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Illicit CP - March 2013

Corpun file 25777 at (News of Iceland), 25 March 2013

Icelandic Handball Inauguration: Tradition or Violence?

Spanking has been more of a tradition than anything else when it comes to inaugurating new members in the national team or the premier league handball teams in Iceland. The newest example is this of a young player for Fjölnir Sports Club who has been all over the Icelandic media the last two days.

The enclosed photo of the player's backside has gone viral in Iceland the last days and caused for severe reaction all over society. This is what his butt looked like after the inauguration. The chairman of Fjölnir Handball division claims to have known nothing about this common tradition and says that the matter will be dealt with immediately.

Hafrún Kristjánsdóttir, psychologist and former handball player, told that she has seen very ugly wounds from the spankings over the years, even worse than in this photo. This was both done to her and she did not try to stop it when it was done to others. It was (and is) the tradition, many say.

The spankings have been a tradition for years

Many others in Iceland have come forward in the past days and confirmed that the spankings have been a tradition for years.

The boy in this case is under the legal age (18 years) in Iceland, which means he is 17 years old or younger, and the chairman of Fjölnir says that the boy's parents have received an apology from the Sports Club.

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"Traditions are traditions"

The team mate who published the photo on Facebook wrote under the picture (translated): "Traditions are traditions". Another team mate wrote: "This wasn't boring", indicating that the incident was fun.

Spankings related to Icelandic Handball were discussed a lot last summer and at that time the CEO of the Icelandic Handball Federation said that nobody ever got injured receiving the spanking. And he went on:

"This is just a tradition and no one gets hurt, as far as I know"

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