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Archive - 1648 to 1975

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Australia/Judicial - November 1824
Police Office News.
"100 lashes on his breech" for burglar

Australia/Judicial - May 1834 New!
Hobart Town Police Report.
Several court sentences of "lashes on the breech"

Australia/Illicit - July 1849
Flogging Females On Board The "Ramilies".
Three young women passengers whipped by ship's surgeon

Australia/Prisons - February 1865
Corporal Punishment at the Gaol.
Boy, 14, receives 12 strokes of the birch for abusive language in prison

Australia/Judicial - September 1883
The Flogging.
NSW punishment with cat-o'-nine-tails is described

Australia/Judicial - January 1884
Flogging in Sydney.
Method of punishment is criticised

Well Deserved Flogging.
Another eye-witness description of JCP with the cat

Australia/Judicial - February 1884
The Recent Assault at West Maitland: Three of the Prisoners Flogged
Strap for two teen youths, cat for a third; NSW punishments described in detail

Australia/Prisons - February 1884
How to Flog
Medics recommend more severe floggings

Australia/Judicial - March 1884
A Prisoner Whipped in Maitland Gaol
Eyewitness description of strapping of NSW 16-year-old

Australia/Judicial - September 1886
Birching Juvenile Offenders
Victoria youth, 19, receives 25 strokes for indecency offence

Australia/Judicial - June 1889
Launceston. A Criminal Sittings of the Supreme Court was opened this morning ...
Tasmanian boy, 16, is sentenced to two 15-stroke canings for assaulting girl

Launceston. No subject has been a more universal source of criticism than the sentence ...
First of two whippings is described; condemned as not severe enough

Australia/Judicial - July 1889
The Whipping of Prisoner Burr.
16-year-old's 15-stroke caning in Tasmania is defended by authorities

Australia/Judicial - December 1889
Launceston. On Saturday, Charles Burr received the second of the two floggings ...
Teenager gets another 15 strokes of the cane from sentence six months previously

Australia/Judicial - March 1892
The Lash at Pentridge.
Four floggings with the cat and one juvenile birching in Victoria

Australia/Judicial - October 1898
A Birching.
Five strokes for "using disgusting language" in Tasmania

Australia/Judicial - June 1899
Charge Against a Constable.
Punishment Under the Crimes Act.
Police refuse to administer birchings

Australia/Judicial - October 1902
A Birching at Pentridge.
Boy, 15, receives 20 strokes for offence upon girl

Birching at Pentridge.
His second and final instalment of 20 strokes is administered

Australia/Judicial - August 1903
A Lad Birched.
20-stroke birching reduced to 15 strokes on appeal

Australia/Judicial - June 1907
A Degrading Punishment.
Description of the birching of six boys age 11 to 14 for shopbreaking

Australia/Judicial - October 1909
Three youths birched.
Robbers are ordered ten strokes each

Australia/Judicial - November 1909
Floggings at Pentridge.
Robbers get jail and CP

Australia/Schools - May 1912
Caning in School.
Adelaide teacher says dare not use CP on insolent pupils because the authorities uphold complaining parents

Australia/Schools - September 1912
Caning a School Boy.
Court upholds parent's objection to caning on the hands

Australia/Schools - December 1912
Caning a Cadet.
Boy gets a public caning at Sydney Grammar School

Australia/Schools - April 1913
Maintaining Discipline. Schoolboy's Punishment.
Teacher acquitted on assault charge after strapping boy, 11

Australia/Schools - December 1917
State Schools. Strap Instead of Cane.
Proposal for change of implement in Queensland schools

Australia/Navy - April 1919
Caning in the Navy. Severe chastisement alleged.
Fuss over boys' training-ship punishments

Australia/Navy - May 1919
Caning on the Tingira.
Caning in the Navy. Details of punishments on training ships are revealed

Australia/Schools - April 1921
The School Cane. Use in Queensland. Retention Favoured.
Most school heads use the cane, and want to keep it

Australia/Judicial - May 1922
A Serious Offence. Birch to be Administered.
21-year-old is ordered to receive 15 strokes for offence concerning young girl

Australia/Judicial - March 1923
Youth Convicted of Assault. Judge Suggests Birching.
Father ordered to give his 17-year-old son 10 strokes at the police station

Australia/Judicial - July 1924
Youthful Desperado. Imprisonment and Birching.
12 strokes for robber, 17

Australia/Judicial - July 1925
Two Youths to be Whipped.
Birchings for boys aged 16 and 18

Australia/Judicial - November 1926
Prisoners Sentenced. Twelve Months and Birch for Violent Robbery.
22-year-old "brute" ordered to receive ten strokes

Australia/Judicial - August 1928
Flagellator Wanted. Boy Awaits a Birching.
15-year-old sentenced to the birch, but no official to administer it; a woman offers her services

Australia/Judicial - November 1928
A Boy's Flogging. Who Will Administer Court's Order?
Burglar, 17, ordered to receive ten strokes of the birch

Australia/Judicial - August 1929
Youth to Receive Birching.
17-year-old sentenced to 12 strokes for sexual offence

Australia/Schools - April 1930
School punishment.
Headmaster exonerated over caning of boy, 14

Australia/Judicial - August 1930
Whipping ordered
Youth of 20 birched for indecent assault

Australia/Judicial - May 1931
Gaol and Lash. Sentence on Youths for Melbourne Murder.
Two ordered to receive five birchings of 20 strokes each within first month of prison term

Australia/Judicial - April 1932
Whippings arranged for wayward youths.
17-year-old gets nine strokes of the cane on his bare buttocks

Australia/Schools - October 1932
Improved Spanking
Invention of school spanking machine is alleged

Australia/Schools - June 1934
Use of cane in school
New regulations in Queensland ban CP for schoolgirls

Australia/Judicial - July 1934
Cairns Circuit Court.
"20 strokes with a leather strop on the bare buttocks" for assault on young girl

Australia/Judicial - April 1936
Whipping For Boys
Magistrate orders juvenile offender to watch others being birched

Australia/Judicial - November 1938
Birching for Youth
"Young blackguard", 19, sentenced to six strokes for offence against girl

Australia/Judicial - December 1938
Judge Orders Birching
Four young robbers get jail sentences plus 10 strokes of the birch each

Australia/Judicial - September 1939
Young Housebreaker Birched
"Very good birching" of 17-year-old by his father, in presence of police officer, is accepted by court

Australia/Schools - May 1941
Candid Caning (illustrated)
A housemaster's caning is secretly photographed

Australia/Illicit - June 1942
Melbourne Girls Spanked by U.S. Police.
"Hundreds watch approvingly" their punishment at railway station

Australia/Navy - November 1944
Naval Cadets Beaten With Shoe, Not Birch, Minister Admits
A whole class of cadets gets the slipper

Australia/Judicial - October 1954
Armed Thieves Ordered a Flogging
Two men may get the 'cat'
Twelve strokes each for armed robbers

Australia/Judicial - December 1954
Lashing for armed thief
Appeal against 12-stroke whipping is rejected

Australia/Schools - July 1955
Adults say 'No' to caning
But a boy says 'Yes'

Australia/Schools - October 1955
Schoolgirls "spanked"
Mother complains girls were made to bend over and lift tunics for school whacks

Australia/Judicial - January 1956
Fathers To Punish Boys
Parents cane boys in front of detectives
Boy Is Sorry Now: Thrashing By Father After Court Order (illustrated)
16-year-olds are ordered six strokes of the cane by magistrate, pictured

Australia/Judicial - February 1956
To Be Whipped
18-year-old is ordered 10 strokes and three years for rape

Australia/Judicial - March 1956
Father To Punish Son
Punishing will be secret
17-year-old thief to be punished in presence of police sergeant

Australia/Schools - March 1956
Stir Over School Beating (illustrated)
Caning only as last resort
13-year-old boy, pictured, beaten in class

Australia/Judicial - April 1956
Thrashing For Boy
Court orders 10 strokes of cane for 16-year-old after indecent assault of child

Australia/Domestic - May 1956
The cane's the thing
17-year-old purported recipient of paternal caning says it worked

Australia/Judicial - May 1956
Vicious juveniles 'should be caned'
"Old-fashioned Remedy": Boys get the cane
Cane urged for young offenders
Youths whipped (illustrated)
Boys, 15 and 17, punished under supervision of policeman, pictured arriving with cane

Australia/Judicial - February 1957
Adelaide youth birched
15 strokes for 15-year-old in first juvenile birching for many years

Australia/Judicial - November 1957
Two Criminals To Be Whipped
Twelve lashes each with cat-o'-nine-tails

Australia/Schools - June 1959
Only one says he'd strap schoolgirls
Spare the rod?
Girls don't get strap in Victoria but some think they should

Australia/Schools - December 1959
S.A. Attitude on Caning
CP is fine as a last resort in certain cases, says education official

Australia/Judicial - February 1960
Two Boys To Be Whipped
Eight and five strokes of the cane for offenders aged 15 and 13 respectively

Australia/Judicial - March 1961
Vandals to be whipped
Two boys aged 14 and 15 sentenced to ten strokes of the cane each

Australia/Judicial - September 1961
Boy, 14, to be caned
Seven strokes in the presence of a policeman; another boy already strapped

Australia/Judicial - July 1962
Birching Sentence of Youth Upheld
12 strokes for 19-year-old who had sex with girl, 14

Australia/Schools - August 1962
South Australia view on use of cane
Headmasters explain their CP policies

Australia/Domestic - July 1966
Use the cane on teenage daughters
I caned my 17-year-old on the bare bottom, claims alleged mother

Australia/Schools - November 1966
Teacher mustn't use a cane
Victoria rules are quoted: only strap on hands and only for boys

Australia/Schools - June 1969
Flogged, says boy
Boy refuses to hold out hands, caned on buttocks instead

Australia/Schools - October 1971
Caned boy sues schoolteacher (illustrated)
Student, 15, pictured, had sore and bruised buttocks after punishment for bullying

Australia/Schools - November 1971
Caning of boy was justified, says judge
"Boys who are caned must expect to have pain", court holds

Australia/Schools - February 1974
Caning can be enjoyable: teacher
He likes to punish bullies and thieves, and it is necessary, he says


Austria/Judicial - February 1852
Austria. (From our own correspondent.)
"Stripes with a rod" sentence for dissidents


Cameroon/Judicial - October 1894
The Flogging Scandal In The Cameroons.
Women stripped and flogged under German colonial rule


Canada/Reformatories - March 1912
Die Rather Than Face "Paddle" Strap
Fuss about CP at an industrial school

Canada/Judicial - March 1927
If Parents Lose Control of Child They Lose Status
Judge sentences 17-year-old to reformatory plus two five-stroke strappings for robbery with violence

Canada/Judicial - August 1932 New!
Get Ten Straps And Prison Term As Mother Sobs
Court orders corporal punishment for three young robbers

Canada/Judicial - November 1933
Boy Sentenced to Strap
Extortionist, 15, is sentenced to 10 strokes

Canada/Judicial - January 1937
Strappings Ordered
10 strokes each plus jail for two teen robbers

Canada/Judicial - January 1945
Spanked his wife by Court order -- she's been good ever since
Magistrate sentences woman to spanking by husband for drunkenness

Canada/Judicial - November 1945
To Strap Two Youths
Boys aged 19 and 17 get 12 and 8 strokes respectively for gross indecency

Canada/Prisons - July 1948
MPP, Penologist Urge Abolishment of Strap For Female Prisoners
Riot at women's reformatory leads to strokes on buttocks for ringleaders

Canada/Schools - July 1948
Punishment 'Excessive,' Teacher is Convicted
Student, 15, was bent over desk and strapped on buttocks after refusing to hold out hand

Canada/Judicial - August 1949
'Against it,' but both Dads agree to Whip their Sons (illustrated)
Rod Breaks As Boy Gets Court-Ordered 10 Blows
Second Youth to get Lath Strokes Today
Magistrate orders fathers of boys aged 14 and 17, pictured, to administer paddlings under police supervision, for stealing beer

Canada/Judicial - January 1950
Terms, Straps, Given Burford Bank Robbers
Jail and strapping for four youths

Canada/Prisons - July 1952
One Word From Guelph Head Stops Riot Tear Gas Couldn't
Molly-coddling, No Strap, Cause Of Riot - Guards
"Sheer Vandalism" -- Frost
Screams, Groans Are Heard
Men Collapse From Blistering Heat In Prison Yard (illustrated)
Charge 121 Men In Guelph Riots
Strap 50 Riot Ringleaders, Move Them To Nipissing
Mass riot caused by insufficient CP, say staff; 50 ringleaders flogged

