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Girls, see female recipients


(See also under Cartoons in the Picture Index)

- Admit it, mollycoddling parents, you've lost control, by Marianne M. Jennings, USA, 1999

- Board of Education v. Seat of Leaning, by Joe Rogers, on reported decline of paddling in Mississippi schools, 2013

- Casey on Thursday, by Bill Casey, on the school strapping payout case, Australia, 2001

- Cripes! -- they're swiping caning for six, by Arthur Marshall, UK, 1987

- Discipline has its impact, by Joe Delgado, USA, 1999

- Do you think your most embarrassing moment can top mine?, by Roger Davis, USA, 2006

- Flutter, Cane flutter phenomenon, Letters to the Editor on aerodynamic analysis of caning problems, New Zealand, 1981

- He pointed the way and had real impact, by Stan Savran, USA, 2003

- Increased violence has schools looking for new solutions, by Phil Wieland, USA, 1997

- Needed: A paddling policy with no butts about it, by Jack Williams, USA, 2004

- Paddle Ban Revives Trauma Of Youth, by Jack Cowan, USA, 1984

- Punishment corner, by Auberon Waugh, UK, 1997

- Principals, Paddles and Power, by Steve Rubenstein, USA, 1988

- Solomon's Spanking Suggestion Discloses Machines That Do, USA, 1937

- Spare the rod and spoil the day, by Jeff Mullin, USA, 2005

- Suvit Khunkitti: Thailand's Citizen Cane, by Thanong Khanthong, Thailand, 2002

- The cane in flight, Letter to the Editor, New Zealand, 1981

- The day Chas arrived at our school, by Terry Hargrove, USA, 2006

- Thrash the thugs and save Joan for London, by A.N. Wilson, UK, 2002

- We ask teachers to maintain school order, but give them too few tools, by Nolan Finley, USA, 2002

- When licks meant beating, time out was recovery, by Ricky Thomason, USA, 2005

Islamic justice

- non-Moslem Britons caned in Saudi Arabia for drinking alcohol, 1978

- caning for religious offences introduced in Johore, Malaysia, 1997

- caning for religious offences introduced in Kelantan, Malaysia, 1987

- caning for religious offences introduced in Penang, Malaysia, 1996

- caning of women ordered by religious court is carried out, Malaysia, 2010

- debate among religious scholars as to whether Koran specifies 80 lashes for drinking alcohol, Pakistan, 2003

- female students flogged for wearing trousers in Sudan, 1997

- Filipina maid sentenced to flogging in United Arab Emirates, 1995

- first public flogging after religious courts take over, United Arab Emirates, 1977

- flogging introduced in Afghan capital as Taliban move in, 1996

- girls of 15 given lashings for having sex, United Arab Emirates, 2001

- Inside a Sharia Court: TV report shows judicial canings, Nigeria, 2007

- introduction of judicial flogging proposed in Kuwait, 2001

- man, pictured, sentenced to caning for alcohol use, Malaysia, 2010

- Moslem "kangaroo court" orders floggings in Bangladesh, 1995

- unofficial whipping of a convert to Islam, Australia, 2013 (with video clip)

- public floggings in Nigeria (illustrated), 2002

- public judicial flogging introduced in Aceh, Indonesia, 2005

- public judicial flogging introduced in Chechnya, Russia, 1996

- public judicial flogging introduced in northern states of Nigeria, 2000

- wave of public floggings of youths in Iran, 2001

- wave of public floggings of youths in Saudi Arabia, 2001

- young man and girl publicly flogged by village court for adultery, Bangladesh, 1987

Mass punishments

- Canada: 10 ringleaders strapped after riot at Don Jail, 1945 New!

- Canada: 50 ringleaders in Guelph prison riot receive a strapping, 1952

- Canada: several prisoners strapped after riot at Oakalla jail, 1952

- Isle of Man: 20 boys get "six of the best" after misbehaving on school bus, 1973

- Pakistan: Summary court sentences 84 to prison flogging for arson and looting, 1983

- Pakistan: Numerous video clips showing mass canings of schoolboys

- Pakistan: A gang of thieves paddled in the street by police, video clip, c.2009

- Papua New Guinea: Magistrate orders public caning for 29 boys aged 7 to 15, 1966

- Poland: 14 school students caned for insubordination (in region controlled at the time by Prussia), 1901

- Saudi Arabia: 12 teenagers receive public flogging for rioting, 2009

- Singapore: 12 schoolboys sentenced to jail and caning for rioting, 1932

- South Africa: 196 boys given "six of the best" for walking out of school, 1953

- South Africa: 400 high school boys caned over haircuts, 1981

- South Korea: 17 secondary boys caned in class, video clip, 2006

- South Korea: Mass punishment in schoolyard with baseball bat is pictured, c.2011

