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Video clips: Russia

Belting of youths for smoking

With comments by C. Farrell

Russia - Video clip of youths getting a belting New!

In this two-minute clip from 2013 we see two shirtless lads, said to be weightlifters, being punished for smoking. The setting appears to be a picnic area in a Russian forest.

    The atmosphere among the few spectators (are they fellow weightlifters?) is jocular, though the strokes are mostly quite hard and the two punishers look serious enough. The context is not entirely clear, but presumably they are the boys' sports trainers.

    The two boys, one in black shorts and the other in blue, take 10 whacks each across the seat in broken sessions -- they take a rest when the pain gets too great but seem to return without duress. The boy in black anticipates and flinches more as his thrashing continues. The blue shorts boy seems less hardy than the boy in black and his last strokes are of reduced force.

    It would appear that perhaps something more than just deterrent or retributive punishment for smoking is going on here. It may also be a male bonding ceremony / team building / courage testing initiation or ritual.


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