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CALIFORNIA: private schools

  • Berean Bible Baptist Academy, Chula Vista
    Here, "An accumulation of demerits can lead to corporal discipline" (no details provided). CP may also be used for a failure to complete assignments where the teacher believes the student has been lazy, but not if the teacher believes he or she has done his or her best.
     See also the student handbook acknowledgement form, which the student as well as the parent must sign, agreeing, in the event of breaking the rules, to "accept the discipline outlined with a good Christian attitude".

  • Bethel Christian Academy, El Sobrante
    Parents must sign a consent form upon enrollment agreeing to the use of CP if required. A student receives a conduct slip after two instances of disobedience in a day, and is "sent to the office for swats" after three such instances in a day, or upon receiving three conduct slips within one grading period. In addition, swats are automatic for such transgressions as cheating, lying, fighting and blatant disrespect. The punishment consists of "three swats with a paddle on the bottom", administered by the principal for boys and "one of the lady staff members" for girls. The conduct slip is taken home for the parent to sign. The main punishment for students in grades 7 through 12 is detention, but they may be spanked if their disobedience persists.

  • Calvary Baptist Christian Academy, American Canyon
    Corporal punishment may be requested to be performed by the parent.

  • Covenant Christian Academy, Westminster
    "No more than three swats shall be administered on the buttocks area only, with a hand or ping-pong paddle."

  • Liberty Christian Schools, Redding
    LCS admits international students in grades 9-12, but only if their parents authorize paddling.

  • Pacific Harbor Christian School, Wilmington, California
    "Corporal punishment (spanking) is left to the discretion of the parent only."

  • Stockdale Christian Schools, Bakersfield
    School staff no longer administer CP. The replacement provision, "Possible spanking by parent(s)", apparently applies only in grades K through 5.

COLORADO: private schools

  • CedarWood Christian Academy, Aurora
    "Three (3) swats will be administered by a staff member of the same sex as your child, using a simple, flat paddle."

CONNECTICUT: private schools

  • Berean Christian Academy, Milford
    Here, if other forms of correction fail to work, "the student will receive swats with a paddle". It is preferred that the parent comes to the school to administer these but, if that is not possible, the school staff will do it. "Teachers shall be instructed in the use of the paddle to produce an effective sting without injury." There is a maximum of three swats. Only female staff may paddle girls.
     In a hilarious example of the "make it up as you go along, and hope nobody bothers to check" brand of scholarship, the document solemnly tells us that the word paddling comes "from the Greek word paideia, which implies to nurture from a strike or sting". Actually it comes from the English word paddle, a description of a piece of wood of a certain shape, which originally had (and, in most uses of the term, still has) nothing at all to do with punishment, but comes (according to Webster) from Middle English padell, a spade-shaped tool for cleaning a plow!

FLORIDA: private or charter schools

  • Alpha Learning Academy, Orlando
    This elementary school tells parents that "If the principal deems it necessary to utilize this form of behavior modification [CP], the administration acknowledges your signature on the student pledge of cooperation as your consent".

  • Family Life Academy, Archer
    "Parents who do not believe in or practice corporal correction, as a viable means of child discipline, will not be considered for acceptance." Parents are notified only after the paddling has been administered. Failure to return a signed homework slip, failing to show up for detention, getting six demerits in a day or three detentions in one week, and continued scoring violations, are all offenses that "will result in corporal punishment". Students over 18 are not paddled (why not?). Student athletes in grades 6 to 12 who "receive multiple corporal punishments" within one week will be suspended from the game.

  • Fellowship Baptist Academy, New Port Richey [DOC]
    The offending student is suspended for one day while the parent applies the corporal correction at home.

  • Gospel Baptist Christian School, Bonita Springs
    In grades 1 through 4, "Major offenses are taken care of by way of a spanking", which "is to be administered by the parent in the privacy of their home within 24 hours"... "Three firm swats with a paddle are to be given."

  • Inverness Christian Academy
    On of the possible discipline consequences at this K-12 school is "to allow parents to use corporal punishment as necessary".

  • Joshua Christian Academy, Jacksonville New!
    This document is the school's "Paddling Procedures Parent Agreement", which parents must sign in the presence of a notary. "I have read the above and agree to support Joshua Christian Academy in its policy of punishment and personally pledge my support to this scriptural approach to discipline." The punishment consists of "a reasonable number of firm strokes with a paddle".

  • New Generation Christian Academy, Davie
    At this very strict K-12 school ("The first principle that the students need to learn is obedience"), "conduct of major significance that calls for corporal punishment at the discretion of the homeroom teacher, though handled by the teacher, will be administered with the assistance of another teacher or the principal. The parent will be notified immediately thereafter."

  • Northside Christian Academy, Starke
    This K-12 school "believes that corporal punishment is an effective means of disciplining a child". The parents may witness the ceremony, which is performed by the principal. "A female staff will be present when a female student is paddled." There is a maximum of 3 swats.

  • Pillar of Hope Academy, Cocoa New!
    "Swats" are administered at this K-12 school for deliberate disobedience. If the parent refuses consent for CP, the student is suspended or expelled.

  • Piney Grove Boys Academy, Lauderdale Lakes
    This K-8 Baptist school "reserves the right to corporally discipline/spank students for rebellion involving major offenses or continued minor offenses". Only the Administrator may spank. Parents are contacted only after the event, but must have signed permission previously.

  • Shining Star Academy of the Arts, Lake City
    At this K-8 charter school, the student must sign a "Student contract", included here in the enrollment package, to say that he/she agrees to "Accept discipline including corporal punishment if I display inappropriate behavior".
     See also this May 2012 news item.

  • Victory Christian Academy, Sneads
    Demerits are earned for disturbances and broken rules. Seven or more demerits may result in corporal correction, involving a maximum of three strokes with "a simple, flat paddle". The administrator (who may be parent/guardian or staff) and the witness must both be of the same sex as the student. Parents must sign a "Corporal Correction Release" form upon enrollment. "We believe that certain offenses are best corrected through the use of corporal discipline."

  • Winter Haven Christian School Paddling is available at the elementary level and in grades 6-8 of secondary, but is not used in grades 9 through 12.
     There is a convoluted warning procedure involving a "pre-paddling notice sent home" and a "paddling notice sent home". The punishment consists of three swats, to be administered by the parent in the presence of the Administrator.