- Thailand: Video clips show groups of girls and boys caned in classroom, 2000s

- Thailand: About two dozen boy scouts caned for losing their scout hats, pictured, 2010

- United Kingdom: Nearly 100 grammar-school boys caned, 1934

- United Kingdom: 17 boys caned for skipping school to watch match, 1951

- United Kingdom: Headmaster canes 200 secondary boys, 1954

- United Kingdom: Entire class of 42 nine-year-olds caned at junior school, 1954

- United Kingdom: Ten teenage boys get 12 strokes of the cane each, 1956

- United Kingdom: 30 senior boys caned by prefects at private school, 1958

- United Kingdom: 24 fifth- and sixth-form grammar-school boys (6 of them prefects) caned 4 strokes each following protest over inadequate lunch, Essex, 1960 New!

- United Kingdom: 85 fourth-form boys caned in one session for being rowdy and late, 1961

- United Kingdom: Fifty boys caned for pranks at grammar school in North Wales, 1962

- United Kingdom: Mass canings of London secondary boys for not wearing caps, 1962

- United Kingdom: 21 public-school boys aged 16 to 18 receive six strokes of the cane each for visiting out-of-bounds cinema to see Sophia Loren film, 1965

- United Kingdom: "Six of the best" for 12 boys who ran away from public school, 1966

- United Kingdom: 100 boys aged 13 caned in relays by three masters for being disorderly, 1969

- United Kingdom: Caning for 15 London fifth-form boys who went on strike in support of teachers, 1969

- United Kingdom: All 30 boys in class 3b of a secondary school lined up and caned after none owns up to vandalism, 1972

- United Kingdom: 14 boys caned at Liverpool reformatory after barricading themselves into dormitories, 1977

- United Kingdom: 70 boys and girls caned at two Midlands schools following rioting, 1978

- United Kingdom: 24 boys and girls caned at Yorkshire school for staging a sit-in, 1978

- United States: 15 lawbreakers whipped at Delaware jail, 1901

- United States: Striking students spanked by masters at several schools, 1910

- United States: 14 boys whipped with rubber hose for playing truant, Vermont, 1919 New!

- United States: 19 boys flogged with garden hose for disorderly conduct, Pennsylvania, 1928 New!

- United States: 14 senior high-school boys get seven paddle swats each, Tennessee, 1959

- United States: Pennsylvania teacher paddles 30 high-school boys, 1960

- United States: 15 Kentucky high-school girls given choice of paddling or expulsion, 1971

- United States: 27 students paddled in front yard of S. Carolina private school, 1976

- United States: Florida principal spanked 71 sixth-grade boys, 1978

- United States: Fourteen 9-year-olds get four licks with a paddle, Louisiana, 1978

- United States: Principal paddles most of junior high school football team, Alabama, 1982

- United States: 30 children paddled at Texas elementary school for not bringing watercolors, 1984

- United States: 100 junior high school students choose paddling over suspension after skipping detention, Florida, 1986

- United States: 28 boys choose two whacks with paddle instead of OSS over hairstyle infractions at Alabama high school, 2005

- United States: Middle-school football coach paddles about 20 players, Mississippi, 2006 (with video clip)

- United States: 17 students paddled for inappropriate attire at senior prom, Alabama, 2010 (with video clip)

- Venezuela: Video clips show mass paddling of young prisoners in courtyard, 2000s

- Vietnam: Mass caning of schoolgirls, two video clips, 2000s

- Vietnam: Mass spanking of boys and girls, video clip, 2000s

- Zimbabwe (at the time Rhodesia): Mass caning of schoolboys ordered by magistrates' court, 1971

Moslem regimes, see Islamic justice

Opinion columnists

(See also Humour)

- Ahlert, Arnold, Parental reality check: A whack can work, USA, 2005

- Albom, Mitch, When a coach paddled a player, their lives were turned upside down, on illegal punishment in Detroit, 2001

- Anthony, Eugene, I was caned and I'm glad about it, Singapore, 2000

- Aters, Eddie, Let teachers keep their tools, including paddling, USA, 2008

- Avery, Chuck, Life has consequences worse than paddling, USA, 2007

- Badie, Rick, Stinging thoughts of school spanking, USA, 2008

- Barltrop, Robert, Smacks of a dilemma, reformers have misjudged the state of society, UK, 2004

- Barnicle, Mike, Brookline, time to spare the Ron, on attempts to get town meeting to outlaw parental spanking, USA, 2004

- Bauer, Gary L., Little paddling won't hurt, US schools, 1994

- Bell, James, Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child, success story of parental spanking, USA, 1998

