end of it."

That promise of limited violence was delivered by Robert Pruhs, who lived a few miles away from Jessee with his wife Katie and daughter Kelsi, a striking six-foot-tall blonde who was 16 at the time.

Pruhs, who died last year at age 49, delivered 21 loud slaps to Jessee's rear. The spanking ended after Jessee yelled, "Fuck, Robert, stop dude!" He added, "I ain't even gonna be able to sit, dude."

Pruhs indicated that Jessee wasn't the only one to feel his wrath. "Well, that's what Kelsi got," he said, adding, on the bright side, that the spanking was "better than an ass kicking." As he departed Jessee's home, Pruhs said, "So consider yourself lucky, James. You coulda had rape charges plus an ass kicking."

Jessee, now 33, is pictured in the mug shot at right. In his post-spanking years, Jessee has been busted on a variety of drug charges and is currently serving a felony probation term. His most recent felony collar came in January.

The Pruhs-Jessee encounter was videotaped by Rassule Khatibi, who this week placed the clip on YouTube and (and sought to gin up traffic to the video through a barrage of Twitter messages to media outlets and public figures like Howard Stern and ultimate fighter Chuck Liddell).

Khatibi, 32, is one of Katie Pruhs's two children from a prior marriage. Carrying a camcorder, he accompanied his stepfather to the home of Jessee (who happened to be a longtime friend of Khatibi's).

In a description uploaded to YouTube, Khatibi wrote, "Angry father gives his underage daughters adult boyfriend an option of either a severe ass kicking or a brutal spanking. He opted for the spanking. That's what you get for 'puttin it' to an underage girl."

Khatibi told TSG that Pruhs (pictured at left) later pushed him to put the clip online, but he explained that he had misplaced the video. It was not until after Pruhs's death that he found the video and decided that posting it would be a "perfect way to remember" his late stepfather.

Recalling the spanking, Khatibi said that Pruhs first wanted to go straight to Jessee's house and "kick his ass," but "my mom talked him into treating [Jessee] like a kid by spanking him." He added that Jessee's mother agreed that the spanking would be appropriate, and helped set a date for the punishment.

Asked why his stepfather did not opt to contact law enforcement about the relationship between Jessee and the teenager, Khatibi said he could never "picture him calling the police," adding that Pruhs opted to "handle it ourselves."

In an interview today, Katie Pruhs laughed while discussing the spanking incident, which she termed the "tip of the iceberg" when it came to Robert's bid to shield his only daughter from unwanted -- at least by him -- male suitors.

Pruhs, who divorced Robert several years ago, recalled that he learned about his teen daughter "messing around" with Jessee, and decided to literally take matters into his own hand. She added that he told Khatibi, "Bring your video camera, I'm gonna give James a spanking."

Pruhs said that she had expected the resulting video -- which family members viewed -- to remain "hush-hush." But then her son called this week to report he put it online.

Pruhs recalled a second incident in which Robert, who worked in landscaping, confronted a young man who kissed and told after making out with his stepdaughter at a Mormon Church camp. That payback included a punch being thrown at the fellow and bricks being tossed through his home windows.

Asked if Robert would enjoy knowing that his spanking of Jessee was now public, Katie replied, "I think he would love it." She added that he was a "great dad" who believed that his daughter "could do no wrong."

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