Canada/Prisons - October 1952
Soggy Finish Marks Riot By Prisoners
"Smarting backsides" outcome for several ringleaders

Discipline Defers Riot At Don Jail
Deputy minister says strapping of six prisoners prevented a riot

Canada/Judicial - November 1952
Whipping, 7 Years For 5 Dope Peddlers (illustrated)
Paddle strokes ordered for young gangsters, pictured

Canada/Judicial - January 1956
Order Paddle For 3 Youths In Sex Attack
12 strokes of paddle each after assault on girl

Canada/Judicial - July 1956
Abolish Corporal Punishment Sentence, Probe Recommends
But parliamentary committee says strapping should be retained for prison discipline

Canada/Schools - January 1958
Spot Strapping
Teachers in Winnipeg given authority to strap unruly students on the spot

Canada/Judicial - February 1964
10 Years, Paddle Given Two Bandits
10 strokes each for teen bank robbers

Canada/Judicial - August 1964
Court Orders Strapping For Youths
Two robbers "paled visibly" when sentenced to eight strokes each

Canada/Judicial - February 1965
25 years, strap for Levesque
24-year-old given 15 strokes after rape and robbery

Canada/Schools - July 1971
Toronto abolishes the strap
Board overrides Director of Education, teachers' unions


Cyprus/Judicial - December 1955
The whip is ordered in terror island
Boys whipped in Cyprus
First caning sentence under new emergency laws

With Rod & Gun
"Rioting schoolboys" to be punished with cane, birch or rod

Cyprus/Judicial - January 1956
Mothers weep at caning sentences
Pupils protest to Governor
To be caned on Friday
First canings
Schoolboys sentenced for unlawful assembly under new emergency regulations

Cyprus/Judicial - March 1956
Cypriot youth gets the cane
12 strokes for 16-year-old

Cyprus/Judicial - June 1956
Whipping of youths - Official figures
91 boys caned in seven months

Cyprus/Judicial - July 1956
News from Paphos
Two teen boys get 10 strokes of cane

flag EGYPT

Egypt/Judicial - January 1955
Food Ramp Flogging
Black marketeer publicly flogged

flag FIJI

Fiji/Judicial - August 1974
Six of the best
Magistrate orders birching and jail for 19-year-old rapist


France/Judicial - September 1910
All Paris is discussing the Apache problem.
Whipping being considered to deal with outbreak of violent crime


Germany/Navy - June 1903
The German Mercantile Marine.
Ships' captains may inflict CP on seamen who repeatedly disobey orders

Germany/Domestic - April 1964 New!
German Professor Suggests Wider Use of Birching Rods
85% of German fathers cane their sons on the backside, according to survey

Germany/Schools - September 1968
Eltern wollen Strenge Lehrer [Parents want strict teachers] (illustrated)
Schoolteacher carries on caning, parents support him; picture shows classroom CP in progress

Germany/Schools - July 1970
Der letzte Knüppel hat ausgedient [The last cane has had its day] (illustrated)
Bavaria's last school cane, pictured, is installed in museum; boy, 11, pictured, pretends to be caned with it


Guernsey/Judicial - September 1930
Thefts from and damage to motor-cars
Ten strokes of the birch for 16-year-old

Guernsey/Judicial - July 1968
Eight strokes of the birch
Boy, 16, describes his punishment

Guernsey/Judicial - June 1971
Sharp sentence
Eight strokes of the birch for youth, 18, for traffic violations, disorderly behaviour and resisting arrest


Grenada/Prisons - January 1902
Political Notes.
New rules for flogging with cat and birch


Guyana/Judicial - October 1946
Robbery with violence: Justice imposes severe punishment
Seven years and 12 strokes each for two in their 30s


Hong Kong/Judicial - April 1951
Amah Tied Up And Threatened At Point Of Knife: Six Years For Robber
12 strokes of the cane after ransacking of flat

Stole From Baby
Two years' jail and 10 strokes of the cane for 34-year-old

Eight Years For Robber
Culprit, 36, sent to prison for 8 years and ordered to receive 12 strokes of the cane

Hong Kong/Judicial - July 1951
Woman's struggle with thief
27-year-old given 6 months prison, 8 strokes of cane, banished from territory

Seven years for robber -- Lost shoes in attempt to escape
30-year-old gets 12 strokes of cane for botched attack on taxi driver

Hong Kong/Judicial - September 1951
Stole Water Cistern Valves
Electrician, 19, gets 10 strokes of cane

Hong Kong/Judicial - October 1951
Prison and Cane: Snatcher With Police Record Convicted
Six strokes for 18-year-old

Hong Kong/Judicial - November 1951
Young Offender
Boy, 13, ordered to receive eight strokes of the cane for assault on girl

Hong Kong/Judicial - July 1954
Two sailors guilty: Sentence For Robbery Deferred Pending Medical Report
Sailors Sentenced: Three Years, Ten Strokes For Robbery
Teenage British servicemen sentenced to caning after "brutal" attack on innocent passer-by

Gaol and cane for snatcher
18-year-old gets six strokes for taking earring

"Stupid boy" gaoled: Four Years And Cane
12 strokes for man who slashed woman with razor blade

Cane for Hooligan: Magistrate May Award Corporal Punishment
19-year-old's appeal against 12-stroke sentence is dismissed

Hong Kong/Judicial - September 1954
Sailors Win Appeal: Prison Sentences Quashed But Caning To Be Carried Out
"Sentence of corporal punishment will be carried out forthwith" on two 19-year-olds

Hong Kong/Judicial - January 1955
'Stop flogging our call-up boys'
Protest at judicial canings of young British servicemen stationed in Hong Kong and Singapore

flag INDIA

India/Judicial - September 1871
Controversy over flogging of natives

India/Judicial - November 1931
Flogging in Kashmir
Punishment ordered by Maharaja

India/Judicial - February 1932
Corporal Punishment.
Question in Parliament about 14-year-old sentenced to caning

India/Judicial - March 1932
Corporal punishment of boys
Boys flogged for political offences

India/Judicial - April 1961
He found a touch of the cane worked wonders
Former Bombay police official recalls efficacy of JCP in 1940s

flag IRAN (formerly PERSIA)

Iran/Judicial - June 1956
Flogging for over-charging
Greengrocer gets 50 lashes from mobile "cucumber court"


Ireland/Schools - August 1937
School Punishments
Readers discuss alleged CP of senior boarding school girls

Ireland/Judicial - October 1943
Four boys to be whipped -- One of them twice
Court orders "fairly heavy" birching for culprits aged 11 to 13

Ireland/Schools - June 1968
School Cane Use Remains Sore Subject
Rules changed to extend CP to the posterior


Isle of Man/Judicial - April 1948
Boy Burglars' Daring Exploits: Magistrates Decide to Restore the Birch
Six strokes each for three teens

Isle of Man/Judicial - August 1956
Caught the Boat Feeling Sore
Immediate birching for two visiting Liverpool youths who stole

Isle of Man/Judicial - October 1956
Youth Gets 6 Strokes of Birch
Plus 12 months' hard labour for 18-year-old robber

Isle of Man/Judicial - January 1958
Nine Strokes of the Birch: Youth Learns That Crime Does Not Pay
Runaway boy, 15, stole goods from boarding-house

Isle of Man/Judicial - September 1961
Birching isle says the tough way's best
Day-tripper gets 8 strokes and 6 months for drunken brawl

Isle of Man/Judicial - June 1962
Youth Is Birched For Assault
16-year-old cabin steward given six strokes after "gang warfare" punch-up

Isle of Man/Judicial - August 1962
Birch - and the Cane: Liverpool Boys in Court
Two stealing teen boys receive immediate corporal punishment

Isle of Man/Judicial - June 1964
Birched In I.O.M. After Grab Raid, Then Put on Boat
Court orders publication of three Liverpool juvenile robbers' names

Isle of Man/Judicial - July 1965
Birch Them! Sentence on 4 Scots
The lady in my bus queue -- and the birch
Shock for the bold bullies
Britain Should Use the Birch, Says Governor (illustrated)
Four 19-year-olds given 9 strokes each; resulting weals are pictured

Isle of Man/Judicial - February 1966
Caning for liars
New law says boys who tell lies in court may be ordered to be caned

Isle of Man/Judicial - July 1966
Holiday brawl: Six of birch for weeping Scot
Youth, 17, sentenced after drunken brawl

Isle of Man/Judicial - August 1967
Birch and prison for assault and theft
Boy, 16, gets six strokes plus a month in detention and £10 fine

Isle of Man/Judicial - June 1969
Boys will get 10 lashes of the birch
Two youths, 14 and 15, punished by court for breaching probation order

Isle of Man/Judicial - November 1969
Bill the Bircher: I can't remember anyone coming back for a second dose (illustrated)
Interview with magistrate, pictured, who has ordered 50 birchings

Isle of Man/Judicial - August 1970
Gets a whipping for hugging girl
Youth describes pain in backside and brain after six strokes of the birch

Isle of Man/Schools - February 1973
20 boys caned
Canings unfair say parents
Parents of Caned Boys Petition
Canings backed by Board
'Six of the best' for mass misbehaviour on bus

flag ISRAEL (formerly Palestine)

Palestine/Judicial - December 1935
Jaffa District Court
A 12-stroke birching is ordered for 15-year-old who attempted murder

Palestine/Judicial - April 1939
Life imprisonment for Arab youth
Teenager found of guilty of murder also gets 24 strokes of the birch

Palestine/Judicial - December 1946
Terrorists' threat
Youth sentenced to 18 strokes for bank robbery

Jaffa Bank Robbery
Caning sentences confirmed

Palestine Facts and Basle Theories
Sentence of 18 strokes of the cane is carried out

Jewish Terrorists Kidnap and Flog Four British Soldiers
Reprisal for caning of Zionist terrorist who robbed bank

flag ITALY

Italy/Judicial - June 1851
General Gemeau's panic has been momentarily calmed ...
"Fifty blows of the stick" under Austrian rule


Jamaica/Prisons - April 1888
An Hour Among the Colored Convicts. A Novel Whipping Machine
Prison superintendent "knew of a part of the body that would stand a good flogging", devises contraption over which offenders are bent for punishment

Jamaica/Judicial - September 1901
Flogging in Jamaica.
Confusion over proposed new JCP laws

Jamaica/Judicial - April 1945
Switch for Ganja
Twelve strokes ordered for 15-year-old caught with drug

Jamaica/Judicial - October 1949
Tamarind Switch For Boy, 13, Who Wounds Sister
Court orders ten strokes

Jamaica/Judicial - February 1952
Teenagers' 'too heavy' sentence reduced
12-stroke tamarind switchings reduced to six strokes and jail sentences quashed

Jamaica/Judicial - April 1952
Lucea Court cases
Two men are ordered strokes with tamarind switch for larceny

Jamaica/Judicial - August 1953
Tamarind switch for banana theft
Court orders nine strokes

Jamaica/Judicial - July 1957
Sentence varied in rape case
On appeal, rapist youth gets 12 strokes of tamarind switch instead of flogging with cat

Jamaica/Judicial - October 1958
Two get year, switching for theft
Court orders twelve strokes each of the tamarind switch

Jamaica/Judicial - January 1959
Constable gets 12 strokes for sex offence
Tamarind switch sentence for 19-year-old

Jamaica/Judicial - November 1963
Bound over, ordered whipped for sex offence
Abuser of girl is ordered to attend police station to receive a 12-stroke switching

Jamaica/Judicial - June 1965
Imprisonment, switching for sex offence
17-year-old is sentenced to 12 strokes of the tamarind switch

Jamaica/Judicial - February 1966
Jailed for larceny from person
Plus six strokes of the tamarind switch for labourer, 18

flag JAPAN

Japan/Schools - August 1975
Crazy about Gakureki (illustrated)
Flogging (pictured) at gruelling exam-cramming school


Jersey/Judicial - September 1931
Boy's alleged theft
Court orders the birch
Out-of-control 13-year-old gets eight strokes

Jersey/Judicial - November 1932
Birch for youthful offender
Eight strokes for 16-year-old after series of thefts

Jersey/Judicial - October 1935
Stolen fruit
Boy delinquents get caned by Centenier Hotton