- Bell, Rick, Spanking new: We're moving one step closer to nanny ruling the roost, on Supreme Court ruling, Canada, 2004

- Bills, E.R., Paddling is cheap, effective way to correct student behavior, on moves to abolish school CP in Texas, 2011

- Black, Michael, Who says licks aren't effective?, USA, 2008

- Blunt, John, A good healthy caning, UK, 1927

- Bonokoski, Mark, It's A Wonder Any Boomer Made It, if today's assumptions are correct how did we ever survive in the 1950s, Canada, 2002

- Boxall, Patricia, Hands off those girls, teacher, opposing extension of school CP to girls, UK, 1976

- Bromstein, Elizabeth, Keep those brats in line, parents, on the worst parenting the world has ever seen, Canada, 1999

- Brown, Clarence, Recalling sorrows of algebra, on classroom paddlings, USA, 1940s

- Burke, Kip, University studies might fool some parents into thinking that spanking lowers kids' IQ, USA, 2009

- Burrows, Lynette, How childcare was hijacked, anti-CP campaigns have unwittingly aided the paedophile agenda, UK, 1998

- Byfield, Link, The experts may flog Mr Evans about the lash, but the public supports him, call for return of judicial CP, Canada, 1995

- Byfield, Ted, Do our new-found ideas on children maybe explain the fact we can't control them?, recalls introduction of St John's boarding schools with paddle swats for boys, Canada, 1996

- Byfield, Ted, Our Family Values Risk Official Erosion, lambasts official persecution of spanking parents, Canada, 2001

- Byfield, Ted, Parental Authority Transferred To The State, appeal court ruling on Section 43 not such a conservative victory as it looks, Canada, 2002

- Cameron, Scott, The lady in my bus queue - and the birch, re Isle of Man, 1965

- Cargill, Morris, Corporal punishment, school caning reasonable, Jamaica, 1997

- Chin, V.K., Parents must play active role in tackling indiscipline, call for more school caning, Malaysia, 2000

- Chin, V.K., Jailing illegals will strain prison system, why not just cane them and deport them, Malaysia, 2002

- Chin, V.K., Public flogging for sex offenders has its merits, Malaysia, 2004

- Cohen, Richard, Six Lashes In Singapore, on US popular approval of judicial caning, 1994

- Cole, John G., A good swat can be a good life lesson for kids, school paddling should be retained because it works, 2008

- Connley, Glen, Singapore's rules liberate, they don't oppress, Australian author salutes "low tolerance to moronic behaviour" in his adopted home, 2011

- Connor, Kenneth, School kids need discipline, what do we have to show for bans on CP?, USA, 2002

- Coppola, Lee, Great teachers leave a lasting impression, praise for beloved 1960s paddling teacher, USA, 2006

- Corbella, Licia, Spanking Move Painfully Unfair, criminalizing parental discipline will only serve to break up families, Canada, 2001

- Corbella, Licia, Loving Families Feel Wrath, on kids forcibly dragged away from caring parents by moronic social workers, Canada, 2002

- Cornies, Larry, Spanking ruling correct compromise, on Supreme Court ruling, Canada, 2004

- Cottrell, Robert, Islam, whipping up its political power, on caning for religious offences in Malaysia, 1987

- Crutchley, Roger, It's time to spare the rod, canings often reflect a teacher's shortcomings, Thailand, 2002

- Cuddy, D.L., Corporal punishment should not be banned, US schools, 1989

- Cunningham, Orville, That horrible discipline of spanking, quotes CP success stories, USA, 1997

- De La Cruz, Ralph, A trip to the woodshed holds a lesson for all parents, on the lack of consensus about domestic spanking, USA, 2007

- Derbyshire, John, Six of the Best: Corporal punishment and its critics, USA, 2001

- Dickson, E. Jane, 'When I was the same age as you,' I tell my daughter, 'I was caned almost every day', UK, 2005

- Dineen, Tana, Smacking adults, welcoming Canada Supreme Court ruling permitting parental spanking within limits, 2004

- Dodd, Lindon, Spanking isn't so bad, is it?, putting a case for parental CP, USA, 2007

- Downing, John, Spare The Rod, Spoil The School, Canadian view, 2001

- Driscoll, Anne, Without exception, kids shouldn't be hit, against parental spanking, 1999

- Dunleavy, Terry, Perhaps we should bring back corporal punishment, New Zealand, 2005

- Eagles, Jim, It'll be our turn next to be found wanting, dangers of "presentism" in judging long-past CP episodes against current standards, New Zealand, 2005

- Fabian, Robert "Fabian of the Yard", Only the CAT holds back the brutes, call for return of judicial flogging, UK, 1954

- Farley, Matthew, Corporal punishment: A global view, school principal rejects idea of abolishing CP, Barbados, 2008

- Ferrari, Nick, Don't let children destroy our society, parents' right to discipline must be respected, UK, 2014 New!