  • These Florida private schools also state that they use corporal punishment, but give few or no details:
    Christian Life Academy, Gainesville
    Greenacres Christian Academy
    North Kissimmee Christian School, Kissimmee

FLORIDA: public schools

  • Calhoun County School District (covers Altha, Blountstown)
    Moderate paddling by a teacher or principal is a possible response to both "less serious" and "more serious" misconduct. There is no mention of parental consent. Bus drivers are not allowed to give physical punishment.

  • Clay County School District (covers Green Cove Springs, Keystone Heights, Middleburg, Orange Park)
    Corporal punishment may be used for Level II offenses (insubordination, gambling, minor vandalism) but not for offenses at Level I (the least serious ones) or Levels III and IV (the most serious). Parents may exempt their offspring in writing.
    Stats: See this Apr 2014 report that there were 67 paddlings here in 2011/12. This fell to 34 in 2012/13, according to this Apr 2015 news item.

  • Gilchrist County School District (covers Bell, Trenton) [DOC]
    The paddle here is to be "no more than two feet long and one-half inch thick, and shall be smooth with no sharp edges or holes". In primary and intermediate grades there is a maximum of five strokes per day. At secondary level the maximum is seven strokes.
    Stats: This Apr 2014 report says there were 72 paddlings here in 2011/12.

  • Glades County Schools (covers LaBelle, Moore Haven, Okeechobee) [DOC]
    "Corporal punishment (Paddling)" is an alternative to suspension for repeated "Group I" violations and for first "Group II or III" violations.

  • Gulf County Schools (covers Port St Joe, Wewahitchka) (New URL)
    CP may be given for a first or second Level 1 offense (the least serious).

  • Hamilton County School District (covers Jasper, Jennings, White Springs)
    At the elementary level (grades K to 6), corporal punishment is available for a wide range of misbehaviors (dress code, tardy, misconduct on the bus), but not for the most serious ones (smoking, assault).
     At the County High School, CP is not one of the listed responses to any specific offenses, but "may be substituted for listed consequences upon parent conference and administration approval". A high-school student may not be spanked on more than three occasions per school year.

  • Hardee County Schools (covers Bowling Green, Wauchula, Zolfo Springs) (New URL)
    "Paddling shall be administered posteriorly." Parents who object must say so in writing annually. CP is mentioned for a wide range of specific offenses in grades K-5 only. This might mean that secondary students are not spanked, but the document does not spell that out.

  • Highlands County Schools (covers Avon Park, Lake Placid, Sebring)
    "Paddling shall be administered on the posterior of the student and shall not exceed five (5) swats." Also, oddly, "Students may not participate in or attend any school-sponsored activity the day they receive corporal punishment." CP is referred to 44 times in the Code of Conduct, covering a wide range of offenses at both elementary and secondary levels.

  • Holmes District Schools (covers Bonifay, Graceville, Ponce de Leon)
    This school district "has no rule against reasonable and proper paddling of students for disciplinary reasons". It must be administered by the principal or designee. The Code of Conduct says there is a maximum of three strokes for any given infraction, but this March 2011 news item (with video clip) quotes the Superintendent as saying that the maximum is two licks.
     See also this March 2012 news item, according to which at Holmes County High School the paddle is made in the school woodshop and measures 16 in. long, 5 in. wide and half an inch thick; there are quotes from a senior student who has been paddled "plenty of times".
    Stats: This Apr 2015 news item reveals that 9.2 per cent of the student population were spanked in the latest year.

  • Levy County School Board (covers Bronson, Cedar Key, Chiefland, Williston, Yankeetown)
    CP here consists of a maximum of three licks with a paddle. No student is to have more than one paddling session per day.
     See also this March 2012 news item about a paddling at Joyce Bullock Elementary School that was contrary to the parent's wishes. And see this Apr 2015 news item.

  • Liberty County Schools, Bristol CP ("the moderate use of paddling") is one of the "disciplinary interventions" available for Level I and Level II infractions. It is particularly mentioned for a second bus offense. A form on page 2 requires the student to sign to confirm among other things that he or she has reviewed the corporal punishment consent information.
     The Policy Manual lays down a maximum of five (5) licks.
    Stats: During 2000/01, no CP was recorded at Liberty County High School. The same was true a decade later (2011/12), when the district was next surveyed. Subsequently, the high school decided to implement corporal punishment on a substantial scale. During 2013/14, 50 boys and 18 girls were spanked on one or more occasions.

  • Nassau County Public Schools (covers Bryceville, Callahan, Fernandina Beach, Hilliard, Yulee)
    Unusual due process here: students in presenting their side of the story before being paddled "must have the opportunity to present witnesses to the incident". Students known to be under treatment for an emotional disability may not be given CP.
    Stats: See this Nov 2013 news item, according to which there were a mere 18 spankings in this district in the latest year.

  • Okeechobee County School District
    Very unusually for a public school district, CP here must be administered by the parent at the school (max. three paddle swats, to be "administered posteriorly"). "In every case of corporal punishment, the student, parent, and witness are to be told beforehand of the seriousness of the offense and the reason for the punishment as well as the number of swats he/she is to receive."

  • Union County School District, Lake Butler
    Corporal punishment is defined here as "spanking a student after attaining approval from their parent or guardian". There is a maximum of three swats "on the posterior part of the body". These must be delivered by an administrator. "Under no circumstances shall the administrator's hand be used as the means of administering corporal punishment."
    Stats: See this Apr 2014 news item, stating that there were 114 paddlings in this district in 2011/12, and this Apr 2015 report that the figure increased to 138 in 2012/13 and that in most cases students were paddled at their own request instead of suspension.

  • Wakulla County Schools (covers Crawfordville, St Marks, Sopchoppy)
    See section 5.301. School principals may give approval to any teacher to use corporal punishment, for disciplinary reasons but never for lack of work or unsuccessful work, and never in anger. It must be administered to the student's buttocks.
    History: See this March 2009 news item.

  • Washington County Schools (covers Chipley, Vernon)
    CP is defined as "strokes applied as a penalty for acts of misconduct administered by the principal or designee upon the student's buttocks with a paddle". There is a maximum of five strokes per incident. It is not to be given to students under medical treatment. Parents may request exemption.
     See also this Nov 2013 news item and this Nov 2014 one (with video clip).

  • These Florida public school districts also state that they use corporal punishment, but give few or no details:

    Columbia County Schools, Lake City (elementary level only) Franklin County Schools (covers Apalachicola, Eastpoint)
    Dixie District Schools (covers Cross City, Old Town) Lafayette District Schools, Mayo Suwannee County Schools, Live Oak

GEORGIA: private schools

  • Appling Christian Academy, Bazley
    Principal and teachers may paddle, but it should not be the first line of punishment for minor offenses. Written parental permission must be given.