Jersey/Judicial - June 1936
The Boys and the Lasso: Father Consents to Birching
9 strokes forthwith, 9 more suspended, for 17-year-old American

Jersey/Judicial - August 1936
"An accomplished liar" elects to be birched
"Plausible rogue", 26, gets 12 strokes (of which 6 suspended) instead of jail

Jersey/Judicial - June 1938
Birched youth tells how he "branded" his girl (illustrated)
17-year-old is pictured after receiving 12 strokes ordered by court

Jersey/Judicial - May 1939
Judge's Humane Sentence: No Prison, but the Birch
16-year-old thief and forger given 24 strokes, 12 suspended

Jersey/Judicial - December 1939
Birch For Three Youths
Heavy sentences for teens who took cars

Jersey/Judicial - November 1952
Youth of 19 gets birch
12 strokes for vandalising cinema seats

Jersey/Judicial - March 1953
Young thieves to be birched: Headmaster Consulted by Magistrate
Two boys will be birched -- by request
Schoolboys aged 14 and 15 get 12 strokes each for stealing

Jersey/Judicial - May 1954
'Edwardian' Louts Before Police Court
Youth of 18 sentenced to 12 strokes of the birch for inciting others to attack policeman

Jersey/Judicial - March 1955
Birch for Car "Borrower" (with video clip)
Dennis, 16, is birched regardless
Youth gets twelve strokes there and then

Jersey/Judicial - August 1960
Arrived yesterday, Birched this morning, Sailed this afternoon
12 strokes "a sharp lesson" for English ship's crew member, 15

Boy, 15, is birched New!
"I felt a bit sore", he says after punishment is carried out

Jersey/Judicial - August 1962
Birch For Youth Who Hit Frenchman
English youth, 18, ordered to receive eight strokes

Twelve strokes of the birch for London youth
19-year-old handbag-snatcher is "dealt with severely"

Jersey/Judicial - August 1964
Parents did not know of birching (illustrated)
15-year-old shows weals on groin after ineptly administered 12-stroke sentence

Jersey/Judicial - March 1966
Youth sentenced to birching
Six strokes for 16-year-old who assaulted elderly woman

Jersey/Judicial - November 1969
Jersey ends birching
Channel Island abolishes judicial corporal punishment

Jersey/Judicial - September 1973
Former Jersey doctor condemns birching
Describes procedure he had to witness in 1950s

flag KENYA

Kenya/Illicit - December 1948
5ft. 7in., he spanked his 6ft. wife with slipper (illustrated)
Court grants woman, 29, pictured, divorce on grounds of cruelty

Kenya/Judicial - November 1952
Flogging for 3 in Kenya tribe
24 lashes each for three Kikuyu accused of Mau Mau attack

Kenya/Judicial - January 1960
Boys to be caned for gang thefts
Cane for two 15-year-old Europeans: one gets 16 strokes, the other 10

Schoolboys to get 12 strokes for violence
"Bit more severe than headmaster's cane" for boys, 16 and 17

flag KOREA

Korea/Judicial - July 1912
Whipping as a fine art.
Japan as occupying power lays down detailed rules for JCP in Korea


Malaysia/Judicial - January 1905
Flogging in the F.M.S.
Eyewitness describes public punishment of Chinamen

Malaysia/Judicial - June 1920
Thieving youth sentenced to 10 strokes of the cane, administered immediately in court

Malaysia/Judicial - August 1949
15-Year-Old Boy Gets Gaol And Rotan
10 strokes of the cane for housebreaking

Malaysia/Schools - February 1951
No caning for schoolgirls
New rules say only boys may receive CP in school

Malaysia/Judicial - November 1952
Boy, 15, to get the rotan
Supreme Court overturns jail sentence for housebreaker, substitutes eight-stroke caning plus probation

Malaysia/Judicial - January 1956
He Has 'Bad Hands'
Six strokes of rotan for thief, 28

Malaysia/Judicial - April 1956
Cane, jail for 3 who raped widow
Planters ordered to be whipped after gang rape

Wife: 'I prayed and he spared me'
Assize court orders 12 strokes of the rotan for robber

Malaysia/Judicial - November 1956
3 years jail for hatchet youth
22-year-old also gets 10 strokes of the rotan for assault

Malaysia/Judicial - March 1962
Whipping for young thug who stabbed a boy
Gangster, 16, is ordered to receive six strokes of the rotan and sent to reformatory for 3 years

Malaysia/Judicial - March 1973 New!
Mat Solo gets 10 years' jail and rotan for robbery (illustrated)
Six strokes of the cane ordered for 27-year-old, pictured


New Zealand/Judicial - July 1876
A Nice Trio.
Small boys sentenced to whipping for stealing

Flogging in the Gaol.
Whipping of three boys is described

New Zealand/Judicial - February 1877 New!
The flogging of John Mc'Cann and Owen Kane.
Eyewitness account of punishment with the "cat" on upper back

New Zealand/Judicial - May 1879
The Boy Burglars.
Three lads imprisoned and ordered to receive birchings

Report of boys' birchings being carried out

New Zealand/Schools - August 1884
Corporal Punishment in Schools.
Discussion about how to carry out the whipping of schoolboys

New Zealand/Schools - October 1887
School Committee. Corporal Punishment.
Dispute over whether CP may be inflicted by others than head teachers

New Zealand/Schools - February 1890
A Sensational School Incident
Boys attack teacher who caned girls

New Zealand/Schools - September 1896
Locking Up Schools and Thrashing Boys.
Court throws out action against caning schoolteacher

New Zealand/Judicial - January 1900
A Young Highwayman.
Nine strokes with the birch rod for robber aged 12

New Zealand/Judicial - February 1900
An Ashburton Case.
Boy, 16, gets a birching for indecent assault

Industrial School Escapees
Court orders youth birched before being sent back to reformatory

New Zealand/Judicial - April 1900
12-year-old ordered to receive 12 strokes of the birch for stealing

New Zealand/Reformatories - June 1900
The Stoke Industrial School.
Cites regulations requiring a strap to be used for CP

New Zealand/Judicial - November 1900
A Warning to Juvenile Offenders.
15-year-old gets six strokes of the birch for stealing

New Zealand/Judicial - February 1902
Kaitangata Rifles in camp.
12 strokes of the birch for 14-year-old arsonist

New Zealand/Judicial - February 1905
Bad Boys: Misbehaviour of a Band of Thorndon Youths
Five teens who stole money are sentenced to 12 strokes of the birch each, administered immediately

New Zealand/Judicial - May 1909
Prisoners for Sentence.
Boy, 14, raped girl of six

A Young Criminal. Ordered to be Whipped.
A 10-stroke whipping for 14-year-old

New Zealand/Judicial - September 1909
Gang of Ten Against a Boy.
Two teens choose option of a birching instead of paying fine

New Zealand/Judicial - February 1913
The use of the lash.
Newspaper welcomes flogging sentences

New Zealand/Judicial - April 1913
The Juvenile Court.
Letter-writer calls for inquiry into birchings

New Zealand/Judicial - October 1924
Boys Assault Girl: Birch for Fourteen-Year-Olds
Two boys, 14, get 12 strokes each for indecent assault

New Zealand/Schools - December 1929
Headmaster's Appeal Against Dismissal
Aftermath of school strapping incidents

New Zealand/Schools - July 1930
Punishment of Girls. Use of the Strap
Auckland rescinds ban on school CP for girls under 12

New Zealand/Schools - April 1956
"Go and see the Chinese Gentleman"
Reporter visits Christchurch's school cane supplier


Papua New Guinea/Judicial - November 1965
Flogging seen by NSW man
1914 flogging of Germans by Australian troops is recalled

Papua New Guinea/Judicial - March 1966
Public Caning Of 29 Boys
Large crowd watches punishment of "riotous" youths aged 7 to 15


Poland/Schools - November/December 1901
The Prussian Poles.
Polish students caned for refusing religious lessons in German

The Prussian Poles.
Details of 14 students' canings


Russia/Judicial - September 1903
Count Tolstoi and Corporal Punishment.
Flogging of peasants to be abolished

Russia/Military - August 1904
The Birth of the Cesarevitch.
Abolition of CP for certain soldiers


Singapore/Judicial - April 1883
Thief, 10, is ordered ten strokes of a light rattan, administered in police courtyard

Singapore/Judicial - May 1917
Singapore Assizes.
12 strokes with a rattan and three years for thief with a long record

Singapore/Judicial - December 1932
Fines And Rotan For Chinese Schoolboys.
14 teens get caning for joining unlawful demonstration that turned violent

Singapore/Judicial - June 1933
Stole Books. Rotan For 12-Year-Old Schoolboy.
8-stroke sentence in juvenile caning case

Singapore/Judicial - June 1939
Man To Have Second Dose Of The Cane
Ten strokes of the rattan for a recidivist thief

Singapore/Judicial - July 1948
Jail and cane for extortion
Youngster sentenced to 18 months in prison and six strokes of the cane

Singapore/Judicial - September 1953
Caning best cure for opium smoking, says magistrate
Court's regret at being able only to impose fines and not CP

Singapore/Judicial - December 1953
Ratings to be flogged
Sailor-thieves to be caned
Two British sailors get ten strokes of the cane each

Singapore/Judicial - July 1956
Rotan for attacker
10 strokes for armed robber who tried to rape victim

Attacked girl, cane for 'pirate'
Taxi driver gets 8 strokes of rotan and 3 years in jail

Singapore/Schools - October 1956
A bit of discipline is good for boys
Former Raffles prefect recalls canings on bottoms

Singapore/Domestic - December 1956
'Cops' and 'rioters' clash in Chinatown
Twenty lads "soundly tanned" after dangerous street game

Singapore/Judicial - July 1962 New!
The Law On Whipping
Newspaper editorial discusses use of rattan, mandatory for certain crimes

Singapore/Judicial - March 1973
Robber asks for more strokes, shorter jail term
Nine strokes and five years for 19-year-old

Singapore/Judicial - August 1974
Jail, cane for knife man
32-year-old gets six strokes and 4 months for having an offensive weapon

Singapore/Judicial - September 1974
Caning - the most dreaded punishment
Local paper lifts lid on judicial CP

Branding the bad hats for life
Director of Prisons describes caning procedure in detail

Brutal Blow
Editorial questions "barbaric medievalism" of caning

Singapore/Judicial - November 1974
Man who carried a knife after quarrel
Six strokes and 9 months' jail for 29-year-old

Singapore/Judicial - January 1975
Jail and cane
Youth, 17, gets 3 months in jail and six strokes of the rotan for having a dagger

Singapore/Judicial - March 1975
Jail, rotan for drug pusher
Three strokes of the cane for 26-year-old who trafficked in ganja

Singapore/Military - July 1975
Murder charge soldiers can be court-martialled
New legislation provides for corporal punishment of soldiers


South Africa/Judicial - July 1905
The Flogging of Chinamen
Parliamentary fuss about coolies being whipped without court order

South Africa/Schools - August 1953
Six of the best for 196 boys
Mass caning at a school in Natal for walk-out over rugby match

South Africa/Judicial - September 1955
Nine-year-old Housebreaker To Be Caned
He gets two cuts while his 12-year-old partner in crime gets three

Cuts for boy hunter
Three cuts with a light cane for 11-year-old who captured a grysbok in nature reserve

Guilty of Car Theft
European, 27, sentenced to 2½ years' jail and five strokes of the cane

Gaol and Cuts for Theft
20-year-old on housebreaking charge receives six months and six cuts

Alcohol Not Mitigation, Says Judge
Rapist, 23, sent to jail for 7 years and ordered to receive six strokes of the cane

Jail, strokes for car theft
21-year-old European gets five months plus five strokes of the cane

Burglar gets cuts
Five strokes and five months for offender, 21

Gaol And Cuts For Boxer
23-year-old robber receives a sentence of six weeks and five strokes

Denies That Colour is a Factor in Severity of Canings
All races get the same treatment when JCP is administered, says official

Tales of Screams at Canings Are 'Exaggerated'
Older boys yell more than younger ones, says Justice Secretary

City juvenile court impressed her
But visiting magistrate from UK is surprised at use of caning

'Flogging' report started something
Police chief queries inaccurate US press report about South African JCP

South Africa/Judicial - January 1956
Boys are striped for life
Account of juvenile court caning procedure

South Africa/Illicit - May 1956
'Schoolboy' beatings for Springboks training defaulters
Rugby team uses clothes brush for unpunctuality

