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School corporal punishment in Kenya

Video clips: Kenya

'Touch-toes' schoolboy caning in Kenya

With comments by C. Farrell

Kenya - School punishments: Four clips.


This 35-second clip is slightly confusing but clearly there are a lot of students who have been made to lie on the ground. Towards the end of the clip there is a brief long shot of some of the students being whipped or caned in turn in a rough-and-ready manner.

 The voice-over commentary is presumably by one of the students. The underlying story seems to be that an offence has been committed but the teachers can't find out who did it, so they are punishing everybody. Plainly this is unreasonable and contrary to natural justice; that would be the case irrespective of the kind of punishment used, so the argument is not about corporal punishment per se.

 School corporal punishment in Kenya was notionally outlawed by the Children Act 2001 so, assuming this clip is relatively recent, it tends to confirm what has already been reported, that schools are ignoring the ban and continuing to cane students.

 Personally I would add that, if schools are going to use CP, this kind of indiscriminate, slapdash beating (all too common, it seems, in some parts of Africa) is not a proper or sensible way to do it.



In this 2-minute clip, possibly from 2014, a row of 10 teenage boys lying face down on the ground are disciplined across the seat of their tracksuits with a rough, tatty stick. A decent rattan cane would have been a good deal more effective and probably more accurate; by halfway through, the stick is beginning to disintegrate. Still, this is a bit more like proper CP than what can be seen in Clip 1 above. The strokes, varying between four and six each, seem to be applied moderately hard, but most of the students, apart from the last one, readily accept their punishment and then get up and walk away without apparent fuss.



This two-minute video from 2014 illustrates a more formal kind of posterial schoolboy caning in the British tradition. Four senior secondary youths emerge in turn on to a verandah to be disciplined semi-publicly, with other students hanging around watching and chatting, or passing by with a nonchalance that perhaps suggests that this scene is not especially unusual.

 One student can be glimpsed behind a pillar right in front of the teacher when the clip starts, and later wanders away showing no interest in the unfolding drama. Did he just happen to be there, or was he perhaps caned before the filming started?

 The master, who is holding in his left hand what is presumably a list of offenders and their crimes, taps each student's upper back with the cane to get him to touch his toes. He can be heard twice asking the second young man to "bend down". This student seems more reluctant than the others to submit calmly. The third and fourth boys more readily assume the correct position -- perhaps they have experience of it -- and hold it well.

 Each student receives either two or four hard strokes. We hear, particularly in the case of the first two offenders, the distinctive, resounding "thwack" of flexible cane applied vigorously to taut trousers seat, once such a familiar sound to many English schoolboys. It is evident that these miscreants have been told beforehand how many strokes they are going to get, as is only right and proper. The first and second boys clutch their buttocks in pain between strokes and afterwards, before going on their way.


blob RELATED: For another good example of a serious, formal, English-style caning of a senior schoolboy with proper bending over, see this 2012 video from South Africa. The full "bending tight" stance, but for the paddle rather than the cane, is also seen being enforced in this 2010 clip showing a mass classroom punishment of college students in Pakistan, in this brief video from Taiwan and in this 1974 film from a private school in Canada (in three versions). In the Canadian case, we can actually hear the teacher uttering that evocative phrase "Bend over!".


This one-minute film consists of three brief extracts from a British documentary about a village school in rural Kenya. Oddly, the headmaster gets other students to administer the canings, possibly because he supposes -- surely wrongly, from a strictly legal point of view -- that this exonerates him from liability for transgressing the theoretical ban on school CP.

 The punishments are applied to the seat, with the recipient lying on the ground in typical African fashion. They seem fairly ineffective, perhaps because the implement used is a visibly disintegrating stick rather than a proper rattan.

 Some viewers may think that these students, the second one especially, are much too young for this kind of treatment, even if it is not as severe as it looks.


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