- Finley, Nolan, Paddles might work better in classrooms than Commandments, USA, 2005

- Franceschina, Maude, Spare Ron, spoil child, children have been given way too much power within families, USA, 2006

- Gaps, John, III, Students need refresher on expectations, consequences, need for return to paddling, USA, 2005

- Gemma, Peter B., Jr., Bring back the switch, support for judicial CP in USA, 1994

- Glover, Stephen, Can boys be beaten?, need for schoolboys to be caned, UK, 1996

- Grant, Bob, Schools fall to anarchy without tough discipline, corporal punishment is a strong deterrent, New Zealand, 2011

- Graxiola, Mike, Times have changed, on US school paddling, 2005

- Grieve, Michael, Shock for the bold bullies, Isle of Man birching case, 1965

- Gurza, Agustin, Spanking: An Idea Whose Time Has Gone, on Spanish-American attitudes to physical discipline of kids, USA, 2000

- Guyson Mayers, R.E., Corporal punishment has served us well, Barbados, 2009

- Han Fook Kwang, Cane Fay? It depends on how much you value law and order, Singapore, 1994

- Harper, Andy, Spanking isn't always bad, USA, 2009

- Hendrix, Hailey, Return corporal punishment to schools, it was an effective way of keeping children on the right path, USA, 2010

- Holladay, Ruth, IPS incident should show the harm of school paddling, USA, 2004

- Hooper, Ernest, Paddling has no place in school today, USA, 2003

- Hume, Mick, The cane is not the issue, Twentysomethings want the cane back, but that won't solve any problems, UK, 2004

- Hutchinson, Noel G.L. Jr, Why ban what so many want?, questions wisdom of abolishing paddling in Memphis TN, 2004

- Jacoby, Jeff, Bring back flogging, case for judicial CP in USA, 1997

- Jerrett, Greg, Ain't nothin' wrong with spanking, USA, 2003

- Johnson, Rachel, Bum rap pinned on parents, banning smacking will make children think they can do as they please, UK, 2004

- Judge, Michael, Classroom Naps Under Attack!, leave it to administrators, not "nanny state", to decide if a teacher has overstepped the line, USA, 2002

- Kadir Jasin, A., Disciplinary problems in schools are not new, 1960s canings recalled, Malaysia, 2000

- Kamau, John, So now we can beat pupils senseless?, on uphill struggle to get rid of school caning, Kenya, 2003

- Kamikaze, No discipline in schools? Expect more basket brawls, on stupidity of abolishing paddling in Jackson MS, 2004

- Kay, Barbara, A good spanking, on the need to be deeply sceptical about "research" and differences between cultures

- Kemp, Arnold, The tawser's tawdry lesson, on school punishments in 1950s Scotland

- Koch, Ed, Bring back caning in US, 1994

- Korda, George, The short end of the stick, the long end of the paddle, USA, 2014 New!

- Kwarteng, Kwasi, Mad about beating the boy, on the official death of corporal punishment in schools, UK, 1998

- Larimer, Tom, Corporal punishment makes impression, US teachers' paddling techniques recalled, 2001

- Lawton, Sir Frederick, The law must never be a laughing matter, call for return of judicial birching, UK, 1993

- Leishman, Rory, Spanking Case An Attack On Family, on use of taxpayers' money to fund "ludicrous" anti-CP lawsuit, Canada, 2002

- Leith, William, "Bend over," said the head. It didn't hurt him quite as much as it hurt me, prep school slippering recalled, UK, 1998

- Lowther, Eric, Absurd changes in law would turn parents into criminals, opposes ban on parental CP, Canada, 1999

- McDonagh, Melanie, These people telling me how to chastise my child need a slap, UK, 2004

- Macintyre, Ben, Well beaten Britain finally bends to the inevitable, court ruling means school cane is finally a museum piece, UK, 2002

- McMillan, George K., Reformers got it all wrong, abolition of CP in Scottish schools has been a disaster, 2005

- McRae, Earl, Spanking speech gives goofy gripe, pours scorn on notion of outlawing parental CP, Canada, 1999

- Malkin, Michelle, Classroom Chaos, agenda of anti-CP campaigners is not to ensure safety but to demonize enforcers of order, 2008

- Milloy, Courtland, Bring Back the Hickory Stick, proposals for dealing with mean-spirited, selfish children, USA, 1986

- Mitchell, Charlie, Sure, swift school discipline works best, with or without CP it's consistency that counts, USA, 2005