  • Ash Tree Learning Center Academy, Savannah
    "The ATLCA does offer Corporal Punishment (i.e. paddling, spanking, switching, swatting, and/or forced exercise)", but only when parents have given permission in writing.

  • Canaanland Christian School, Chatsworth (covers Whitfield, Murray, Gordon County)
    This K-12 school provides "Automatic corporal punishment" for a variety of offenses from "pushing and shoving" to five demerits in one day or two detentions in a week. A paddling is also administered for a third "Scoring violation".

  • Citizens Christian Academy, Douglas
    Corporal punishment is one of the "corrective actions" here.
     For a second cellphone offense, "The student will have a choice of paying a $50.00 fine, having the phone withheld for 7 days, or receiving corporal punishment". For a third such offense, the choice is "paying a $100.00 fine, having the phone withheld for 14 days, or receiving corporal punishment". (One wonders if there can be anyone who would pay $100 to avoid a spanking.)

  • Collins Hill Christian School, Lawrenceville (New URL)
    If CP becomes necessary, parents are asked to come to the school to administer or witness it.

  • Georgia School for Innovation and the Classics, Hephzibah New!
    "We believe that corporal punishment is a very effective method of punishment and serves as a strong deterrent to unacceptable behavior for students of all ages", says this K-9 charter school. Parents may withhold consent, but then the student is suspended for up to five days instead. "Parents are notified that their child is to be paddled. The student will be taken into an office and the door closed. The student will place their hands on their knees or piece of furniture and will be struck on the buttocks with a paddle." There is a maximum of three licks. The paddle is made of wood and measures 24" long, 6" wide and ¾" thick.
     This school's decision to introduce CP caused a lot of media publicity -- see this Sep 2018 news report.

  • Grace Christian Academy, Covington
    Paddling is to be administered in the presence of the parent, who must have signed a statement that they agree with the CP policy. If the parent fails to cooperate, the student may be expelled.

  • Greater Augusta Christian Academy New!
    Here there is a maximum of five strokes with "a simple flat paddle".

  • Heirway Christian Academy, Douglasville
    "I invest authority in the school to discipline my child as needed. I understand that this includes the possibility of paddling [...] Parents will not be notified prior to paddling. A note will be sent home the day of the paddling to parents."

  • Holy Ground Baptist Academy, Roopville
    At this K-12 school, paddling may be given for, among other things, accruing 25 demerits in one semester. The student is punished again, with escalating severity, at each further 25 demerits. If a parent objects, or the student refuses to accept CP, they will be asked to withdraw from the school.

  • John Hancock Academy, Sparta New!
    If parents withhold consent for CP, the student is suspended for three to five days.

  • Lighthouse Christian Academy, Columbus, Georgia (New URL)
    "Corporal punishment is a part of the disciplinary process at LCA", but staff will not administer it: parents must come to the school to do so within one hour of being asked, with a staff member as witness.

  • Lighthouse Christian School, Valdosta
    "Students receiving one hour of detention may receive corporal correction in addition to detention. They will be advised of this and a note will be sent to parents." Also, "Fighting will result in corporal punishment for both parties". There is a maximum of five swats. Students are aged up to 19 inclusive.

  • New Hope Christian Academy, Saint Marys
    This Student Application Form for grades 1-12 says, "Should corporal discipline (paddling) be needed, would you be willing to come to the school to administer it? If not, please explain".

  • Perimeter School, Johns Creek
    At this K-8 school, CP ("spanking on a child's bottom with a paddle") may be administered by the teacher or principal. There is a maximum of three swats. An earlier version of this handbook specified that the paddle is to be of wood or plastic, 18 inches long. That language now seems to have disappeared.

  • Pinewood Christian Academy, Belleville (New URL) updated
    Corporal punishment may be applied for all and any offenses whether large or small, in all grades (K through 12). It is also specifically mentioned as a consequence for a 5th through 9th tardy, and this now includes students who arrive late to class, not just late to school.

  • Robert Toombs Christian Academy, Lyons At this K-12 school, students are disciplined with a wooden paddle kept in the Headmaster's office. "Students will be given no more than three (3) licks on their behinds on any one occasion of paddling." Also, "A female faculty member shall be present if a female student is paddled".
     On the Permission Form, parents must indicate whether they want their youngsters spanked or not. The student is "given a choice of corporal discipline or out of school suspension (OSS) at the time of the infraction". Parents are warned that "by choosing OSS my student will not be allowed to make up missed assignments when he/she is out of class and will receive zeros for those missed assignments".

  • Southwest Georgia Academy, Damascus
    At this private but not religious school, there is a maximum of three licks. Either the teacher administering them, or the witness, must be of the same sex as the student. Parents may opt out in writing.

  • Southland studentsSouthland Academy, Americus
    No concessions to sexual equality here: girls may be administered CP in grades pre-K through 5, but all male students may be spanked right up to and including grade 12 (the maximum age for enrollment is 19). An earlier requirement that female students may be paddled only by female staff has now been deleted. The Headmaster or his Assistant will be present at all paddlings. In some circumstances CP may even be a first resort. A previous version of this handbook stated that parents could file a notice refusing consent, but that has gone and clearly does not now apply.

  • Terrell Academy, Dawson
    "There is always a choice on corporal punishment", says this K-12 Christian school -- but only for boys: "NO female student will receive corporal punishment". There is a maximum of three strokes per offense, to be administered with a flat paddle by the Headmaster, the Dean of Students, or the Athletic Director. Parents must have given permission. For a first offense of bullying, the prescribed discipline is 3 days' detention, but "Additional punishment for first offense is at the discretion of the Headmaster, and may involve corporal punishment". For fighting, "The 1st offense punishment is at the discretion of the Headmaster and may be changed to corporal punishment".

  • Vidalia Heritage Academy, Vidalia
    Spanking may be used for category II offenses, including cheating, disrespect and lying. Parents are informed, and invited to witness the punishment.

  • Westwood Schools, Camilla
    At the elementary school, parents are notified when there is a paddling, but "teachers cannot be expected to leave their classrooms unattended to call parents/guardians immediately before or after the punishment is administered". Also, somewhat mysteriously, "A pop is not a spanking -- A spanking consists of two or more swats". At the middle- and high-school levels, corporal punishment is "not excluded".

