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Oxford Mail, 11 October 1976

Mother protests at school caning

A MOTHER has protested about the caning of her 11-year-old son by his deputy headmaster, which left harsh bruises on the boy's bottom.

But today Oxford Education Department officials say they have looked into the complaints and no further action will be taken.

Mrs Anita Smith, of 113 Poplar Grove, Kennington, complained at the caning her son Tyrone received at the Matthew Arnold School, Cumnor, from Mr Vernon Howells.

mugshot of schoolboy Tyrone SmithMr Howells told the Oxford Mail that over half Tyrone's class had complained to him about being bullied by Tyrone.

"I thought it called for some firm action so I gave him two strokes on the backside."

Mrs Smith told the Oxford Mail: "I admit he can be a naughty boy, but I really object to the school marking him in that way. I think it is horrible. What would happen if he did something really bad?"

Tyrone went to the doctor the day after the incident and was signed off school for last Friday because of the injuries.

Was smiling

His mother went to see education officials on Friday and now her complaints are being investigated.

Mr Howells said: "My conscience is absolutely clear. The strokes were not excessively hard. The boy was not in any discomfort afterwards and he got on with his lessons."

The headmaster, Mr Joseph Newman, said there had been a number of complaints about Tyrone bullying other pupils.

"The other children got sick to death of him and they sought protection." Tyrone had been smiling after being punished and had boasted about it to his classmates, the headmaster said. "He doesn't seem to have suffered very much at the time."

Tyrone said he had been caned for spitting at a boy. He added that he did not want to go back to Matthew Arnold School.

Mrs Smith today sent Tyrone back to see the family doctor. "His bottom is still hurting," she said.

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