- Mitchell, James, The measure of a civilisation, laments lackadaisical attitude to crime and punishment in new South Africa, 1996

- Moncur, Andrew, Scars of weal life, bemused by popular enthusiasm for flogging, 1994

- Moore, Dr Louis, Spanking can provide a valuable life lesson to child, USA, 2004

- Moskos, Peter, In Defense of Flogging, USA, 2011

- Narayan, Lakshmi, Wield the rod, stem the rot, suggests adoption by India of Singapore-style caning for sexual offenders, 2012

- Nasser, Saad, Cane Them, calls for reinstatement of school CP, Saudi Arabia, 2005

- Navarrette, Ruben, My Special Education: Spare the Rod and Discard the Student, plea for return of school spanking, USA, 1997

- Ngwiri, Magesha, Ban The Cane Yes, But We May Live To Rue It, school CP ban a more complex issue than it looks, Kenya, 2000

- Nourah Abdul Aziz Al-Khereiji, Violence in schools needs urgent attention, urges more flogging to combat student disorder, Saudi Arabia, 2001

- Ogilvie, Elbert R., Paddle's thwack the answer to school troubles, schools now devoid of meaningful punitive measures, USA, 1998

- Palmer, Gary, Child spanking is discipline, not a form of abuse, anti-spanking bill an absurd idea, USA, 2007

- Parker, Kathleen, Pendulum Swings to Discipline, Responsibility, welcomes return of common sense, USA, 2000

- Parry, Gordon, When children were ruled by cane, strapping and spanking, on deeply ingrained attitudes to school caning, New Zealand, 2000

- Parsons, Dana, Sore Subject: Does Caning Hurt Juvenile or Society More?, on prospects for judicial CP in USA, 1994

- Parsons, Dana, Swat Team Captain Might Want to Rethink Bottom Line, California paddling proposals dismissed, 1996

- Parsons, Dana, Dad Takes A Beating Over His 12-Year-Old's Spanking, outrage over prosecution of "very good father", 1998

- Pinkham, Gene, Spare the rod and spoil the moral zealot, on the "insufferable, inflammatory and petulant" nature of anti-spank campaigners, USA, 2005

- Pitts, Leonard, Parents May Be Ones Needing Spanking, anti-CP "experts" proved wrong by new study, USA, 2001

- Porter, David, A spanking can be the right thing to do, on US domestic discipline, 1999

- Purvis, Greg, Sparing the rod doesn't seem to work, on out-of-control kids who need spanking, 2008

- Randall, Colin, Short, sharp shock part of life in France, on why French children are so well-behaved in restaurants, 2002

- Raphael, Frederic, Strictly Personal, private school beatings recalled, UK, 1996

- Rosemond, John, Anti-Spanking Proposals Are Work Of Ideologues, Zealots, on proposal to outlaw domestic CP in California, 2007

- Rosenblum, Jonathan, Child rearing is too important for the courts, on legal decision banning parental spanking in Israel, 2000

- Royko, Mike, Spare the rod, save your hide, on US school paddling, 1987

- Royko, Mike, Readers get 'behind' flogging of vandal, on Michael Fay affair, 1994

- Samuelson, Robert J., Swell Slogan, Bad Policy, on complexities of 'parental rights', USA, 1996

- Scott, John, Nothing like a damn good hiding to save schools from anarchy, can't understand why such a fuss is made of CP in schools, South Africa, 2004

- Shafran, Rabbi Avi, Some swift corporal punishment for criminals, proposing flogging as response to crime, USA, 1994

- Sharp, Allen, The Cane Mutiny, against abolition of school CP, UK, 1981

- Sheikh, Sam, The Other Caning, on the sentence on Shiu Cho Ho, Singapore, 1994

- Simmons, Deborah, Behave, or else, call for more spanking of kids, USA, 1999

- Steinberg, Neil, A refreshing cold smack of reality, defends parental spanking, USA, 1999

- Stern Little, Heather, Bring back the birch, support for judicial CP in USA, 1994

- Thomas, Lesley, Why smacking is a hit again, on alleged new support for parental CP, UK, 2008

- Tibbetts, Arn, The Bottom Line on Spanking Kids, support for parental CP, USA, 1992

- Trew, Delbert, Razor strop helped develop nation's children, parental punishments recalled, USA, 2001

- Tumlinson, J. Kevin, There's no 'pop' culture anymore, laments collapse of discipline in US schools and remarkably rapid change in attitudes to CP, 2003

- Venus, Wesley, Children still need old-fashioned spankings, USA, 1999

- Vessels, Rodney Jay, The state oversteps its bounds in how parents discipline children, USA, 2008

- Vijayan, K.C., It is time to set information free from Singapore's prisons, calls for greater government transparency in such matters as the number of canings being inflicted, 2003