  • Windsor Academy, Macon (New URL)
    At the Middle and Upper School here (grades 5 through 12), "Paddling (corporal punishment)", by the Headmaster or other designated school personnel, involves "a maximum of 3 firm strokes". At least one witness will be of the same sex as the student being punished. Parents are contacted by phone beforehand. "Windsor Academy reserves the right to ask for immediate withdrawal of any student with repeated offenses whose parent(s) refuses the school the permission to paddle." Also, "The use of profanity, vulgar or obscene gestures, or inappropriate language will result in corporal punishment and expulsion if repeated".

  • These Georgia private schools also state that they use corporal punishment, but give few or no details:

    Central Fellowship Christian Academy, Macon
    Edmund Burke Academy, Waynesboro
    Faith Baptist Christian Academy, Ludowici
    Philadelphia Christian School, Calhoun, Georgia [DOC]
    Twiggs Academy, Jeffersonville

GEORGIA: public schools

  • Appling County Schools, Baxley
    This district says "corporal punishment should be infrequently used in our schools".
     At the Middle School, CP may be used when "another means of modifying unacceptable behavior has been attempted and failed". There is a curious statement that "any withholding of corporal punishment is done after the parent makes a request", in which case the student will be suspended. Where the parent has made such a request, the student himself is "advised to remind teachers should the need arise if corporal punishment cannot be used".
     See also this Nov 2009 news item about a boy paddled at the Middle School and his mother who complained about it.
    Stats: There were 349 paddlings in Appling County in 2010/11, most of them at primary/elementary level.

  • Atkinson County Schools, Pearson Corporal punishment here consists of "no more than three licks on the student's buttocks" on any one occasion.
     At the Middle School, paddling may be the punishment for forgery, tobacco, leaving school grounds without permission, and disrespect. Parents who "have concerns with" CP must write to the homeroom teacher within the first five days of school. If they cannot be contacted the student may get the spanking anyway, unless the objection is on medical grounds.
    Stats: This district administered CP on 173 occasions in 2010/11 (state statistics).

  • Baker County K-12 School, Newton
    Corporal punishment is used with parental permission. For Class II offenses, there are increasing punishments for successive referrals, consisting of varying lengths of ISS or OSS, plus "two paddlings which may occur anywhere in the sequence of 11 referrals".
    Stats: There were 39 paddlings at this school in 2010/11.

  • Bleckley County Schools The principal may administer corporal punishment, in his office, to any "student who selects this type of punishment". There is a maximum of three licks, "always on the buttocks". Students will not be held or restrained while being paddled.
    Stats: This is the third highest CP district in Georgia, with 343 paddlings in 2014/15, according to this Apr 2016 news item.

  • Camden County Schools (covers Kingsland, St Marys, Woodbine)
    In this district, parents not wanting their offspring paddled must fill out a special form on enrollment day and sign it in the school office. In that case, suspension may be used instead.

  • Catoosa County Public Schools, Ringgold
    Corporal punishment is separately specified here for each of a large number of misbehaviors, all the way from dress code violations to "terroristic threats". It must be administered by the principal or his/her designee.

  • Chattooga County Schools, Summerville See p.38 et seq. Only administrators may paddle. Parents are informed afterwards. CP may be given at both elementary and secondary levels for disrupting class, inappropriate behavior, disrespecting teachers, profanity or not following instructions, and at secondary level only for a third or subsequent offence of skipping detention, skipping school, or leaving class or school without permission.
     The High School enrollment packet includes a form on which parents state whether they approve of CP.

  • Chickamauga City Schools
    Here, CP may be applied for "Category II Discipline (Intermediate Offenses)", at the Middle and High School only. It is not mentioned for the Elementary School.

  • Clinch County Schools, Homerville
    This school for grades 8 through 12 has been described by U.S. News & World Report as "one of America's best High Schools". CP is described as "Physical punishment (paddling) by the principal or his designee" and comes second after detention in a list of disciplinary actions. For a sixth or subsequent tardy to class, "students will be escorted back to the classroom and assigned 1 day ISS or one day OSS to begin the next school day or will receive corporal punishment". More generally, students may be spanked for a second dress code violation, a first offense of sleeping in class or being unprepared for class, or a first public display of affection.
     The separate Dress Code document says, on the vexed subject of Sagging Pants, "Oversized pants will not be tolerated at CCHS. Students who wear pants that are inappropriately sized to waist will be sent home to change. The student will receive corporal punishment for the offense".
    Stats: 62 boys and 29 girls were paddled at this school in 2011/12. During 2015/16, 13 boys and 7 girls received a total of 31 spankings.

  • Coffee County Schools, Douglas: Board Policy
  • Coffee County Schools Handbook
    An earlier version of the policy here defined CP as "moderate use of physical force with a paddle" which may be applied only to the student's buttocks. That language now seems to have disappeared.
     The handbook lists corporal punishment as one of the disciplinary actions that may be imposed for any violation of the code of conduct. A form must be signed by parents if they do not wish their student to be paddled.
    Stats: Some 1,080 paddlings took place in this school district in 2004/05, equivalent to about 14% of the student roll.
     See also this Oct 2013 news item.

  • Decatur County Schools, Bainbridge
    CP must be administered by the principal or assistant principal. It must not be excessive or unduly severe. There is a procedure for parental opt-out.
     See also, as regards Potter Street Elementary, this Feb 2009 news item.
     And see this Aug 2009 news item, which reported that CP was suspended in Feb 2009 and the Board of Education was considering whether to abolish it altogether or restore it.
    This March 2011 news item makes clear that paddling did in fact resume.

  • Dodge County Schools, Eastman Corporal punishment may be administered only by the principal or his/her designee.
     At the High School (grades 9 through 12), "Corporal punishment is offered as an option for minor discipline offenses". These include tardies, chewing gum, parking violations, and dress code offenses. CP is defined as "Physical punishment (paddling)".
     The Middle School document says "Students who receive an office referral which warrants corporal punishment shall return a consent form with a parent's signature".
    Stats: 73 paddlings were provided in this district in 2014/15, according to this April 2016 news item.

  • Dougherty County Schools, Albany
    Corporal punishment here involves spanking the student's buttocks in the principal's office -- there is no mention of a paddle or any other instrument. Students may be exempted only by the presentation, on enrollment day, of a doctor's statement that it would be detrimental to the child's mental or emotional stability.
    Stats: About 920 students were paddled here in 2004/05.

