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Video clip: Ukraine: Public flogging of a looter

Youth flogged while tied to a tree

With comments by C. Farrell

Ukraine -- Unofficial public flogging New!

Date: March 2022
Duration: 40 seconds

This shows part of the unofficial punishment of an alleged looter, purportedly in Lutsk, a city in the far north-west of Ukraine. The film surfaced on social media shortly after the Russian invasion, but Lutsk is at the other end of the country from the where all the fighting is going on (over 1,000 km away) so these events may or may not be connected.

  The accused youth has been tied to a tree and is being caned on his bare buttocks by vigilantes wearing balaclavas. He has had a carboard sign affixed to his back, which presumably says something like "I am a thief". This is taking place openly in what appears to be a busy suburban avenue, in broad daylight, in full view of the public passing by.


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