- Vorhaus, John, A fair price to pay, argument for restoring judicial corporal punishment, UK, 1998

- Warigi, Gitau, The Cane and Shoddy Management In Schools, caning ban was badly handled, sent wrong signal, Kenya, 2001

- Watson, Peter, Corporal punishment still has a place in today's society, USA, 2003

- Whalum, Kenneth T. Jr, Preserve the paddle, Spanking deters misbehavior, USA, 2012 (with video clip)

- Whitaker, Burns, Parents shouldn't strike while the ire is hot, on need for care when punishing offspring, USA, 1997

- Will, George F., The Sting of Shame, approving introduction of judicial spanking, USA, 1996

- Willard, Michael, Role models deserve recognition, gratitude for schoolteachers despite paddlings received, USA, 2001

- Williams, Walter, Saving the nation's youth, whipped children were more civilized, USA, 1999

- Wilson, Juliet, Law smacks of nanny nonsense, against proposal to outlaw parental spanking, UK, 2003

- Wooten, Frank, Faint-hearted public's major confusion outranks corporal punishment, USA, 2001

- Wong Chun Wai, It's time for teachers to take out the cane again, Malaysia, 1998

- Wright, Guy, Ridicule as a Weapon Against Rowdy Youth, on US courtroom spankings, 1962

- Yourth, Tamara, Hand Of Discipline, on a mother's dilemma: to spank or not to spank?, Canada, 2002

- Zeringue, Jeff, Make spanking decision locally, opposing attempts to ban school CP at federal level, USA, 2011

Over the knee, see Spanking/smacking

Paddling in Canadian (private) schools

- At the three St John's boarding schools, illustrated feature article (with video clips)

Paddling in US schools

See also:
- Corporal punishment in US schools: External links
- US school paddling: An illustrated overview (includes paddling statistics by state)
- Abolition of school corporal punishment, district by district

The following is a very small fraction of all the items on this topic. For more, see The Archive, choose a year or group of years, and look under "United States/Schools" for each month.

- Alabama: new law encourages teachers to paddle students, 1995

- black male students punished most, says nationwide survey, news report, 1988

- case law: Ingraham v. Wright, Supreme Court upholds paddling, 1977, legal analysis

- daily occurrence for minor offences in Tennessee schools, news report, 1986

- educators line up on both sides of the paddling debate, Pennsylvania, 1986

- external links to various case law reports and legal analysis

- external links to various websites about US school corporal punishment

- eyewitness account of Texas school paddling in principal's office, 1991

- Florida Senate committee refuses paddling ban, 1994

- is paddling on its way back? practice in different states compared, article, 1995

- legislation: extracts from State laws in certain states which allow paddling

- links to present-day school regulations or handbooks of some schools which say they use the paddle

- magazine editorial on Ingraham v. Wright, 1977

- map of paddling statistics by state, 2006-07

- New York State moves towards paddling ban, 1982

- North Carolina former student testifies to Senate hearing about her paddling, 1984

- overview of US paddling as seen from abroad, magazine article, 1984

- paddling as standard punishment in Texas high school football, newspaper article, 1983

- paddling of girls, see female recipients

- paddling thrives in America's classrooms, magazine article, 1975

- parents in Virginia win right to exempt their kids from paddling, 1982

- part of black culture, cited as reason for not abolishing in Dallas, 2003

- photographs of paddles, see picture index

- proposals to reinstate paddling in California unsuccessful in 1995 and again in 1996

- protest over a principal's paddling of senior boys, Tennessee, illustrated news reports, 1959

- sample school district regulations in 1963

- sample school district regulations in 1981

- spare the rod, save your hide: Mike Royko column, 1987

- statistics, Alabama: paddling figures for various schools, 2002

- statistics, Alabama: paddling figures for schools in Montgomery, 2005

- statistics, Alabama: paddling figures for various schools, 2007

- statistics, Alabama: 307 paddlings in Madison County in 2010-11 school year

- statistics, Alabama: paddling figures for various schools, 2011

- statistics, Arkansas: paddlings 16% down over three years from 2000/01 to 2003/04

- statistics, Arkansas: paddling figures for various counties, 2005/06, and for the whole state in 2003/04, 2004/05 and 2005/06

- statistics, Florida: 16,750 paddlings in Dade County in 1980, an increase of 27%

- statistics, Florida: paddling figures for various districts, 1985

- statistics, Florida: paddlings 60% down in Indian River County, 1990

- statistics, Florida: paddling figures for various districts, 2002

- statistics, Florida: high levels of paddling in Duval County, 2004

- statistics, Florida: paddling statistics over several years in Suwannee County, 2014 New!