South Africa/Judicial - April 1959
Caning At Issue In South Africa
But Sentiment is Against Screams of Prisoners, Not the Punishment

South Africa/Judicial - March 1960
Jailed under the Immorality Act
Six strokes for African, 19, after sex with European girl

South Africa/Illicit - August 1961
Alleged caning of African nurses
Eleven student nurses said punished at hospital

South Africa/Judicial - April 1964
Torture men are to be caned
Six strokes each for three white policemen and court clerk

South Africa/Reformatories - March 1972
Caned with their pants down -- while others watched (illustrated)
Boys' home inmates get up to 10 cuts from Salvation Army superintendent, pictured

South Africa/Judicial - August 1973
Dagga: youth gets cuts
Five strokes for drug offender, 19

flag SRI LANKA (formerly CEYLON)

Sri Lanka/Schools - January 1956
Don't spare rod, says Education Director
Impossible to control students without the cane, he asserts

Sri Lanka/Judicial - March 1956
Lashes for molesting girl steno
Six strokes with rattan and 6 months in jail for railway porter

Sri Lanka/Schools - October 1956
'Punishment in school does not always fit the crime'
'Ruthlessness not only way to success'
Readers, purportedly schoolboys, argue over caning


Switzerland/Schools - September 1909
Corporal Punishment in Schools.
New law in Canton Berne prescribes the cane for moral faults, but only for boys

flag TAIWAN (formerly FORMOSA)

Taiwan/Judicial - July 1909
Flogging Criminals.
Caning, for males aged 16-60 only, adopted as substitute for imprisonment


Tanzania/Judicial - June 1964
4 years jail for theft
19-year-old also given 24 strokes

Tanzania/Judicial - April 1965
Clerk gets jail, cane for theft of £60
24 strokes for former public servant

Tanzania/Judicial - July 1965
Mkaanga jailed for four years plus 24 strokes
29-year-old former civil servant sentenced for theft and corruption


Trinidad/Judicial - March 1946
House of Commons
Flogging in Trinidad
London reluctantly agrees to island's request to reintroduce flogging; former Governor is displeased


Uganda/Judicial - December 1960
15 years for gang who attacked man
Two also get 24 lashes each after castrating robbery victim


UK/Schools - May 1648
Then and Now
Undergraduate whipped at Cambridge college

UK/Judicial - May/June 1685
[No headline]
Reports of public whippings in London

UK/Domestic - October 1795
Right of a master to give corporal punishment to his servant
Court holds that severe caning of 'obstinate' servant boy was legal

UK/Schools - October 1801
An insurrection manifested itself ...
Boys in rebellion at Westminster School

UK/Judicial - March 1817
Last Friday a woman ... was flogged through the streets of Inverness ...
Report of one of the last female JCP cases in Scotland

To the Editor of the Inverness Journal.
Letterwriter supports abolition of the public flagellation of females

UK/Schools - April 1817
To the Editor of the Inverness Journal.
"Big kilted fellows of 17 or 18" are hoisted on janitor's back to be flogged at the Academy - but what if the janitor is a good-looking young woman?

UK/Judicial - June 1817
Whipping of women.
Move in Parliament to abolish the public whipping of women

UK/Judicial - September 1822
An Account of the Public Flogging
Man whipped at the cart's tail through the streets of Glasgow

UK/Judicial - December 1822
Surrey Sessions
Whipping of females
Girl thief sentenced to whipping; reader points out that this sentence is illegal

UK/Judicial - June 1829
Yesterday morning, at 11 o'clock, ...
Man is publicly whipped for theft in London

UK/Judicial - March 1831
On Friday morning Samuel Creedy and William Harriman were publicly whipped ...
Report of whipping sentence in London

UK/Judicial - January 1851
The visiting justices of the House of Correction ...
Discussion about prison surgeon to supervise juvenile whippings

UK/Judicial - March 1856
Assaults on women and children
Bill moved in Parliament to increase whipping powers; editorial comment

UK/Judicial - October 1866
Flogging garotters
Three robbers punished in jail; official corrects press report

UK/Judicial - January 1867
Flogging garotters in Leeds Gaol
Description of punishment of two robbers

UK/Judicial - March 1869
Flogging Highwaymen.
First adult JCP in Newcastle prison is described

UK/Judicial - November 1871
Equitable Retaliation.
Eyewitness account of flogging with cat-o'-nine-tails

UK/Judicial - April 1872
Royal Offences - Treason
Very early case in which birch is specifically stipulated -- 20 strokes for 18-year-old who pointed a gun at the Queen

UK/Judicial - April 1878
Flogging in Newgate
Description of punishment of five youths for robbery with violence

UK/Judicial - April 1883
Ignominious punishment for young gentleman
Six stripes with a birch-rod for stabbing

UK/Judicial - March 1886
Boys awarded the birch.
Five lads punished for breaking, entering and stealing

UK/Judicial - April 1886
The Birch for Naughty Boys
Three "respectable-looking" young robbers sentenced to birching; punishment inflicted forthwith

UK/Judicial - May 1886
Criminal assaults.
Boy, 14, gets 15 strokes of the birch

Naughty boys.
Second court birchings for two young thieves

The Criminal Law Amendment Act.
Judge calls for flogging for those who abuse children

UK/Schools - July 1886
Unlimited Stick
London's "Only head teachers may cane" rule is under attack

UK/Judicial - October 1886
The Application of the Birch
Court orders nine strokes for thief aged 13

UK/Judicial - December 1886
Singular Conduct of a Boy.
Breaking-and-entering saga ends with 12 strokes of the birch for boy, 12

UK/Judicial - May 1887
Miscellaneous charges at the Clerkenwell police-court.
Boy, 10, birched for stealing fowls

Robbery by an errand boy.
13-year-old culprit is ordered six strokes with a birch rod

Miscellaneous charges at the Clerkenwell Police-Court
Six-stroke birching for boy, 13, who stole balls from shop

UK/Reformatories - July 1889
Birching a Disobedient Boy.
12 strokes for "ringleader of all the mischief" in an institution

UK/Navy - May 1893
Birches for Midshipmen
Cadets on flagship visiting New York have probably all received CP

UK/Schools - March 1894
"Nature provides special place for boys to be punished on and it should be used", says judge as he fines out-of-control teacher for assault

UK/Navy - May 1897
Life on board a training ship.
"There is caning done on board, one or two every week ..."

UK/Judicial - July 1897
Twelve strokes of the birch for robber, 15

Highway Robbery by Boys at Preston.
Two boys, 11 and 12, birched by court for stealing

A Youthful Thief at Ormskirk.
11-year-old who stole watch receives four strokes of the birch

A Youthful Housebreaker at Garston.
12 strokes for boy robber, 12, who had already been birched before

Watch-snatching in Liverpool.
Robbery with violence brings 18 strokes of the birch for 21-year-old

The birch for robbery with violence.
Judge orders 24 strokes and 18 strokes for two twentysomethings

UK/Navy - October 1897
Roundabout Notes.
24 strokes of the birch each, plus imprisonment then dismissal from the Service, for two boys on ships in the home ports

UK/Navy - May 1899
Deserters Get the Lash.
Two British sailors off Canada, aged 18 and 19, are sentenced to birchings of 12 and 24 strokes respectively

UK/Judicial - March 1900
Youthful Offenders Bill.
House of Lords wants magistrates' birching powers extended in England and Wales

Corporal Punishment.
Report gives flogging statistics for England & Wales

UK/Judicial - April 1900
Youthful Offenders
Corporal Punishment
Parliament debates extension of courts' whipping powers

UK/Schools - April 1900
National Union of Teachers.
"Steady decrease" in CP is claimed, but union says it cannot be banished

UK/Navy - May 1900
General News.
Two boys of HMS Goliath birched and imprisoned for leave-breaking and striking the Captain

UK/Schools - December 1900
The law and the cane.
Court throws out case against teacher for caning boy

UK/Prisons - January 1901
Corporal punishment in gaol.
Birmingham Justices want to be able to flog prisoners without Home Secretary's approval

UK/Judicial - November 1901
Central Criminal Court.
18 strokes of the birch for two robbers aged 20 and 31

UK/Schools - November 1901
London School Board.
Attempt to outlaw CP in infant schools is rejected

UK/Military - May 1902
Birching in the Army.
Grenadier Guards boy illicitly birched for smoking and absence without leave

UK/Domestic - August 1902
Art of caning.
"Give him a good caning", magistrate tells father of boy, 13

UK/Military - February 1903
British Guards Scandal
Subalterns compelled to submit to severe floggings

Grenadier Guards Scandal
More on illicit army floggings

UK/Schools - May 1903
Chastising schoolboys.
A Board School's caning headmaster is exonerated by magistrate

UK/Schools - July 1903
City Education Committee.
Worcester decides to restrict caning to head teachers

UK/Navy - August 1903
The Naval Manoeuvres: Work, Play, and Punishment.
Very rare contemporary eyewitness account of canings of junior seamen

UK/Schools - August 1903
"Impositions". To the Editor of the "Daily Mail".
Caning on the hands a most dangerous habit, says headmaster; if used it should be applied to same part of the body as the birch

UK/Navy - June 1904
Corporal Punishment In The Navy.
An insider discusses the caning, birching and flogging of sailors

UK/Judicial - August 1904
Corporal punishment.
Report to Parliament on whipping statistics

UK/Schools - March 1905
Use of the cane.
New school caning rules in Leeds

UK/Navy - September 1905
Naval Courts-Martial, 1904.
Statistics reported: six boys birched by court-martial and 200 summarily

UK/Schools - October 1905 New!
Birching at Eton.
Disagreement between Old Etonians as to the propriety of elite school's traditional punishment

UK/Schools - January 1907
Manchester Teachers and Corporal Punishment
Teachers object to replacement of cane with tawse

UK/Schools - March 1907
Corporal Punishment. Statement Issued by Mr. Paton
Grammar school headmaster defends his use of the birch

UK/Schools - November 1907
Use of the School Cane. A Principal Exonerated.
He gave two boys six strokes of the cane each; lawsuit against him fails

UK/Schools - April 1908
Schoolboy's cigarette.
Grammar school headmaster offers smoker choice of caning or expulsion

UK/Judicial - September 1908
Boy Chapel-Breakers.
13-year-old is ordered to receive 12 strokes of the birch

UK/Schools - February 1910
Caning in Public Schools.
Judge upholds school in declining to accept boys whose mother will not have them caned

UK/Judicial - April 1910
Boy's Severe Sentence.
Birching plus reformatory for stealing a piece of coal

UK/Schools - June 1910
Caning at Eton. Excessive punishment by older boys.
Headmaster issues new rules following revelation of "gross cruelty"

Caning at Eton. To the Editor
"Etonian" says public is given a false impression: CP system at Eton is "excellent"

UK/Judicial - July 1911
The Cat for Despicable Bullies.
34 strokes each for two violent robbers

UK/Judicial - September 1911
Birch for the Boys
Two 12-year olds get six strokes each after "extraordinary story" of evening out with pony and cart

UK/Schools - January 1912
Equality at Eton.
Boys prefer caning to writing lines; birching still done "in extreme cases"

UK/Schools - April 1914
Teachers' Right to Cane.
National Union of Teachers conference demands caning rights for all teachers irrespective of local regulations

UK/Schools - March 1915
Caning in Public School. Assault Charge Dismissed.
Boy, 16, put on two pairs of trousers for headmaster's punishment

Caning in Public School.
Newspaper prints correction to above report -- caned boy suffered no ill effects, made no complaint

UK/Judicial - August 1917
Bad Boys Birched
Runaway 13-year-olds receive JCP for theft

UK/Judicial - August 1918
Rod and Gum
Four lads birched for stealing

UK/Schools - May 1919
A Schoolgirl's Caning.
Headmistress fined after punishment deemed excessive

UK/Judicial - April 1920
Johnstone Boys and a Humane Killer: 80 Shots Fired
Scottish court orders 10 stripes of the birch for youth

UK/Schools - June 1920
A School Girl's Caning.
Complaint over discipline in Canterbury

UK/Schools - March 1921
To Cane Or Not?
Headmasters of different kinds of schools give divergent views

UK/Judicial - December 1922
Wild scenes as men are doomed to be flogged
Eleven robbers sentenced to "cat" and one 16-year-old to 20 strokes of the birch

