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Judicial CP - May 2005

Corpun file 15776

Borneo Bulletin, Bandar Seri Begawan, 19 May 2005

Anti-drugs campaign held in Tutong

By Helena M. Mahathir & James Kon


Panel of speakers.

Guest of honour with invited guests at the forum.

Whipping demonstration. Photos: James Kon

In an effort to tackle drug abuse and its related social issues in the nation, the Narcotics Control Bureau together with the Tutong District Office yesterday organised an Anti-Drugs Programme and whipping demonstration for the residents in the district.

With the theme "Masyarakat Perkasa Bangsa Bermaruah", the event was held at the official residence of the Tutong District Officer, Awg Abd Mutalib bin Hj Md Idris, who was also the guest of honour at the function.

The function began with the reading of Surah al-Fatihah and doa selamat, followed by the opening remarks from the chairman of the ceremony, Awg Mohd Jaffari bin Hj Mahadi, Acting Assistant Director of the Drug Prevention Education Unit.


Meanwhile, the Narcotics Control Bureau revealed that 17 students including 15 males and 2 females were caught last year by law enforcement officers for drug abuse.

The police, on the other hand, recorded two drug-related cases: a murder involving a drug dealer cum addict and an armed robbery by drug addicts.

Another highlight of yesterday's event was a whipping demonstration presented by the Prisons Department.

The event ended with the guest of honour and other guests at the function viewing exhibits displayed by the various participating bodies.

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Corpun file 15795, BSB, 20 May 2005

First Thai National To Be Whipped Four Times

By Rol Ezam

Bandar Seri Begawan - A 35-year-old Thai national who remained unlawfully in the country for more than 7 years was sentenced to 12 months' imprisonment and 4 strokes of the cane by the Bandar Magistrate's Court yesterday.

According to the prosecutor, the defendant was the first Thai national to be whipped more than three strokes. The defendant, Jansri Thepthiang, pleaded guilty to overstaying from April 9, 1998 to May 17 this year after the expiry of his employment pass. This is an offence under section 15(1) of the Immigration Act, Chapter 17.

The Immigration Prosecuting Officer Moharefandi Hj Md Tahir told the court the defendant was arrested by two police personnel from the Temburong Police Station two days ago at the vicinity of Jalan Batang Duri, Temburong.

The defendant arrived in the country on November 14, 1996 for the purpose of engaging in lawful employment with Perusahaan Hadi Budi as a labourer.

However, on March 9, two years later, the Immigration Department received a letter from the defendant's employer saying that the defendant had not come to work since February 5, 1998 and that the defendant could not be located, said the prosecutor. -- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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Corpun file 15884, BSB, 24 May 2005

20 Years, 15 Strokes For Raping Daughter

By Malai FadleyRizal

Bandar Seri Begawan - A 39-year-old local man received 20 years’ jail and 15 strokes of the cane for nine charges of outraging the modesty and raping his teenage daughter.

The defendant faced seven charges of outraging the modesty of the girl, committed in a vehicle and at their home in Seria from 1999, when the girl was 12, to 2002, according to Deputy Public Prosecutor Hjh Anifa Rafiza in court yesterday.

The other two charges stated that the defendant raped the daughter at their home on two different occasions in 2001. -- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

Corpun file 15873, BSB, 29 May 2005

Illegal Tree-Cutters Get Cane, Jail Terms

By Malai FadleyRizal

Temburong - Two Indonesian men were each sentenced to one year and three months' jail and given five strokes of the cane for entering Brunei illegally and cutting trees in the country's reserved forest.

Pendi bin Bahtiar, 37, and Ady bin Rusty, 31, each faced separate charges of entering Brunei without in possession of a valid pass, a joint charge of having cut trees in the forest reserve and a joint charge of committing mischief by cutting the trees.

The court heard both defendants were arrested by Royal Brunei Armed Forces personnel at the Brunei-Malaysian border in the Labi Forest Reserve in Ulu Belait after they found trees in the Brunei territory were felled on the morning of May 13.

DPP Suriana Radin told the court army personnel found a track used to carry the trees, which cuts across the border and encroaches into the Labi forest reserve.

The defendants were brought to the Panaga police station for investigations.

They said they had cut four trees down.

These trees were worth $732.83 in payable tax revenue. The defendants said they are employees of a Malaysian logging company.

They entered the country by foot to cut trees and transport them back using heavy machinery. They claimed not knowing they had crossed the Brunei border. -- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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