- statistics, Georgia: paddling figures for various districts, 2006

- statistics, Georgia: paddling figures for various districts, 2010-11

- statistics, Georgia: about 22,000 students paddled in school year 2010-11

- statistics, Indiana: 10,962 students paddled in 1976

- statistics, Kentucky: paddling figures for various districts, 2004

- statistics, Kentucky: paddling figures for various districts, 2006

- statistics, Kentucky: paddling figures for various districts, 2007-2010

- statistics, Mississippi: paddling figures for various districts, 2006-07

- statistics, Mississippi: paddling figures for various districts, 2009-11

- statistics, Mississippi: 2,010 paddlings in DeSoto County in a recent year, reported in 2006

- statistics, Mississippi: 1,184 paddlings in Rankin County in school year 2006-07

- statistics, Mississippi: paddlings increase from 47,727 in 2006-07 to 57,953 in 2008-09

- statistics, Missouri: CP figures for schools in Kansas City in 1887 compared with 1930

- statistics, North Carolina: paddling figures for various districts, 2002-2004

- statistics, North Carolina: paddling figures for various districts, 2005-06

- statistics, North Carolina: paddling figures for various districts, 2008-09

- statistics, North Carolina: paddling figures for Columbus County, 2010-11

- statistics, North Carolina: paddling figures for McDowell County, 2010-11

- statistics, North Carolina: paddling figures for Robeson County, 2010-11

- statistics, North Carolina: 404 students paddled in school year 2010-11

- statistics, Ohio: CP largely a rural phenomenon, 2003

- statistics, Ohio: paddling figures for various districts, 2000-2004

- statistics, Ohio: paddling figures for various districts, 2004-2006

- statistics, Ohio: paddling figures for various districts, 2004-2007

- statistics, Ohio: paddling figures for various districts, 2006-2007

- statistics, Oklahoma: paddling figures for various districts, 1993

- statistics, South Carolina: paddling figures for various districts, 2009-10

- statistics, Texas: 10,225 paddlings in Dallas in 1973-74, down from 26,000 the previous year

- statistics: latest figures show steady fall, 1996

- swats option for tardy students, new policy at a Texas high school, 1998

- swing back towards paddling in Southern states, newspaper article, 1995

- unsuccessful legislative attempt at abolition in Florida, 1994

- unsuccessful legislative attempt at abolition in Missouri, 1995

Paddling in US colleges and universities

- introduced for college boys and girls for public misbehaviour, Northwestern University, 1922

- upheld by vote of student body as public punishment for breaking campus rules, Missouri University, 1920

Parental corporal punishment, see Spanking/smacking

Punishment book extracts

- a junior school in Durham, UK, 1902

- a junior school in Portsmouth, UK, 1930-1956

- a school in Exeter, UK, c.1904

- details leaked of punishment book at a Merseyside secondary school, UK, 1981

- statistics from, London Borough of Croydon, first in UK to be published, 1977

- statistics from, North Tyneside, UK, 1983

- statistics from, Toronto, Canada, 1969-1970

Reintroduction of corporal punishment following abolition

- in Botswana schools, said to be reintroduced 2004 (though it's not clear when or if it had really been abolished)

- in South Korean schools, abolished 1998, reintroduced 1999, restoration confirmed by Education Ministry 2002

- in Thailand schools, abolished 2000, reintroduced 2002, later abolished again

- school caning in Ondo, Nigeria, reintroduced 2000

- school paddling in Brownwood, Texas, abolished 1996, reintroduced 2004

- school paddling in Duncan, Oklahoma, abolished c.1992, reintroduced 1996

- school paddling in Hitchcock, Texas, abolished 2002, reintroduced 2011

- school paddling in Kentucky, abolished 1991, reintroduced 1992

- school paddling in Los Angeles, abolished 1975, reintroduced 1980, abolished again 1984

- school paddling in Marion County, Florida, abolished 2010, reintroduced 2013 (for elementary level only)

- school paddling in Mexia, Texas, abolished 2003, reintroduced 2009

- school paddling in Northampton County, N. Carolina, reintroduced 2003

- school paddling in Ozark City, Alabama, abolished 1997, reintroduced 2011

- school paddling in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, reintroduced 2004

- school paddling in Tecumseh, Oklahoma, abolished early 1990s, reintroduced 2003

- school paddling in Temple, Texas, abolished c.2003, reintroduced 2009

- school paddling in Wolf Creek School District, Ohio, abolished 1994, reintroduced 2000

- unsuccessful legislative attempts at, judicial CP in UK, 1953, 1982

- unsuccessful legislative attempts at, judicial CP in New York State, USA, 1895

- unsuccessful legislative attempts at, prison flogging in Texas, USA, 1991

- unsuccessful legislative attempts at, school paddling in California, USA, 1995, 1996