UK/Judicial - January 1923
Recorder On The Punishment Of Flogging.
Crimes of violence sharply reduced because of whipping sentences, says judge

UK/Judicial - November 1925
Robbery With Violence.
24 strokes of the birch for robber, 19

UK/Judicial - February 1926
Birch For Attempted Robbery
Boy, 16, gets 16 strokes for trying to hold up shop women

UK/Schools - September 1927
A good healthy caning. Mr. Bingley was right.
Rough and ready methods often the best, asserts columnist

UK/Schools - August 1928
Caned boy's summons. Prefect's defence.
15-year-old grammar-school prefect caned 10-year-old for skipping cricket match

UK/Schools - January 1929
Boy who smoked. Schoolroom sequel. Bench & deserved punishment.
Caning of student is described in court

UK/Schools - April 1929
Master's right to cane. Smoking case again in court. Judge and "Taking it like a man."
The right to cane. Judges uphold headmaster. Father permitted boy to smoke.
Court decides CP for out-of-school offences is lawful

The Right to Cane.
Newspaper editorial welcomes court decision

UK/Judicial - June 1929
Armed Burglars At Bayswater. Two Young Men Sentenced.
Court orders jail plus 30 strokes of the birch for 19-year-old

UK/Judicial - September 1929
Youth's assault in shop: Imprisonment and birch
19-year-old gets 12 strokes for "brutal" robbery

UK/Reformatories - March 1930
Power to Cane Boys in Borstal Institution.
Northern Ireland Parliament introduces reformatory CP for older teens

UK/Judicial - October 1930
Station Hold-Up: Armed Bandits Sentenced
Birch order for two young brothers

UK/Illicit - December 1930
The cane for boys in a racing stable.
Racing stable secrets.
Stable secrets.
Murky goings-on in the horse-racing world reveal en passant that CP was used on young apprentices

UK/Judicial - December 1930
Birch for ruffian.
Robber, 21, former Borstal boy, sentenced by London court to receive 15 strokes

UK/Judicial - October 1931
Birch and Gaol for Bank Bandit
Bank robber, 24, given 18 strokes and 8 months

UK/Judicial - November 1931
Recorder and Undisciplined Youth
Two teen robbers get heavy birching sentences

Woman Robbed At Leatherhead
The birch is ordered for four twentysomethings

UK/Judicial - January 1932
Prison and the Birch
Two young gangsters get heavy birching sentences for robbery with violence

UK/Judicial - March 1932
Robbery With Violence. Young Men Sentenced.
Jail plus 15 strokes of the birch each for two aged 18 and 26

UK/Judicial - June 1932
Armed Youth Chased By Schoolmaster
Court sentences boy, 16, to 18 strokes with the birch

Youths ordered prison and the birch
18- and 24-stroke birchings for robbery with violence

UK/Judicial - September 1932
Young Men's Crimes: Recorder On Robbery With Violence
15 strokes of the birch and 9 months' jail for accomplice, 19

UK/Judicial - November 1932
Shooting gallery incident. Sentence for theft of firearms
29-year-old robber gets 18 strokes of the birch and 18 months in prison

Armed robbers sentenced. Brave woman rewarded by Recorder.
Three gangsters arraigned, all aged 26: one gets the "cat", two are birched

UK/Judicial - April 1933
Garage proprietor robbed
18 strokes of the birch each for four gangsters

Robbery at estate office
Two aged 25 get 15 strokes of the birch each

UK/Judicial - June 1933
Birching of Young Offenders
Two 12-year-olds get two lots of six strokes each

UK/Schools - November 1933
Schoolboy flogging charge fails (illustrated)
Headmaster, pictured, cleared of assault after giving 9-year-old, pictured with his mother, a pants-down caning at London prep school

UK/Judicial - January 1934
Bandit to be Birched
Prison plus 15 strokes for 21-year-old robber

UK/Schools - February 1934
Nearly 100 Schoolboys Caned. Council May Order An Inquiry
Mass punishment of students at secondary school near London

UK/Schools - April 1934
Wanted: a Birch Rod
Exhibition on childhood cannot find a birch

UK/Judicial - July 1934
"Cat" for two "brutes"
Armed robbers ordered to be flogged

UK/Schools - December 1934
Corporal Punishment: A Plea for the Exemption of Girls
A Doctor Writes ...

UK/Schools - January 1935
Corporal Punishment for Girls
Further correspondence in doctors' magazine

UK/Schools - February 1935
The Caning of Girls
Government refuses to intervene to ban it

UK/Judicial - January 1936
Leicester Recorder Orders Boy To Be Birched
Ethics of Birching
Is Birching for Boys Out of Date?
Recorder Replies To Critics of Birching
Is the Birch The Cure For Young Offenders?
Spare The Rod?
Not Afraid of Birch, says Sentenced Lad
Misapplied Leniency
Leicester Call For Inquiry Into Birching Sentence On Boy Of 15
Birched At 13
Leicester M.P. And Birching Sentence
Chief Constable Requested to Suspend Carrying Out of Sentence
"Cruel for Boy of 15": Police Do Not Possess a Birch
Mother's Joy At Remission Of Birching Sentence On Leicester Boy
Government caves in to immense fuss over birching sentence on 15-year-old

UK/Schools - April 1936
Boys Laugh, When Caned by Women, to 'Keep Their Dignity'
They need male teachers from age eight, says speaker at schoolmasters' conference

UK/Navy - November 1936
Boy In Tears at Portland Court-Martial
Boy disillusioned
Two youths get 12 strokes each in last-ever naval birchings

UK/Judicial - February 1937
Four young scamps: Remarkable Police Court charge
Thieves' ringleader given six strokes of the birch

Magistrate Invites Boys to Tea After Seeing Them Birched
Three "bad boys" ordered to be "birched hard"

Promise and performance: birch for young scamps
Six strokes each for two more of gang

UK/Judicial - April 1937
Birching Officer Told 'Take More Care' New!
"Error of judgment" after policeman stands too close while birching boy

Let Beatings Begin at Home, Says an M.P. Who Has Had His Own
Politician 'not sympathetic' to calls to abolish the birch

Bench order the Birch for Nine Boys: Stole Property of a Blind Man
All sentenced to 3 strokes for "very dirty trick"

Birch for boys: Doncaster Magistrates Criticised
Birching only thing "pit village riff-raff" understand, avers leader-writer

Boys Ordered to be Birched
Same bench orders CP for another six young thieves

MP Says Caning In His Youth Did Him Good
Politician supports birch for young delinquents

UK/Judicial - May 1937
M.P. Wants Women in Flogging Inquiry
Chairman of committee on JCP is appointed

UK/Schools - May 1937
Headmaster Says Corporal Punishment is Best
12-year-old "needs jolly good hiding"

UK/Schools - June 1937
Headmaster wins caning appeal
Court upholds school in giving boy, 13, "four on the seat"

UK/Military - 1937
For corporal punishment
43 years on, letter-writer recalls RAF Wireless School birching

UK/Schools - May 1938 New!
Damages for "Will Hay" Schoolboy (illustrated)
Eleven-year-old, pictured, flicked pellets at master; resulting caning "somewhat exceeded what was proper", says judge

UK/Schools - December 1938
Boy being caned says 'Hurry up!'
13-year-old's court case against schoolmaster is dismissed

UK/Domestic - March 1939
Girl should be spanked, says judge
His answer to child of 12 wanting a permanent wave

UK/Domestic - October 1939
Girl in Slacks Caned
Mother says she gave 19-year-old "a dozen strokes across the tightest part"

UK/Judicial - November 1943
Birching Doesn't Appeal to Him -- Not Harsh Enough New!
Boys find birching not as bad as they thought it would be, says Scottish police chief

The Birched Boys (illustrated)
Sentence carried out before parents had chance to appeal; one birched boy is pictured with his parents

The Hereford Inquiry
The Hereford Case
Official report on Juvenile Court birching screw-up

Soldier to be Birched
12 strokes and 12 months after robbery by "utter blackguard", 19

UK/Judicial - December 1943
The strange case of Hereford's birching (illustrated)
Another photo of punished boy; policeman who wielded the birch is also pictured

UK/Judicial - March 1945
No Officer to Carry Out Birching Order
Boy, 13, was to have received 12 strokes for playing with firearms

UK/Schools - October 1945
Punishment of boy: Action against head master fails
8-year-old student slippered on bare bottom at private prep school

UK/Military - July 1946
Had Wingate the right to flog?
Court-martial considers caning of soldiers in Burma

UK/Judicial - October 1946
Robbery under arms
Soldier, 25, gets 8 years' jail plus 20 strokes of the birch

UK/Military - October 1946
Punishment code in the Chindits
Soldiers had agreed to be flogged in Burma campaign; govt will not intervene

UK/Judicial - March 1947
Gave Men Lift -- They Left Him In His Pants
Two army deserters get 12 months in jail and six strokes of the birch each for robbery

UK/Judicial - April 1947
Birch for Boy of 13
Juvenile Court orders four strokes for breaking into churches

Labourer who robbed police matron 'deserved birch'
Judge would have ordered birching for 22-year-old had he been fit

UK/Schools - April 1947
His business is simply whacking! (illustrated)
Eric A. Wildman, purveyor of punishment implements, is pictured with canes

UK/Judicial - May 1947
The 'Cat' for London Gunman
Six strokes of cat and 7 years' jail after armed raid on pub

Birch for robbery with violence
21-year-old sentenced to 25 strokes of the birch

UK/Schools - May 1947
Teacher: I loathe the cane
But in the end only the cane works, headmaster tells conference

UK/Domestic - June 1947
A Girl, Aged 19, Is Too Old To Be Whipped -- K.C.
She left home because father beat her

UK/Schools - June 1947
My Cane Stays, Says This Headmaster
Caning "All Wrong", Says Headmistress
He "detests" CP but says it is necessary; but it's absolutely wrong for girls, says his female counterpart

UK/Judicial - July 1947
Woman magistrate who had boys birched starts row New!
Controversy among Manchester magistrates over JCP

Father of Birched Boys Wants Inquiry
Elder brother has to witness "extremely severe" punishment

UK/Judicial - August 1947
'Birch My Boy' -- Mother
'No, No, No,' says woman magistrate to suggestion of CP for boy who stole from Boys' Brigade

UK/Schools - August 1947
Spanking Story
Interviews with Eric Wildman (pro-CP campaign) and an anti-caning spokeswoman

UK/Judicial - October 1947
Birch, Gaol for Sailor
15 strokes for 23-year-old who attacked elderly woman

UK/Judicial - November 1947
Wide reform of penal code
Govt publishes proposals for abolishing judicial corporal punishment

Sentences for armed robbery
A birching for two young Poles

Second reading
Letters: Judicial powers
Criminal law reform: Progress in treatment of offenders
Parliament debates abolition of JCP

UK/Judicial - December 1947
Whipping as penalty: Amendments to new Bill
Power to order flogging: Abolition approved in Committee
Abolition of birching and flogging agreed, except for serious offences against prison discipline

UK/Judicial - March 1948
Judge orders birch for two youths
12 strokes each for two teens who attacked student

UK/Judicial - July 1948
This Brutal Robbery a Case for Flogging
Judge wonders why CP about to be abolished

UK/Domestic - September 1948
"Spoilt" choirboy gets £9 for cuff on ear
Magistrate advises choirmaster to spank choirboys "on a proper spot"

UK/Illicit - September 1948
Hit Choirboys: Vicar fined £20
Trousers-down spanking was "merely horseplay"

UK/Military - October 1948
'Let Us Cane Boys' (illustrated) (with video clip)
"Half a dozen canings a week" at army apprentice school are defended by commandant, pictured

UK/Schools - November 1948
Five Smarting Girls Sang a Hit Song
Headmistress gives schoolgirls public caning, girls go "on strike"

"Free Expression" School Scene (illustrated)
Pupils Cane Caner (illustrated)
Six strokes with a smoky malacca: Schoolboy canes the cane seller (illustrated)
Eric Wildman visits school to lecture on CP but gets a taste of his own medicine; several different pictures show him on floor surrounded by students

I had planned it all, says the head (illustrated)
"Progressive" school headmaster, pictured with Eric A. Wildman and canes, admits he set trap into which Wildman fell

Six of the Best (illustrated)
An American view of the Wildman debacle; fracas at school is pictured

UK/Schools - December 1948
Letters: Don't Spare the Rod
Girl Strikers 'Were Like Amazons'
Aftermath of row over girls' public caning