  • Dublin City Schools
    "Corporal punishment may be deemed necessary by the principal or designee" for Class I violations (the least serious) in grades K through 12. Parents may request exemption in writing, suggesting an alternative punishment, but "when the alternative is determined by the principal to be ineffective, the use of corporal punishment may be reinstated".
     CP is especially mentioned as a penalty for a third or fourth tardy per semester at the High School.
    Stats: There were 84 paddlings in this district in 2014/15, according to this April 2016 news item.

  • Early County School System, Blakely
    Corporal punishment should be a "last resort" and not excessive. Parental refusal must be submitted annually in writing.
    Stats: Early County reported 855 spankings in 2004/05, representing 32% of student enrollment.

  • Harris County Schools (covers Cataula, Ellerslie, Fortson, Hamilton)
    Parents have 10 days from first enrollment in which to submit a letter requesting that CP not be used. On a separate page about school bus policy, it is stated that paddling is an alternative to three days' suspension off the bus for a third bus offense.
    History: See this Aug 2007 news report, in which a district official claimed that, in practice, CP would not be used without parental permission.

  • Jeff Davis County Schools, Hazlehurst
    At the high school, corporal punishment may be used for Level I and Level II offenses. It is not an option for major offenses. Parental requests not to use CP will be honored.

  • Lanier County Schools, Lakeland
    At the High School, "Corporal Punishment may be administered in lieu of ISS or at the discretion of the principal". A parental consent form must be on file. CP is particularly mentioned for a first or second Level II offense (cheating, skipping class, etc.). CP may not be used in lieu of OSS.
    Stats: 32 boys and 8 girls received paddlings on one or more occasions in 2013/14.

  • Laurens County School System updated At Northwest Laurens Elementary, CP "shall not be administered as a first line of action unless approved by the parent". It is specifically mentioned for offenses on the school bus, where on the third, fourth or fifth offenses (but not earlier or subsequent ones) the student may be paddled "at the discretion of the administrator or the parent".
     East Laurens Middle School provides CP for a first offense of disrespect or insubordination, a second offense of disruption, and a minor case of threats.
     The High School says corporal punishment may be imposed for any violation, but it is particularly mentioned as a consequence of minor instances of threats or threatening gestures. There is no longer a maximum of 3 licks.
     See also this student newspaper article (2010) from West Laurens High, which notes that the assistant principal "spent a lot of time enacting [sic] corporal punishment".
     Being paddled does indeed appear to be a popular choice with the older teens: of 1,761 spankings in Laurens County as a whole in 2010/11, 504 were administered at West Laurens High. The two high schools together (East Laurens and West Laurens) accounted for 657 CP cases during the year, or 37% of the district total, according to Georgia Education Department figures. See also this Feb 2012 news report.
     See also this April 2016 news item (with video clip) featuring a Laurens County parent who approves of paddling for her elementary- and high-school offspring.
     And see this Aug 2016 report on, among other things, a two-lick paddling for an 11-year-old student (pictured) at Southwest Laurens Elementary. She and her mother both state that the punishment was effective.
    Stats: There were 358 paddlings at the two Middle Schools in 2010/11. The spankings total for Laurens County as a whole fell to 1,505 in the 2013 school year, according to this Jan 2014 news item. This Apr 2016 report updates that figure to 1,057 for 2014/15, which it says is the highest in Georgia.
     See also this Jan 2017 local newspaper report, which updates the figure to 2016, when there were 975 paddlings and 585 students paddled out of a total enrollment in Laurens County of 6,700, giving an "annual CP rate" of about 9%. The article also notes that only about one per cent of parents choose to opt their students out of CP.
    This Sep 2018 news item reports that paddlings in the district fell from 975 in 2016 to 557 in 2017, following the adoption of a PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) program.

  • Monroe County Schools, Forsyth "Corporal punishment, used correctly, can be an effective method in dealing with discipline." It may be given by a principal or teacher; parents are to be given reasons on request; exemption requires a statement from a doctor.
     At Persons High School, CP is a possible consequence for minor (Level One) offenses. At TG Scott Elementary, CP is "an approved consequence for misconduct" and must be administered in the school office area.
    Stats: 20 paddlings were delivered by this district's schools in 2014/15, according to this April 2016 news report.

  • Murray County Schools, Chatsworth
    "Corporal punishment is a viable and effective option of discipline" which "may be used in lieu of any punishment listed in the Student Code of Conduct at the discretion of the school administration". It is specifically mentioned for any Class II offenses and for assault or bullying on the school bus. Exemption from CP requires a statement from a medical doctor that it would be detrimental.

  • Peach County Schools (covers Byron, Fort Valley)
    A previous version here required that the instrument used for corporal punishment must not cause physical injury. The current version says that no instrument may be used at all, which must mean that spanking with the hand is the only form of CP now permitted. This is unique in US public schools as far as I am aware. As before, "no part of the body above the waist or below the knees may be struck".
     Written parental objections to CP will be honored, as also medical objections from a doctor.
    Stats: Peach Schools meted out 67 spankings in 2014/15, according to this April 2016 news report.

  • Richmond County Schools (covers Augusta, Blythe, Fort Gordon, Hephzibah)
    See page 22. This district requires parental permission to be obtained in writing on each separate occasion before a student is paddled, an event described as "rare".
    History: See this Oct 2006 news item and this Nov 2008 news item.

  • Seminole County Schools
    Corporal punishment may be administered in grades 6 through 12 for a second or subsequent Class I (minor) offense, and for a first Class I (intermediate) offense. A paddling in the Assistant Principal's office is also specifically mentioned for a fourth tardy to class or to school.

  • Toombs County Schools, Lyons CP may be used only by administrators and not by ordinary teachers or even parents. It is no longer specified at pan-district level that the paddle used must be 24 inches long, 5 inches wide, and between ¼in and ½in thick, with a smaller one provided for elementary students, though this language does survive in the latest Middle School handbook.
     The High School used to have what it called the "Three-Two Preference", whereby the student could choose between corporal punishment (3 licks) and after-school detention (2 days). In this latest version, detention is no longer generally available as the alternative to CP; instead the penalty in most cases is anything from one to seven days of ISS, depending on the offense, or a paddling -- the latter described, in all the 35 cases where it applies, as "Corporal Punishment (3 Licks)". Overall this means that the alternative to CP is significantly tougher than it was before.
     In some cases CP is available where it was not before. For instance, a first tobacco offense used to be 3 days' ISS; now it is either 3 days' ISS or 3 licks.
     The student, as well as the parent, must sign the form on page 65 of the high-school handbook, giving or withholding consent for the use of "Corporal Punishment (paddling)" for "minor behavioral infractions".
     At the Middle School, paddling may be used for a second offense of classroom disturbances or disrespect for authority, a first or second offense of horseplay, a second offense of public display of affection, and a first offense of disobedience, buying/selling, or vulgarity. Unlike at the High School, it is not clear whether CP is a matter of choice for the student.
    Stats: During 2011/12, 97 boys and 29 girls received paddlings on one or more occasions at Toombs County High School.

