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New Straits Times, Kuala Lumpur, 17 July 1998

Teacher caned me 11 times, says pupil

Mindar showing the marks on Mohd Ashrul's buttocks
PAINFUL REMINDER ... Mindar showing the marks on Mohd Ashrul's buttocks

MALACCA, Thurs. - A 12-year-old boy studying in Sekolah Kebangsaan Sebatu, near Sungai Rambai, Merlimau, claimed that his Mathematics teacher caned him 11 times last Tuesday causing marks on his buttocks and left shoulder.

The pupil, Mohd Ashrul Abdul Razak, also alleged that the teacher had beaten 18 other boys in their class for making mistakes in their homework.

"This is the second time the teacher has hurt me. Last year she shoved an exercise book at me which hit my left eye and caused it to bleed," he said.

Meanwhile, Mindar Arshad, 56, the boy's foster father, said his wife Sabariah Mistam, 34, had lodged a report at the Sungai Rambai police station on Tuesday night.

"I regret the teacher resorted to such action. I know that my foster son is a little bit slow, but her action was unwarranted.

"I did not lodge a police report when my son's left eye bled as a result of this teacher's action last year as I thought it was just an accident. But seeing the injury sustained by my son on Tuesday was too much."

Mindar, a former teacher, said he knew the limits to punishing a pupil and caning 11 times was too much.

"I took my son to the Malacca Hospital yesterday and the doctor who examined him agreed that the caning was too severe."

A spokesman from the Sungai Rambai police station confirmed that a police report had been lodged.

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