UK/Judicial - January 1949
The Cat is On the Shelf
Editorial blames "sentimentalist" abolition for crime wave

Birch Bad Boys, says the Vicar
It's the only punishment delinquent youth really fears, he says

UK/Schools - February 1949
Eton's Block & Birch
Visitor is reminded that the punishment involves removal of clothing

UK/Schools - April 1949
Public Schoolboys Vote for Caning and Fagging
69% of students think CP is necessary

UK/Schools - July 1950
Cane here and sign the book
New CP rules for schoolteachers in Middlesex

UK/Schools - January 1951 New!
17 boys caned for seeing Cup tie
Students aged 12 to 14 get two strokes on each hand for bunking off to watch football match

UK/Schools - September 1952
Speak up! (illustrated)
Eric A. Wildman visits America, "canes" stenographer

UK/Judicial - November 1952
'Flog all for violence'
Proposal for new flogging legislation

Meeting votes for flogging
Bring back judicial CP, say 500 petitioners

The Cat & the Birch
An American take on the UK's flogging debate

UK/Schools - November 1952
Public school votes -- 'Stop the cane'
Michael Heseltine and Julian Critchley argue against prefects' whackings at Shrewsbury School debate; Chenevix-Trench opposes the motion

UK/Military - January 1953
'Caning' colonel is reprimanded
CO on clean-up caned his batman
18-year-old soldier ate meals standing up after unofficial punishment

UK/Judicial - January 1953
Bring police up to strength
Archbishop of York is not against birching in principle

Vote on flogging upsets the magistrates
Referendum among JPs on judicial corporal punishment

Flogging bill details today
Private Member's Bill to bring back judicial corporal punishment

UK/Schools - January 1953
Police seize canes in swoop on offices
Police swoop on birching society's HQ: Detectives search leader's home (illustrated)
Eric Wildman, pictured, campaigner for corporal punishment, falls foul of the authorities; picture of police raid in progress

UK/Judicial - February 1953
Birching Bill rejected: Government's view
Punishment for violence
Parliament rejects proposal for return to judicial corporal punishment

UK/Schools - February 1953
Charges under Obscene Publications Act
Cane-retailer Wildman in trouble for Corpun leaflets

UK/Schools - April 1953
Raiders found 3,000 canes
Eric A. Wildman appears in court on obscenity charge

UK/Schools - May 1953
Wildman guilty of obscene libels
£500 fine for obscene libels
Corpun boss Wildman is "a man with a kink", says his own lawyer

UK/Judicial - June 1953
Give us a good hiding
Letter-writers blame juvenile delinquency on insufficient whacking

UK/Domestic - October 1953
Just give 'em a damn good hiding
Would make for less juvenile delinquency, asserts mayor

UK/Schools - October 1953
Obscene books to be destroyed
Further instalment in the Eric Wildman saga

UK/Military - November 1953
R.A.F. caned 2 boys who broke in
Parents Approved Canings, Says CO
Boys caned at RAF camp -- Court told
Two airmen's teenage sons given "six of the best" by an RAF corporal

Corporal punishment at R.A.F. station
Questions in the House over air force canings

UK/Domestic - April 1954
'A policeman knocked ... and saved me'
Maid, 17, had to 'bend over like a schoolboy' for caning from retired major

UK/Judicial - May 1954
'24,000 reasons for a flogging'
Sub-Postmasters defy their Executive and vote for return of judicial corporal punishment

UK/Prisons - June 1954
6 await verdict in gaol
Will Wandsworth prison mutineers be flogged?

UK/Prisons - July 1954
Prison mutiny men get 'cat'
Two flogged in Wandsworth

Prisoner who hit warder is birched
19-year-old receives six strokes

Only the 'CAT' holds back the brutes, writes Fabian of the Yard
Former top cop describes seeing results of cat-o'-nine-tails

UK/Schools - July 1954
'Flog them' man loses his canes
Another police raid on Eric Wildman's premises

Head canes 200 boys
Culprit at secondary modern school wouldn't own up, so headmaster caned them all

Flo won't sack the 'caning' headmaster
Questions in Parliament about mass punishment

UK/Schools - September 1954
Masters are not to cane schoolgirls
New CP rules for Somerset schools

UK/Schools - October 1954
Storm over teacher who 'caned whole class'
Young teacher canes 40 nine-year-olds

UK/Schools - November 1954
A teacher's right to cane all the class
Four strokes each for 37 Sec. Mod. boys, all aged 13, after rowdy culprit fails to own up

'Enraged' teacher beat her class (illustrated)
Case of young schoolmistress, pictured, comes to court

School bairns DON'T like Mr Dick's work (illustrated)
Tawse manufacturer's wife is pictured with some of his products

UK/Schools - January 1955
Teacher was right the day she caned all 3B (illustrated)
Teacher who caned 40 children wins her appeal

"If 'e's naughty, I fetch 'im one round the ear'ole ..."
David Langdon cartoon

UK/Schools - February 1955
The schoolboy attacked his headmaster
14-year-old, about to be caned, turned violent and then fled

Miss Jeffs can't use cane
Young schoolmistress reprimanded but has a new job

UK/Schools - March 1955
Teacher came off worse in a fight for the cane
Father knocked the teacher's teeth out
Man retaliates after son caned

UK/Illicit - August 1955
Girl "spanked" in bus
Bus conductor takes passenger, 19, over his knee

UK/Schools - December 1955
Marks On Caned Boy Shocked Mother
Teacher fined after whacking boy in front of class

UK/Judicial - February 1956
Bring back the birch, say 4 M.P.s
Violent young criminals should be birched, say politicians

UK/Schools - February 1956
He caned a boy - now wins appeal
Teacher was acting within his authority, judge rules

UK/Schools - April 1956
Four caned boys struck north in shame
Ten teen students given 12 strokes each at Derbyshire school

UK/Schools - December 1956
He was the man that held the boy that got the birch
Death of Eton College's "school messenger" who assisted at the birching block

UK/Prisons - September 1957
Prisoner gets the birch
Twelve strokes administered at Durham for attacking prison officers

UK/Schools - April 1958
Prefects swoop on the vodka
30 senior boys caned by prefects for possessing alcohol at Essex private school

UK/Judicial - May 1958 New!
Give erring Teddy Boys a haircut says Old Etonian
Politician calls for "a little less binding over and a little more bending over"

UK/Schools - June 1959
Schoolboys punished for freeing rabbits
Two 18-year-olds bend over for the headmaster's cane

Master goes to police as spanked boy pulls out knife
Student, 15, reacts badly to a classroom slippering

UK/Schools - August 1959
Whacking teacher cleared by court
Magistrates say slippering of boy, 12, was deserved and had been properly administered

UK/Prisons - September 1959 New!
Prisoner birched after attack
10-stroke whipping carried out on 23-year-old who attacked prison warder

UK/Schools - December 1959
Conviction Against Teacher Quashed
Strapping of girls' buttocks may have been against education authority rules but that did not make it unlawful, court holds

UK/Schools - February 1960
Boys turn up at school drunk
Two 14-year-olds caned at high school in Yorkshire

UK/Schools - June 1960 New!
Caned for mixing with the girls
Senior boys punished at mixed grammar school for crossing the white line between the sexes in playing field

UK/Judicial - November 1960
Bid to bring back flogging
Give the birch a 5-year trial, Butler is urged
The day I was whacked -- by Sir Reginald
Unsuccessful parliamentary moves to reintroduce JCP

Try this idea on caning says M.P.
Legislator proposes the cane for violent under-17s

UK/Schools - November 1960
Caning? It's not cricket, say the Russians at Rugby
Bosh, retorts caning headmaster as visitors inspect top school's punishment room

A rebel refuses to do his lines
I-won't-own-up boy sent home
Boys back the caning head
Student, 14, denies he was talking in class, is caned for not doing punishment

UK/Domestic - April 1961
The Cane
Parents who chastise could be jailed, says politician

UK/Schools - September 1961
85 Boys Caned on Strike Day
Mass punishment for fourth-formers who were rowdy and late

UK/Schools - March 1962
Fifty no-cap boys get caning
Cap-feud schoolboys line up for caning No. 2
Uniform rule violations bring two or three strokes for most, but two prefects get six of the best at Peckham Manor

UK/Schools - April 1962
Caning 'outrage' in class 4G
In another mass whacking at Peckham Manor, 15 mid-teens bend over for four strokes each after disorder in class

UK/Schools - July 1962
Kathleen is ready for a caning New!
Girl, 14, to be punished on return to school after running away

50 boys caned at quiz kings' school
Mass punishment followed prank at North Wales grammar school

UK/Schools - August 1962
Letter-writer supporting school CP purports to be caned schoolboy of 16

UK/Military - January 1963
A Legendary Chindit Revisits The Battle Areas of Burma
Wartime unofficial army flogging is recalled

UK/Domestic - April 1963
I was spanked says peer's wife
Barbara Cartland and her daughter, Lady Lewisham, agree on the value of six of the best

UK/Illicit - July 1963
One Tory gives another 'six of the best' (illustrated)
Party agent hit youth
18-year-old, pictured, punished on bare bottom with fly-swat

UK/Schools - March 1964
Search for Wellington schoolboy
16-year-old recently beaten for smoking

UK/Judicial - July 1964
Penalties for Young Offenders
Lawyer questions basis for rejecting reintroduction of JCP

UK/Schools - July 1964
Spanking Coeds Cost Headmaster $140 Fine, Costs
Headmaster spanked "kiss and cuddle" girls (illustrated)
Head who spanked girls is fined (illustrated)
Ex-Helston headmaster and suspended senior mistress fined for beating girl pupils
Schoolgirls, 17 and 18, whacked on their bare bottoms; headmaster and senior mistress are pictured; American press names the spanked girls

UK/Judicial - August 1964
An Instinct That Shames Us All (section on judicial corporal punishment)
Article strongly condemning corporal punishment for any purpose

UK/Reformatories - August 1964
Head brutally assaulted boy - Court allegation
Approved school absconder, 16, had to count out his eight strokes

UK/Schools - August 1964
An Instinct That Shames Us All (section on school corporal punishment)
Article condemns corporal punishment for any purpose

UK/Schools - February 1965
Eton Head's Reply On Punishment
Aristocrat, 16, was caned by his house captain "perfectly justly"

Whack! That's for watching Sophia
"Six of the best" for 21 senior boys who watched X-film

UK/Navy - June 1965
'He Beat Ratings with Gym Shoe' -- Court told
Naval officer is dismissed ship
Naval lieutenant, 33, reprimanded for walloping junior ratings' bottoms

UK/Judicial - May 1966
Bring back the birch, say Tories
Kirk men attack return of birch plan
Scottish Conservative party votes for JCP but Church of Scotland disagrees

UK/Navy - May 1966
I was spanked, sailor claims
Officer spanked boy: dismissed his ship
Officer took 17-year-old junior seaman over knee, spanked him in front of shipmates

UK/Schools - August 1966
Cleared of assault after caning boy
Headmaster gave three boys two strokes each in front of class

UK/Prisons - November 1966
Maxwell (Birching Award)
Home Secretary explains why he refused to confirm prison birching

UK/Schools - November 1966
Fifteen public school boys vanish on half holiday
Twelve returnees each given "six of the best" by headmaster

UK/Schools - December 1966
Administrative view of the tawse
Tawse questions for teachers
Dispute in Walsall over tawse vs. cane

UK/Schools - February 1967
'Parents will act if tawse is used'
Teachers are trusted to use tawse 'in the right way'
Walsall council decides to keep the tawse as its school CP implement

UK/Navy - April 1967
Storm over canings for navy boys
69 caned in past year: "part of our tradition", says Admiralty

I was caned by the Navy
Letters to editor about caning of junior seamen

UK/Illicit - May 1967
Farmer whips boys who fought his fire
He punished the wrong boys, is fined for assault

UK/Navy - May 1967
Cane is banned for Navy boys
Navy stops boy beatings
No more CP for junior seamen, Minister announces

UK/Reformatories - May 1967
Approved school beatings: The facts
Casebook on the four boys
A sure way to make criminals
Home Office probes approved school canings
Q.C. to probe approved school
The Court Lees affair: Government sets up inquiry into claims of excessive canings

UK/Schools - May 1967
Carry on caning!
Head teachers agree by 498 votes to 2 to keep the cane in schools

