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Judicial CP - October 1935

Jersey Weekly Post, St Helier, 12 October 1935

Stolen Fruit

Boy Delinquents Get Caned by Centenier Hotton.

cuttingStolen fruit may be the sweetest, but the payment, though sometimes delayed, is far from sweet. Two boys found out the truth of that on Oct. 1st. They had amused themselves by raiding fruit gardens in the Beach Road area at the week-end, but their movements were accurately traced by Centenier C.W. Hotton, of St. Saviour, and that evening they appeared before the Constable of St. Saviour at the Parish Hall.

Their parents and Dr. R.N. McKinstry were present, and after the case had been fully investigated they were given several strokes with a cane in the place where the strokes would do most good, the cane being wielded by Centenier Hotton. It was two very tearful "scrumpers" who left the Hall -- but well, boys will be boys!

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