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Judicial CP - July 1947

Corpun file 6383

Evening News, London, 11 July 1947

10 Year-old: 'I Hate Them All': Family 'Blazing'

Father of Birched Boy Wants Inquiry

Wires M.P. - 'See Ede'

By "Evening News" Reporter

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THE father of the two boys each ordered a maximum sentence of six strokes of the birch at the Manchester County Juvenile Court yesterday wants the Home Secretary to order a public inquiry.

He has sent a telegram to Mr. H.L. Austin, M.P. for Stretford, saying:

"Please ask Home Secretary order public inquiry into birching of my two sons, one a first offender aged ten. I protested but was never told I had the right to appeal."

The boys were ordered to be birched for breaking into a garage and theft.

To-day the father said: "I hope the Home Secretary will go fully into the case, because I believe it to be very wrong that a ten-year-old boy should receive the maximum sentence of birching for a first offence, and a boyish prank at that.

"I protested in court yesterday and told the magistrates that I had already administered adequate punishment to the boys. Had I been aware that I had such a right I would most certainly have appealed."

The boy's 22-year-old brother, home to-day from the Merchant Navy, said: "We are all blazing.

"Extremely Severe"

"The two boys were taken in a police car to the police station, where my 18-year-old brother, on Army embarkation leave, had to witness the punishment.

"He tried to intervene, but was prevented by police officers. The punishment was extremely severe, and the police compelled the boys to walk home immediately afterwards.

"Both the boys have been sick this morning, and the younger one seemed much too poorly to get up," he added.

The 10-year-old boy said: "I don't know what it is supposed to do. It certainly doesn't make you feel like being good. I hate the lot of them."

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