UK/Reformatories - August 1967
School to close after caning
'Caning' school is shut by Jenkins
Penalty on school 'too severe'
Unspared rods
Inspectors move in to wind up school
Boys in tears as they leave approved school
Cane school gets 'quick close' order
The Court Lees affair: Caning inquiry reports; government closes school

Court Lees boys seen by solicitors
The Court Lees Affair
Teacher in cane row tells of 'more beatings'
The pride of a boy who took to crime
Court Lees pictures disputed
Puzzle of Court Lees: Why No Public Inquiry?
Court Lees questions by doctor
The Court Lees affair: Controversy rages

UK/Illicit - September 1967
Our Man at St Mark's Whacks 'Em
London church boasts caning vicar

UK/Schools - September 1967
The Cane & the Strap
An American overview of British CP

UK/Reformatories - October 1967
Bishop hits at teacher who told of Court Lees beatings
The Court Lees affair: 'Whistle-blower' attacked in Parliament

UK/Reformatories - January 1968
Head told to leave approved school
Two boys "caned too hard" in island institution

UK/Schools - February 1968
Teachers plan to call in police: Alternative to cane
Cardiff headteachers are forbidden to use CP

UK/Schools - March 1968
Cardiff may drop no-cane rule
Cane returns to Cardiff
Attempt to abolish CP in primary schools fails

UK/Schools - June 1968
Heads defend right to cane
Conference of headmasters angrily insists on keeping power to use CP

UK/Schools - January 1969
'Caning' teacher cleared
3-stroke whacking was not assault, court rules

UK/Schools - February 1969
Rods in young hands
Schools where senior boys may still cane younger ones come under fire

UK/Schools - March 1969
Mass canings storm at a school
100 London 13-year-olds get one stroke each on seat of pants

Head fined after boy is injured by cane
"Disobedient and defiant" prep school student aged 7 had bruised backside

UK/Schools - August 1969
Teacher's smack 'within bounds of reasonableness'
Teacher cleared of assault after spanking 10-year-old

UK/Illicit - November 1969
Throw away that bat, m'lord
Monthly paddlings for boys and girls at London youth club

UK/Schools - November 1969
Cane for 15 boys who marched with teachers
Painful visit to head's study for London fifth-formers who supported strike

UK/Schools - March 1971
Caned boy knocks out headmaster
West-country 12-year-old, whacked for throwing paper darts, punches head teacher on jaw

UK/Schools - November 1971
London children spared the rod
ILEA proposes to outlaw CP for primary school pupils

Heads may defy ban on caning
Teachers' union reacts angrily to proposed ILEA primary CP ban

UK/Schools - May 1972
Demo schoolkids stone police van
Law nabs rebel Ginger as kids' lib goes on the march
London school students demonstrate against caning and detention

School probe ordered over 'mass caning' row
30 Midlands boys get three whacks each

UK/Schools - September 1972
Campaign opens to abolish the cane in schools
The high cost of cutting out the cane
STOPP makes its debut; new abolitionist book reviewed

UK/Reformatories - October 1973
Row over bring back caning vote
Essex plans to have CP available in its boys' homes

UK/Schools - October 1973
Beating their privileged bottoms
Newspaper surveys CP situation at seven top schools

UK/Schools - April 1974
Ethos plus the stick
Teacher spanked seven 15-year-old boys on school trip

UK/Schools - October 1974
Ouch! Charles looks back on a sore point
Why I was caned at school -- by Charles
Prince of Wales reveals he was caned at prep school

Beating time
School where Charles was caned still uses CP

UK/Schools - June 1975
Tawse incident sparks inquiry
Teachers and the tawse
Strap probe at a school
Walsall comprehensive school boys get three strokes each on buttocks for truancy; newspaper editorial endorses punishment

Question on use of the tawse
Another Walsall mother complains; DPP investigating

Tawse: no action by police
Further developments in Walsall row

Discipline suffering at schools
All this fuss about tawse is hysteria, says Walsall education official

UK/Schools - July 1975
Governors say 'scrap the tawse'
Sequel to Walsall fuss

UK/Illicit - August 1975
Stable joy-riders whipped (illustrated)
Woman is pictured with riding crop with which she caned girls and boys


US/Schools - December 1873
Corporal Punishment in Public Schools.
Discussion about repealing CP ban in New York City

The Question of Corporal Punishment.
NYC fails to decide on bringing back CP for boys only

US/Reformatories - August 1877
Reform School Management.
Punishment regulations agreed for the Massachusetts Institution at Westborough

US/Prisons - July 1878
Flogging in the Kings County Penitentiary.
Controversy over whipping of female prisoner

US/Judicial - August 1878
A Girl Whipped for Larceny.
15 strokes for stealing after mother asks court not to send daughter to jail

US/Judicial - January 1879
Virginia Flogging.
Tramp whipped with a paddle by order of the mayor

US/Schools - March 1879
Whipping in the Public Schools
Iowa Supreme Court clarifies the legal position

US/Schools - October 1880
A Teacher Tried For Whipping a Boy.
Court clears teacher of assault charge after strapping of boy, 10

US/Prisons - February 1883
Warden Green, of Kings, on the Contract System. Ex-convicts on Paddling.
Inmates describe paddlings in New York prison

US/Schools - January 1887
Brutal Treatment.
Early use of word "paddle" in a school punishment case

US/Reformatories - December 1890
Old-style Spanking.
CP successfully introduced at Pennsylvania reformatory

US/Schools - March 1893
Slap or spank? School Punishment Query in Alameda. (illustrated)
A California school district consults parents; different methods pictures in cartoons

US/Schools - March 1894
Debate on Corporal Punishment.
The rattan is banned in schools in Newark, New Jersey

US/Prisons - April 1894
In Defense of Mr Brockway
Controversy over prisoners paddled with strap in New York

US/Prisons - December 1894
Findings of the Majority.
Description of New York prison "spankings"

US/Judicial - January 1895
To Whip Wife Beaters
CP proposal in New York State

US/Judicial - February 1895
The Whipping-post Bill.
New York State JCP proposal in committee

US/Reformatories - November 1896
Courts Are To Decide: Contest Over the Corporal Punishment Question.
New York state board's order to discontinue CP is resisted by institutions

US/Judicial - May 1897
A Good Paddling.
Six "young toughs" punished in court with "elegant white oak paddle"

US/Schools - December 1897
Dug Up an Old Law
Legislation invoked to cover school paddlings in Indiana

US/Reformatories - February 1898
Spanking by Electricity.
Spanking chair invented for use in girls' reformatories

US/Schools - November 1898
The Rod in Public Schools.
In Cincinnati, only boys may receive "the rod", applied to "the hips"

US/Reformatories - December 1898
Chicago Bad Boys Spanked.
New reformatory policy of punishment with a leather paddle is a success

US/Prisons - September 1899
Spanking Offenders.
Policy in Colorado jail is to spank unruly convicts with a paddle

US/Schools - October 1900 New!
A Public Spanking.
Parents of several NJ youngsters ordered to give severe spankings in front of School Board

US/Judicial - February 1901
Five Men Whipped by Sheriff
JCP inflicted in Delaware

US/Judicial - July 1901
Girl Whipped in Court.
Mother punishes 15-year-old to save her from a jail sentence

US/Judicial - September 1901
Pilloried in Delaware
15 convicts flogged; "heaviest witnessed for twenty years"

US/Schools - March 1902
Should Whipping in Public Schools Be Abolished?
Various views in San Francisco

US/Schools - May 1903
Corporal Punishment In Schools.
Letter-writer calls for its "return"

US/Schools - November 1903
Teachers Favor Corporal Punishment
Wrong to eliminate it entirely, say New York teachers

US/Schools - November 1904
Paddle Abolished. Unruly Youngsters Punished in That Mode at McKeesport.
Paddle used "in place of a rattan" in a Pennsylvania district

US/Judicial - December 1904
Capital Needs Whipping Post
President calls for wife-beaters in Washington DC to be flogged

US/Schools - December 1904
Want the Rod Put Back in the Public Schools
Minority report favours reintroduction of CP in New York schools

US/Judicial - February 1905
Would Lash Wife Beaters.
House Bill calls for JCP in DC

US/Judicial - June 1905
Spank Them, Teachers, Says Justice Olmsted
Court orders teachers to apply "rod or strap" to two young boys

Spanking Decision Stirs Up Educators
School principals taken aback by court order

US/Domestic - December 1905
And Now the Professional 'Spanker'
We need a US version of the Canadian young woman who spanks unruly children for a fee, says newspaper

US/Domestic - August 1906
To Be Spanked If He Weds.
Father will spank youth, 17, if he gets married before he is 21

US/Schools - September 1907
Rod May Be Used In Schools Again
New York Board of Education reopens the issue

Discipline in the Schools.
Principals should have power to inflict CP, says letter-writer

US/Domestic - October 1907
For Corporal Punishment.
Father of boys calls for less sentimentality about whipping

US/Schools - December 1907
Teachers Favor Flogging.
New York school principals say CP is unavoidable

US/Schools - April 1908
Sees Virtue in the Paddle.
Newspaper says it is the perfect instrument for taming boys

US/Reformatories - December 1908
Upholds Girl-Whipping.
New Jersey board decides to "carry on strapping" at Girls' Home rather than inject refractory inmates with drugs

US/Reformatories - January 1910
Jersey Home Board Upholds Whipping
New Jersey State Home for Girls finds "leather lashes" necessary for discipline

US/Schools - April 1910
May Pupils Be Flogged?
Supreme Court to decide legality of school CP

US/Judicial - June 1910
Forced to Whip her Son.
Boy, 15, is whipped at New York Children's Court

US/Schools - September 1910
Defend That Way of Maintaining Order In the Schools.
Ex-teacher writes in defence of the occasional "sound thrashing"

US/Reformatories - March 1911
Not like mother used to spank.
Flogging with "a leather lash" at boys' reform school in Minnesota

US/Reformatories - April 1911
Committee Makes Report. Those Who Had Charge of Red Wing Investigation Want Whittier Discharged.
Minnesota reformatory whippings criticised as excessive and cruel

US/Schools - June 1911
The Rod Helpful.
Corporal punishment fully justified, says former NYC Board of Education member

US/Schools - February 1913
M'Murry Outlines Rules for the Rod
Proposal for reinstatement of CP in New York schools

Corporal Punishment: Experienced Teacher Thinks It Necessary to Proper Discipline.
There are boys who will respond only to CP, says letterwriter

US/Schools - May 1913
School Strikes Spread
"Slippers and straps" brought in to discipline striking Boston school students

US/Judicial - August 1913
Ought We Revive the Barbarous Whipping Post? (illustrated)
NY judge leads calls for the flogging of gangsters

US/Schools - February 1914
Hazing is Ruled Out
Also no more spanking of freshmen at University of Washington in Seattle

US/Domestic - June 1914
Scientific Spanking.
Suburban mothers work out a scale of corporal punishment

US/Judicial - July 1918
Spank Culprits In Court.
New York juvenile judge has four boys spanked for stealing a bicycle

US/Military - October 1918 New!
Paddling Helps to Teach Drill Rules
"Court-martial" carries out immediate punishment on five Home Guard members

US/Schools - November 1918
Students Paddle Two Today
Public punishments at a Missouri university

US/Schools - June 1919
Seemed to Enjoy Paddling
University student runs the gauntlet

US/Schools - September 1919
Engineers Use the Paddle
Three violators of university campus rules are disciplined

Journalists Favor Engineers
Students vote to uphold paddling tradition at Missouri university

Lawyers Favor Paddling Plan
More support for use of corporal punishment at university

US/Schools - October 1919
Three Engineers are Paddled
Missouri University spankings for failure to attend meeting

Campus trespassers paddled first in 1905
Birth of tradition of CP at Missouri University

800 Are Expected at Farmers' Party
Twelve undergraduates get a paddling

US/Schools - April 1920
May Stop Paddling. Students to Vote on Measure Prohibiting Groups From Enforcing Rules.
Proposal to abolish CP at Missouri University

Paddling Is Upheld
Missouri students vote to retain corporal punishment on campus by 1,487 votes to 654

US/Schools - October 1920
University News
Report of paddling of an offender at Missouri University

US/Schools - November 1920
Will Spank 'Em by Electricity
"Electric spanker chair" machine at a Florida high school

US/Judicial - March 1921
The Inquiring Reporter
Vox pop: Chicago ladies give views on whether to bring back the whipping post for wife-beaters