  • Treutlen County Schools, Soperton
    Corporal punishment may be applied at any level of offense. It is particularly mentioned for a second or third dress code violation instead of after-school detention.
    Stats: This district administered 108 paddlings in 2014/15, according to this Apr 2016 news item.

  • Walker County Schools (covers Chickamauga, Flintstone, LaFayette, Lookout Mountain, Rock Spring, Rossville)
    CP is not to be used where parents have expressly objected to it in writing.
    History: See this July 2008 news item.

  • Wilcox County Schools, Rochelle "The administration ... will be using corporal punishment as an alternative to In-School Suspension ... The administration will decide when and in what cases this form of punishment may be applied."
     At the High School and Middle School, paddling "will be administered in lieu of 2 or 3 days of ISS". It always consists of three licks. It is mentioned in particular for a first offense of downloading songs from the school computer network, a second offense of courting, a third offense of sleeping in class, a first or second offense of gambling or skipping class, and a first, second or third offense of abusive language. Also, "Students who accumulate 7 tardies will receive 2 days ISS or 3 licks for each additional tardy thereafter (up to 10 days) until the end of the semester". Strangely, it is explicitly stated that CP may not be used for disrespect towards teachers.
     The district's Employee Handbook stipulates that the punishment be applied "Only with the principal's paddle or appropriate substitute, and always on the buttocks", and that "Students should never be held or restrained while being paddled".
    Stats 1: Wilcox County High School paddled 65 boys and 20 girls during 2000/01. No CP was recorded there in 2004/05 or 2006/07. During 2013/14, 102 of the 174 boys and 53 of the 170 girls were spanked on at least one occasion. In 2015/16, 64 boys and 31 girls at Wilcox County High School received spankings on 252 occasions.
    Stats 2: This Apr 2016 news item says Wilcox County is the number two paddling district in Georgia, with 632 spankings in 2014/15, and that the County High School is the top paddling school in the state.

  • Worth County Schools, Sylvester
    Corporal punishment is a disciplinary consequence in all grades K through 12.
     At Worth County High School (grades 9 through 12), paddlings may be meted out as an alternative to ISS for a reduced number of offenses. It is no longer spelled out that, in such cases, each day of ISS is replaced with 3 licks, so that five days' ISS became 3 licks on each of five consecutive days. This may still be the case. Presumably these options are at the choice of the student, but that is not made explicit.

  • These Georgia public schools or school districts also state that they use corporal punishment, but give few or no details beyond standard Georgia wording about CP not normally being a first resort:

    Carroll County Schools Dade County Schools, Trenton, Georgia
    • History: see this July 2008 news item, in which the board chairman stated that CP is not much used in the middle and high schools, but it is used in the elementary schools.
    Effingham County Schools, Springfield, Georgia
    Hall County Schools, Gainesville, Georgia Heard County School System, Franklin
    Jefferson County Schools (covers Louisville, Wadley, Wrens)
    • Stats: See this Oct 2006 news item, which reports that there were 212 paddlings in this district in 2005/06, up from 189 the previous year.
    Johnson County Schools, Wrightsville Miller County Schools, Colquitt
    Pulaski County Schools, Hawkinsville Taylor County Schools, Butler, Georgia Union County Schools, Blairsville
    Ware County Schools, Waycross Washington County Schools, Sandersville [DOC] Wayne County Schools, Jesup
    Wheeler County Schools, Alamo Wilkinson County Schools, Irwinton
    • See also this Jan 2014 news item (with video clip) about a contested middle-school paddling.
    • Stats: From the 92 spankings in 2013 mentioned in that Jan 2014 report, the number fell to 32 in 2014/15, according to this April 2016 news item.

  • These Georgia public schools or school districts are also known to use corporal punishment, but did not appear to say so on line when last checked, or are not on line at all:

    Telfair County Schools, McRae -- see this Apr 2016 news item

IDAHO: private schools

  • The Ambrose School, Meridian
    At this K-12 Christian school near Boise, spanking is administered with the consent of parents. There is a maximum of three swats on the buttocks with a paddle. If the student being disciplined is female, a female adult witness must be present.

  • Logos School, Moscow
    "As a result of an office visit [...] The principal may require restitution, janitorial work, parental attendance during the school day with their child, spanking, or any other measures consistent with biblical guidelines which may be appropriate." Other sources indicate that it is only at the elementary level that CP is used.

  • Petra Christian Academy, Boise New!
    This K-10 school "has full discretion in the discipline of students while at the school, including paddling".

  • Table Rock Christian School, Driggs (New URL) updated
    "When chastisement by spanking is indicated and agreed to by both the school and the parent(s), we request that the parent(s) administer the spanking as soon as possible and preferably at the school."

  • Twin Falls Christian Academy The main disciplinary method is a demerit system, but "If the administration feels that demerits are not changing a student's behavior, a paddling may be given in lieu of demerits".
     Parents must sign that "We hereby invest authority in the school to discipline our child when necessary, corporally or otherwise".

IDAHO: public schools

  • Castleford School District
    See page 12. Corporal punishment (no details supplied) "is permissible", with a witness and due process. Parents are notified verbally or in writing.
     See also this Sep 2011 news item.

  • Midvale School District New!
    "Corporal punishment when used with discretion can be an effective behavior modifier. Discretion is the key. For this reason, corporal punishment (spanking) will only be used when a rule violation or student behavior would warrant suspension from school."

  • North Gem School District, Bancroft
    CP may be inflicted by the principal or superintendent "in a good faith effort to maintain discipline" when other methods have proven ineffective.

ILLINOIS: private schools

  • Legacy Christian Academy, Caseyville [DOC]
    Includes a form on which parents may either give or decline permission for CP. There is a maximum of three swats.

