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Video clips: Tanzania: real school caning

Schooolboy being caned

With comments by C. Farrell

Tanzania - School caning: Two clips.

CLIP 1 OF 2:

Here, a schoolmistress is seen on a verandah caning some quite young students while in the middle of a conversation with somebody out of shot. As the clip starts, she has just caned a girl. Then a boy takes up the "push-up" position but she does not get started on him for a while, so he waits patiently. When the punishment comes it is quite a harsh one, of 8 sharp strokes on the seat of his shorts with a thin switch (several of more of which she is holding in her other hand). This is twice the theoretical legal maximum number of strokes in Tanzanian schools.


CLIP 2 OF 2:

A headmaster is seen caning, first, a young boy on the seat of his trousers as he lies on the ground, and secondly a girl on her hands. This all takes place out of doors. The implement is not a proper rattan cane but an unsuitable rough stick, as often seems to be the case in Africa. We don't know why these students are being punished, but it is hard to imagine how the offence can have justified this degree of ruthless severity, verging on the inhumane. Another stupid educator giving corporal punishment a bad name.


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