- unsuccessful legislative attempts at, school paddling in Montana, USA, 1997

- unsuccessful legislative attempts at, school CP in New Jersey, USA, 1894

- unsuccessful legislative attempts at, school paddling in Oregon, USA, 1999

- unsuccessful legislative attempts at, state school CP in United Kingdom, 1997

Rotan, see Cane/judicial/Malaysia and Cane/judicial/Singapore

Spanking/smacking (domestic/parental)

- as pictured in newspaper and magazine advertising, illustrated feature

- bid to outlaw it fails in Parliament, UK, 2004

- campaign to outlaw parental spanking, Australia, 2002

- Canadian Supreme Court declines to outlaw it, 2004

- critics prepare challenge to spanking, Canada, 1998

- court in Ontario upholds existing law, Canada, 2002

- court upholds parental smacking, Switzerland, 2003

- European nations increasingly outlawing parental spanking, 2000

- experts are wrong on spanking, says columnist, USA, 1998

- father convicted of assault for smacking daughter, UK, 1999

- French parents not about to give up spanking, 2002

- government considers anti-spanking law, Germany, 1998

- government rejects UN pressure to ban spanking, Australia, 2010

- jury clears mother of assault charge after she caned boy, New Zealand, 2005

- law on spanking would be counter-productive intrusion by the state, newspaper editorial, UK, 2001

- man jailed for spanking stepsons, UK, 2001

- neighbour accused of spanking boy, USA, 1998

- new law makes clear that parents may spank their kids, Nevada, USA, 1999

- new law makes clear that parents may spank their kids, Texas, USA, 2005

- "no-spanking zone" plan fails in Oakland, California, USA, 1999

- parents increasingly being taken to court in several US States for spanking their kids, 1996

- parents to keep right to smack, UK, 1998

- politicians call for smacking ban, UK, 2003

- proposed smacking compromise risks satisfying neither side of the argument, UK, 2004

- Scottish law on parental punishment to be clarified, UK, 2000

- seven out of ten parents smack their children, survey, UK, 2006

- smacking should be illegal, says Commissioner, New Zealand, 1999

- smacking appears to be beneficial according to long-term research study, New Zealand, 2006

- spanking is not unconstitutional, Ontario judge rules, Canada, 2000

- spanking makes a comeback, USA, 2000

- spanking parents may be prosecuted - court ruling, Israel, 2000

- Sweden: spanking ban has not reduced violence, statistics quoted, 2006

- survey: majority favour spanking, USA, 1999

- US jury decides belting over seat of boy's pants is not abuse, 2002

- USA: Successful CEOs were spanked as kids, survey, 2006

- will not be outlawed in England and Wales, 2002

Strap (including Tawse)

- as prison punishment in Mississippi

- as prison punishment in Arkansas still in 1967

- on bare buttocks, judicial and prison punishment for adult men pre-1972, Canada, illustrated feature article

- on bare buttocks, in reformatories, USA (Indiana), 1970

- on bare buttocks, in reformatories, USA (Minnesota), 1911

- on bare buttocks, in reformatories, USA (Virginia), c.1940

- on hands, in school, Bermuda, three boys strapped in front of whole school, press report, 1998

- on hands, in school, Bermuda, parental complaint, press report, 2005

- on hands, in school, Canada, abolished in Toronto 1971

- on hands, in school, Canada, press report, 2000

- on hands, in school, Canada, controversy over its use in one Alberta district

- on hands, in school, Scotland, illustrated feature article

- on hands, in school, Scotland, 9-minute TV report, 1978

- on hands, in school, Scotland, manufacturer still in business, 1996

- on trousers seat, in reformatories, USA (Ohio), 1931

- on trousers seat, in reformatories, USA (Tennessee), c.1940

- on trousers seat, in reformatories, USA (Washington State), c.1940

Tawse, see Strap

Unofficial judicial CP

- Bangladesh, public flogging by village court for adultery, 1987

- Colombia, tribal public flogging, 2000

- Ecuador, women publicly whipped with nettles by villagers, 2003

- India, summary public flogging ordered by village 'panchayat', 2004

- Nepal, public thrashings by kangaroo courts in rural areas, 2004

- Pakistan, public flogging of criminals by religious scholars in tribal areas, pictured, 1992

- South Africa, floggings by Mapogo and similar vigilante groups, 2001

- United States, 'spanking judge' visits homes with paddle at parents' request, Texas, 2003

- United States, teenage youths allegedly paddled at Chicago police station, 2004

- United States, teen boys given formal paddlings as part of police-operated juvenile diversion program, Ohio, 2004

Women, see Female recipients

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