  • New Hebron Christian School, Robinson [DOC]
    Regular penalties at this K-8 school include loss of privileges and time-out, but "if after an agreed period the student has not corrected the behavior, corporal punishment may become necessary". This is administered by the principal or assistant principal, and consists of "no more than 3 swats on the buttocks". Parents are sent written notification afterwards.

INDIANA: private schools

INDIANA: public schools

  • Anderson Community School Corporation
    The paddle must be made of wood and applied to the buttocks only. Most unusually, the latest version of the handbook stipulates that the paddling shall consist of only one swat. Male staff may paddle female students, but only if a female staff member is the witness, and vice versa. The parent must have filled out a consent form beforehand. No student may be spanked on more than two separate occasions per year.

  • Clay Community Schools, Knightsville, Indiana Paddling may be performed by a teacher or principal. This is the secondary handbook; the elementary one has identical language, but the middle-school handbook doesn't mention CP.
     The administrative guidelines (dated 2008 but apparently still in force) state that parents must be contacted ahead of the spanking and may forbid it, in which case the student is suspended. If the parents approve the paddling, they may request to witness it. In an unusual provision, "The discipline must be administered no later than twenty-four hours following due process with the student". There is a maximum of three swats. Also, CP "will be offered as a one-time-only option to suspension in a given semester".

  • Franklin County Community School Corporation (covers Brookville, Cedar Grove, Connersville, Laurel) At the middle schools, parents may not object to their offspring being paddled unless there are documented medical or psychological problems, but they may request a suspension in lieu of CP. The High School handbook does not mention CP.

  • Gary Community School Corporation
    Paddling is administered "in an objective manner", in such a way that no permanent injury can result, and in the presence of an adult witness.

  • Jac-Cen-Del Community School Corporation, Osgood The Principal will request parental permission before CP is administered.

  • South Spencer School Corporation
    Roughly the same wording at both schools. Paddling is not normally used for a first offense. It is no longer spelled out that the student may request CP in lieu of other punishments. Parents may ask that their child not be paddled, or that they be notified beforehand, but such requests must be put in writing.

  • South Madison Community Schools, Pendleton At Pendleton Heights High, CP (no details supplied) "may be used as a last resort". Other schools in the district use the same language.
     The Teacher Handbook (see p.10) states that there is a maximum of three licks. to be administered "in front of the principal". The instrument used must be "a thin paddle (1/2 inch or less)". Also, "Do not paddle the same student twice in one day".

  • These Indiana public school districts also state that they use corporal punishment, but give few or no details:

    Attica Consolidated School Corporation
    East Washington School Corporation
    Goshen Community Schools
    Martinsville School District
    Mount Vernon Community Schools, Fortville North Spencer County School Corporation Randolph Central School Corporation, Winchester (New URL) Wes-Del Community Schools, Gaston

KANSAS: public schools

  • Stafford Schools
    Parents wishing exemption from CP must so notify the principal in writing, "preferably at the time of enrollment".

KENTUCKY: private schools

  • Carter Christian Academy, Grayson [DOC]
    "CCA reserves the right to use corporal discipline with any student." There is a maximum of two swats at any one time, to be delivered in the administrator's office with a wooden paddle. "Swats will not be administered with the hand."

  • Christian Fellowship School, Benton
    "Spankings should be reserved mainly for open, defiant rebellion against authority", and "In no case will a male staff member spank a female student".

  • Community Christian Academy, Independence
    "A teacher or administrator may administer spanking." Parents must sign that they support this policy.
     In grades K through 6, "Automatic corporal correction" is administered for every 6 tallies clocked up by the student in a one-week period. In grades 7 through 12, when a student accumulates too many demerits, the parent must choose ISS, OSS or CP -- either 1, 2 or 3 swats depending on the number of demerits.

  • Cornerstone Christian Academy, Shelbyville
    This school "reserves the right to corporally punish any student". The parent may be present. Proverbs 22:15 on "the rod of discipline" is quoted with approval. In grades K through 5, paddling comes in at Step 3 of the Discipline Ladder and consists of one swat at step 3a, two swats at step 3b and three swats at step 3c. Parents may opt out of CP and substitute suspension.
     At secondary level (grades 6 through 12), there is a demerit points system. 25 demerit points bring a choice between one day's suspension and (an unspecified amount of) CP.

  • Heritage Christian School, Owensboro
    The penalties for "major offenses" here (lying, cheating, stealing, profanity, vulgarity, fighting, disrespect) are "Suspension, probation, or spanking".

  • London Christian Academy, London, Kentucky
    At this K-12 school, up to five strokes with a paddle will be administered for a range of offenses including cheating, lying, fighting, etc. and "any repeat offense after warning".

  • Micah Christian School, Louisville [DOC]
    "In situations when Micah deems it necessary, swats will be given". There is no opting-out: parents must sign a "corporal punishment agreement" on registration. "It is not required that a parent be called in order for a child to receive swats, unless it is written on the form."

  • Pleasant View Christian School, Bromley
    "Corporal correction" is "exercised" here under "Biblical admonition", when a student accumulates 7 demerits and also for various serious offenses. There is a maximum of four strokes.

  • Somerset Christian School [DOC]
    "If detention is not effective in reforming behavior, suspensions or corporal punishment may result." CP is particularly mentioned as a consequence for profane/indecent language or writing, and for fireworks/knives/weapons.
     All secondary students are required to sign an Honor Code Pledge and acknowledge that they may be spanked for violating it.

  • These Kentucky private schools also state that they use corporal punishment, but give few or no details:

    Kentucky Christian Academy, Campbellsville

    Rose Hill Christian School, Ashland

KENTUCKY: public schools

  • Adair County Schools
    A student shall be excused from CP upon the written request of the parents. In that event, the student may be suspended.

  • Bath County School District Here, the paddle may not exceed 30 inches long, 5 inches wide and half an inch thick. It must be made of wood, without holes or sharp edges. There is a maximum of three swats for a first offense and five swats for all subsequent offenses. Each student may be paddled on only one occasion per grading quarter, and must already have served break detentions and at least one day of Alternative Classroom Placement (ACP) in that quarter in order to be eligible for CP. The student may request a 3-swat paddling in lieu of one day in ACP.
     The Corporal Punishment Consent Form clarifies that "students are never forced to take corporal punishment" and that no student should be paddled more than four times in a school year. The student as well as the parent must sign the form, apparently ahead of each separate paddling. Unusually, parents are urged NOT to sign the form if the student is known to bruise easily, has been physically abused in childhood, or suffers extreme depression.

