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Judicial CP - April 1960

Central African Post, Lusaka, 1 April 1960

10 strokes of cane

C.A.P. Reporter

A LUSAKA magistrate said yesterday that civilised people were not impressed by hooligans throwing stones to persuade them about political aspirations.

cuttingThe magistrate, Mr F. Johnston, was sentencing a 16-year-old African schoolboy to 10 strokes of the cane for throwing stones at cars as they passed along Queen Mary Avenue on Sunday -- the day Mr Iain Macleod, the Colonial Secretary, arrived in Lusaka.

The youth denied the charge, but Mr Johnston said he had lied in his defence.

The magistrate went on: "If you think you can persuade people regarding your political aspirations by violent means by throwing stones at cars, you have made a mistake because civilised people are not impressed by those methods. You chose the very worst way of advancing your views.

"I hope you will tell your friends afterwards that we won't put up with this sort of hooliganism."

Mr Johnston asked the probation officer to let him have a report of the boy in a month's time.

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