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Archive - 2016

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Australia/Judicial - March 2016
Kalgoorlie-Boulder Mayor John Bowler wants caning for young offenders
Juvenile criminals need "a bit of a jolt", says Western Australia Labor politician


Barbados/Schools - January 2016
Corporal punishment to reduce indiscipline
Teachers' union says schools must keep the cane


Botswana/Judicial - March 2016
Botswana Public Floggings Scaring Zimbabweans
Petty criminals from neighbouring Zim regularly sentenced to strokes of the cane


Canada/Domestic - January 2016
Straight talk on spanking laws
Campaign to maintain the legality of parental CP

flag CHINA

China/Illicit - June 2016 New!
Video shows China bank employees being spanked (with video clip)
Failing bank staff paddled by trainer in front of colleagues


Indonesia/Judicial - April 2016
Strict Indonesian province canes non-Muslim for selling booze
60-year-old Christian woman is publicly flogged

Indonesia/Judicial - June 2016 New!
Indonesia's Aceh sees rise in public canings to enforce Islamic sharia code, Amnesty says (illustrated)
Punishment of 18-year-old woman is pictured


Malaysia/Judicial - March 2016
Gang robber gets four years, eight strokes (illustrated)
21-year-old is pictured after being sentenced to a caning

Malaysia/Judicial - April 2016
Jailed, caned for raping 14-year-old student (illustrated)
Eight years in jail and six strokes of the cane for culprit, 21, pictured

Malaysia/Schools - May 2016
Rotan sellers jumping for joy over new ruling
Supplier of canes pleased with go-ahead for school CP

"Caning allowed under guidelines"
Clarification that schoolboys can be caned for serious offences

Malaysia/Judicial - May 2016 New!
Three years, 3 strokes for two friends (illustrated)
Caning sentences for two robbers, 27 and 28, pictured

Court to cane duo in exchange for shorter jail sentence
Two 30-year-olds ask for caning, get two strokes each


New Zealand/Schools - January 2016
Twelve Questions: Leigh Hart (illustrated)
Comedian, pictured, describes severe canings at 1980s boarding school in Christchurch


Nigeria/Judicial - January 2016
Underage brothers flogged for possession of cutlass, charms
Five strokes of the cane each for two teens, six strokes for another

Boy gets 12 strokes of cane sentence for theft
12-year-old also ordered to clear the bush within court premises

Nigeria/Judicial - February 2016
Bricklayer bags 12 strokes of cane for unlawful possession of army uniform
Severe punishment for 23-year-old in Nasarawa State

Teenage student flogged over dangerous weapon possession
15-year-old sentenced to five strokes of the cane

flag QATAR

Qatar/Judicial - June 2016 New!
Four things to know about flogging as a punishment in Qatar
Local news report describes procedure for JCP


Singapore/Judicial - January 2016
Loanshark harasser crawls past CCTV cameras to avoid being seen (illustrated)
Culprit, 26, pictured, ordered to receive 12 strokes of the cane

Singapore/Judicial - February 2016
Police NSF gets 18 years' jail, 15 strokes of cane (illustrated)
Heavy punishment for National Serviceman, pictured, 23, for multiple sexual offences and extortion

Man gets jail and cane for robbing and tying up masseuses (illustrated)
Two years in jail and 12 strokes of the cane for 21-year-old, pictured

Singapore/Judicial - May 2016
Nearly 17 years' jail, 22 strokes of cane for man who raped woman thrice in public (illustrated)
Rapist, 30, is pictured


Uganda/Schools - May 2016
Uganda outlaws corporal punishment
Government bans school caning


USA/Illicit - January 2016
Spanking, dehydration and ignorance of concussions: New details about Peter Nowak's Union tenure (illustrated)
Philadelphia soccer team players regularly spanked by coach, pictured

USA/Schools - March 2016
Paddling in NC schools up despite more bans
New statistics show N. Carolina bucking the downward trend

USA/Schools - April 2016
Paddling common in some Central Georgia schools
Statistics given for various districts

Laurens Schools defend paddling punishments (with video clip)
Focus on a Georgia district with over 1,000 paddlings a year


Zimbabwe/Judicial - February 2016
Masvingo teenager to get four strokes for raping 5-year-old girl
15-year-old is ordered to submit to a caning at local police station

Dentist saves rapist from prison
Three strokes of the cane for offender deemed to be a juvenile after dispute over his age

Zimbabwe/Judicial - April 2016
Schoolboy sodomises Grade 1 pupil
Culprit, 17, ordered to receive four strokes with a rattan cane

Zimbabwe/Judicial - June 2016 New!
School bullies arrested over indecent assault
Magistrate sentences two boys aged 16 and 15 to five strokes of the cane each

Court orders four strokes for 14-year-old
He raped his niece aged six

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