US/Judicial - September 1921
Missouri Judge Uses Shoe To Spank Truant Schoolboys
Four delinquents punished in Juvenile Court

US/Schools - November 1921
Public Spanking for Students in Bonfire Raid
Eleven high-school boys face punishment

The "Spanking" Decision
A significant and important decision, says newspaper editorial

US/Schools - February 1922
Ten College "Don'ts": Evanston Judge Tells Northwestern Students What Not to Do.
University undergraduates subject to spankings for public misbehavior

US/Schools - October 1924
School Hose Whip Will Remain; Teachers Agree On Compromise
Rubber hose used for punishment at a school in New York State

US/Judicial - March 1925
'Woodshed Walloping' Given To Four Boy Delinquents
Old-fashioned spankings in two separate courts on same day

US/Judicial - April 1926
Wife-Beater To Get Five Lashes Today
Flogging ordered in Baltimore, Maryland

US/Judicial - May 1926
Wife Beater Jokes After Jail Lashing
Punishment at Maryland whipping post is witnessed by an invited audience of 200

US/Judicial - November 1926 New!
Justice Urges Spanking For 24 High School Boys
Sequel to "pool-room raid" in New York

US/Judicial - February 1927
Judge Spanks Wife Beater
In Ohio, 20 times across the seat of offender's pants with a flexible hose

US/Judicial - July 1927
Judge Ready to Show Father How to 'Lick a Bad Boy Good'
NJ court advises "thick and heavy licking" for disobedient son

US/Schools - April 1928
Don't Paddle Kids Like They Used To
School CP is on the decline, claims Pittsburgh superintendent

US/Judicial - February 1930 New!
Public Spanking Sentence For Young Girl Communist
New Jersey judge orders 20-year-old to be whipped by father for distributing political leaflets

US/Schools - April 1930
Teacher in Ohio Is Indicted For Use of Paddle Upon Girl Pupil
Case concerns the punishment of a 7-year-old in Ohio

US/Schools - May 1930
Teacher found not guilty of assault
Teacher shows how she hit girl (illustrated)
Sequel in Ohio case; student, 7, and teacher are pictured

US/Schools - October 1930
Thrashing in Missouri
230 whippings reported in Kansas City schools

US/Judicial - April 1931
Four Boy Thieves Lashed
Church pastor administers whipping in WA juvenile court

US/Judicial - February 1932
Jersey Judge Flogs 3 Schoolboys in Court
Police belt used on youths as mothers watch

US/Illicit - August 1935
Four women stripped and spanked by striking garment workers at Dallas plants
Corporal punishment as a penalty for factory "scabs"

US/Schools - April 1936
Unspared Rods
CP-using teachers upheld, but a CA district prohibits it

US/Judicial - June 1936
17 Boy Vandals 'Licked' By Parents as Penalty
Mayor gets Pennsylvania parents to wield the belt

US/Judicial - July 1936
Use Rubber Hose to Whip Youths for $10 Robbery
Judge agrees to relatives' whipping proposal

Boys Lashed in Courtroom for Waywardness (illustrated)
Flogging of three youths is pictured in progress

US/Judicial - February 1937
Solomon's Spanking Suggestions Discloses Machines That Do
Magistrate suggests mechanised spanking instead of jail for boys of 16 and 17

US/Illicit - April 1937
Vanderbilt's Honor Society is Banned by the Chancellor (illustrated)
Paddling of fraternity pledge at university is pictured

US/Judicial - August 1937
Schoolchildren Whipped In Public
Ohio village marshal straps miscreants, claims delinquency down

US/Judicial - March 1938
Wife Beater Recovering From Lash (illustrated)
20-stroke flogging in Baltimore jail is pictured

US/Judicial - July 1940
Spanking in the news
Judge lets man off with whipping from wife

US/Military - July 1944
Command: Object Lesson
Army prisoners flogged on their bare backsides

US/Judicial - June 1946
Three Soldiers Accept Lashing
20 lashes each given in public court in exchange for suspension of jail terms

US/Schools - January 1949
Trouble in Twinsburg
Controversy over a paddling school superintendent in Ohio

US/Schools - May 1950
Broad Paddle, Not Hickory, Recommended for Paddling
A school district in Oregon lays down detailed instructions for CP

US/Prisons - July 1951
Understandable language (illustrated)
Colorado prison governor gives flogging demonstration

US/Schools - October 1951
S.F. Teacher Reprimanded For 'Paddling'
Mother complains 13-year-old paddled for tardiness; CP only for extreme cases, says Board of Education

US/Reformatories - January 1952
Patterson Named to Board To Study School Floggings
CP allegations to be investigated in Arizona

US/Illicit - February 1952
Highway Officer Praises Hotrod Safety Work
Young drivers' clubs keep members in line with paddlings

US/Schools - October 1952
Hempfield Board Hears of Complaints
Girls Paddled, Parents Angered (with cartoon)
CP for students at a PA junior high school

US/Schools - February 1954
The Spanking
Fuss in Georgia over paddling at blind school

US/Domestic - January 1955
Father's Words Came True
Dislocates his shoulder while slippering son

US/Reformatories - January 1956
Primitive Weapon? (illustrated)
No, it's the official leather strap at Ohio reformatory

US/Domestic - February 1957
Grandmother Is Professional Spanker
Maine woman charges a dollar a go to chastise unruly youngsters

US/Reformatories - June 1957
Probe Lad's Beating By Youth Hall Guard
12-lick paddling of reformatory inmate, 16, is described

US/Schools - October 1957
The Hickory Stick Tries a Comeback
Article claims school CP had become rare from 1920s but was now once more in favour

US/Schools - February 1958
The Firm One
Spare the Rod?
Judge throws out case against young teacher who paddled 4th-grader; readers respond

US/Schools - February 1959
Boys Get Paddle; Moms The Word (illustrated)
Protest over a principal's paddling (illustrated)
Seven angry parents (illustrated)
20 senior boys (5 pictured) in Tennessee mass paddling row

US/Schools - February 1960 New!
Counselor, School Board Member Charged In Beating
Teen boys punished on buttocks with rubber hose at Ohio school

US/Schools - March 1960
Teacher Swings a Mean Paddle (illustrated)
30 boys whacked by Pennsylvania high school teacher, pictured

US/Domestic - October 1961
What Young People Think. Spankings Endorsed By Most Youngsters (with cartoon)
83% had been spanked, of whom 87% thought they had deserved it

US/Schools - March 1962
Punishment by Teacher Questioned
California parents complain of paddle lines for PE boys

US/Judicial - July 1962
Spanking New Idea in Indiana court
Beer-Drinking Youths Given Spanking By Police
Boy Rowdies Start Beach Cleanup (illustrated)
Ridicule as a Weapon Against Rowdy Youth
Whiting Doesn't Spare the Rod (illustrated)
Courtroom public spankings for three teens, pictured

US/Judicial - September 1962
They Call Me The Spanking Judge
Indiana judge on the background to his courtroom spanking orders

US/Schools - February 1963
School Officials Have Varying Opinions On Spanking Junior
Attitudes in different states compared

US/Judicial - April 1963
"Belt Him", Said the Judge
19-year-old gets pants-down whacks from father in Indiana court

3 Teen-Age Boys Spanked in Court
"Smack of open hand against rump" as young thieves bend over desk in New Jersey courtroom

US/Judicial - June 1963
Local Veterinarian Treating Puppy
He Sets Fire to Pup; Gets 20 Lashes
Court orders twenty lashes (illustrated)
Employer of Dog Burner Says Youth Still Has a Job
Burned Pup May Make It, Says Veterinarian
Spunky Is "Better Than Expected"
Indiana judge orders strapping for youth, 20, pictured

US/Judicial - September 1963
Parents Whip 5 Youths At Judge's Suggestion
Boys aged 15 to 18 won't be sitting down for a while, says police witness

Won't Spare the Strap (illustrated)
VA Juvenile Judge, pictured, sends teenage boys to figurative woodshed for old-fashioned strapping

US/Judicial - February 1964
Bill Asks Flogging Of Kid Punks
Public corporal punishment proposed in Michigan

Will Oppose Punishment By Whipping
Michigan Attorney-General rejects JCP proposal

Flogging Bill's Sponsor Thinks Public Favors It
Michigan whipping proposal attracts much praise, some opposition

US/Judicial - March 1964
Bill On Whippings Is 'Beaten To Death'
Michigan House kills JCP idea

US/Prisons - February 1967
Down on the Farm
Floggings with strap revealed at Arkansas prison

US/Judicial - March 1967
Bill Would Give Policemen Right To Spank Youths
Illinois bill calls for instant JCP for errant teenagers

Now, 'stop and spank'
Editorialist doubts practicability of "police CP" plan

US/Schools - November 1968
Corporal Punishment Stirs Creswell Mothers' Wrath
Elementary students' parents in Oregon make a fuss about paddling

US/Judicial - December 1968
Youth Takes His 20 Whacks to Avoid Prison Term (illustrated)
Schoolboy, 16, pictured, receives whipping on orders of Oklahoma judge, pictured

US/Judicial - September 1969
Judge Is Suspended Over Whipping Incident
Courtroom spanking of girl, 18, by her mother

US/Schools - February 1971
15 Paintsville High girls face paddling or expulsion
Kentucky principal who "gets results" using CP says he will spank dress-code violators himself

US/Schools - May 1971
Bottoms Up in Big D (illustrated)
'Newsweek' finds wholesale paddling in Dallas, TX; girl, 11, pictured, says spanked four times in one month by principal, pictured

US/Schools - June 1972
The Beaten Generation
TIME magazine notes paddlings in Dallas; Massachusetts bans the paddle

US/Schools - July 1972
TIME readers comment on school CP

US/Domestic - February 1974
Boys' fantasy turns to shock (illustrated)
Runaway brothers, pictured, return home to spankings

US/Schools - October 1975
Teachers reign over parents on spanking
US Supreme Court holds that parental permission for CP is not required

US/Schools - November 1975
The Updated Hickory Stick (illustrated)
Paddles, pictured, thrive in US classrooms; statistics quoted

US/Schools - December 1975
Segregated Academies (illustrated)
Paddlings at Tennessee Baptist high school; several students pictured


Zambia/Schools - March 1960
Rod spared, so the boy spoiled
Reader laments indiscipline in schools due to insufficient caning

Zambia/Judicial - April 1960
10 strokes of cane
Schoolboy "hooligan", 16, threw stones at cars

Zambia/Judicial - May 1960
Sentence is increased
22-year-old now gets 12 strokes of cane in addition to doubled jail term

Cane for stone-thrower
African, 17, ordered to receive 11 strokes for stoning car

Rioters go to jail
Prison for the adults while a juvenile gets six strokes of the cane

African gets 12 strokes
Magistrate orders caning for 15-year-old stone-thrower

Stern warnings by N.R. magistrates as five Africans are jailed
Another juvenile caned (10 strokes) for political rioting

Mobile police stand by as 18 Africans are convicted
Heavy canings for two teen boys

Zambia/Judicial - June 1960
Prison, cane for cycle thefts
Nine strokes for European boy, 16

Cane for Boy
Ten strokes for 18-year-old forger

Zambia/Judicial - September 1961
Kaunda Men Birched [sic]
18 cane strokes for five party officials


Zimbabwe/Illicit - November 1952
Airline Hostess Caned by Boss, Who Gets Fired
Six strokes "on panties and slip" because she didn't fasten her seat belt

Zimbabwe/Judicial - April 1960
'Witch' forced to strip, died after 297 blows, High Court is told
Youth and man get six cuts with cane plus jail

Woman's attacker jailed
Four years plus six cuts for African who assaulted former employer

Zimbabwe/Judicial - May 1960
African waiter jailed, caned for £3,300 theft from shop safe
High Court gives him 8 cuts, 10 years

12 years for rape attempt
African servant also gets 8 cuts with cane

Zimbabwe/Judicial - June 1960
Indecency: 3½ years for farmer
And eight cuts with cane for 20-year-old

Will-o'-the-wisp driver appears in Court
17-year-old stole car, drove it recklessly, gets 6 cuts and reformatory term

Zimbabwe/Judicial - August 1965
Rhodesia policemen to be caned
Two white recruits from Britain, age 20 and 21, are ordered six cuts each and a year in jail for robbery

Zimbabwe/Judicial - July 1971
Caning Row Hits Talks In Rhodesia
Hundreds of schoolboys caned by magistrate's court


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