  • Bell County Schools
    CP is one of the "Suggested Response Options" for misconduct at Level II (e.g. skipping class, smoking, abuse of driving privileges) and Level III (fighting, vandalism, defiance). It takes the form of "striking the student's buttocks with a paddle". There is a same-sex rule, "except when a staff member of the appropriate gender is not assigned to the school". Parents are informed afterwards.
    Stats 1: This May 2011 news report says there were 100 paddlings in the county in 2009/10; this Sep 2016 news item gives the figure for 2015 as 148, the most of any district in Kentucky. The report also describes the modus operandi at Bell Central School in Pineville, involving the student bending over with hands on knees and the use of a "round paddle somewhat larger than a ping-pong paddle". CP is not used at the high-school level.
    Stats 2: This Mar 2018 news item says there were 100 paddlings in Bell County in 2016/17, still by some distance the largest number in Kentucky.

  • Caldwell County Schools At this grade 9-12 school, "Corporal punishment is one, two, or three strikes on the bottom with a paddle, administered by the principal or his/her designee." It is mentioned for a wide range of offenses from class tardies to assault.

  • Edmonson County Schools (covers Brownsville, Smiths Grove, Sweeden)
    "Striking the student's buttocks with a paddle" is the only form of CP allowed. There must be two witnesses, one of them the same gender as the student.

  • Fairview Independent Schools, Ashland [DOC] For the pan-district board policy, look for policy 09.433. "Corporal punishment shall be administered by striking the student's buttocks with a paddle." There is a maximum of five licks per offense. Parents desiring a different method of discipline must sign a form to that effect. Parents are notified if their son or daughter is to be paddled.
     At the Elementary School, the provisions are unusual: "Corporal punishment may be administered by the teacher or principal with two witnesses. One witness for the teacher must be the principal. The principal must also have two witnesses. The principal will not administer corporal punishment for the teacher unless: (a) the teacher has agreed to paddling, but the parent does not want that teacher to paddle, or (b) the teacher does not want paddling, but the parent chooses paddling over MAGIC room or Suspension." Parents may be present for the paddling.
     At the High School, consequences for various offenses include "Corporal Punishment - We Paddle". CP is particularly mentioned for dress code violations, tardiness and tobacco.
    Stats: No CP was recorded at Fairview High School during 2000/01 or 2006/07, but in 2011/12, nine young men were paddled on at least one occasion.
     See also this May 2011 news item.

  • Fleming County Schools
    "Corporal punishment shall be administered only upon the buttocks of the student's body." Written parental permission must be on file.
    Stats: There were 17 paddlings in Fleming County in 2016/17, according to this Mar 2018 news report.

  • Floyd County School District (includes Allen, Betsy Layne, Bevinsville, Eastern, Grethel, Hi Hat, Martin, McDowell, Prestonburg)
    Corporal punishment consists of "striking a student on the buttocks with a paddle". Written parental permission is required. A current list must be maintained of students who have received a paddling twice or more, with a view to developing a behavior improvement plan for each such student.
    Stats: This Sep 2011 news item says there were 337 paddlings in Floyd County from 2007 to 2010 inclusive.

  • Graves County Schools, Mayfield
    Choose "Chapter 09 - Students" and then policy 09.433. Corporal punishment consists of "striking the student's buttocks with a paddle" and must be administered by a principal, who shall be of the same sex as the student if available.
     See also the "Corporal Punishment Report Form" by selecting "09.433 AP.2" in the Procedure box. This includes "Number of licks administered" and whether or not the paddling was administered in the principal's office.

  • Harlan County Schools (includes Baxter, Bledsoe, Brownsville, Cawood, Cumberland, Evarts, Grays Knob, Kenvir, Wallins)
    "Corporal punishment shall be administered by striking the student's buttocks with a paddle." The person delivering the paddling shall be of the same sex as the student, "except when a staff member of the appropriate gender is not assigned to the school".
    Stats: This Sep 2011 news item says there were 338 paddlings in Harlan County from 2007 to 2010 inclusive. In 2016/17 there were 21 spankings, according to this Mar 2018 report.

  • Hart County Schools
    Identical rules to Adair County Schools, above. Also on line is the Corporal Punishment Report Form [DOC].

  • Johnson County Schools [DOC] Put "corporal" in the search box. CP consists of "striking the student's buttocks with a paddle". There must be two witnesses. A student may be excused paddling upon a written parental request. Also on the site are the Corporal Punishment Report Form and the Disciplinary Referral Forms (to parents) with a tickbox marked "Paddled".
     The Athletic Handbook repeats the board policy on CP, making it clear that spankings may be used within sports teams.
    History: See this Dec 2006 news item about a disputed paddling incident at Central Elementary School.

  • Lincoln County Schools Corporal punishment is permitted with parental consent.
     Fort Logan School (an alternative program, minimum age 16) provides for CP with "a wooden paddle to administer one to three blows to a student's posterior" to be used in the principal's office in a "very discretionary manner" and not in a fit of anger.
    History: For the county generally, see also this Feb 2010 report (with video clip).

  • Marshall County Schools, Benton
    Corporal punishment "has been reinstated" (it is not clear when it was abolished). It "shall be administered by striking the student's buttocks with a paddle". Written parental permission must be on file. There must be two staff witnesses. There is a same-sex rule.

  • McCreary County Schools
    CP "is defined as punishment administered with a paddle to the buttocks of a student". Parental signature must be on file. If the administrator is not of the same gender as the student, the witness must be. Students paddled more than once in a school year must have a "written behavior improvement plan".
    Stats: See also this May 2011 report that there were 187 paddlings in the county in 2009/10. The equivalent figure for 2014/15 was 170. But in 2015 it was only 39.

  • Pike County Schools
    A signed statement by the parent must be on file before CP is used. "At the discretion of the Principal/Designee, corporal punishment may be substituted for any penalty or offense."
    Stats: 43 paddlings were provided in Pike County schools in 2015, says this Sep 2015 news item. That figure increased to 53 in2016/17, according to this Mar 2018 report.

  • Pikeville Independent Schools Written parental permission must be on file before CP ("swatting a student on the buttocks with a wooden paddle one to three times") is used. If parents say no, the student is suspended for one to three days. "Corporal punishment is considered a serious action, a last line of in-school correction and not a negotiable item that may be chosen by the student as a substitute for any other discipline measure."
     The enrollment form invites parents to state that they DO or DO NOT "want corporal punishment used as a discipline option".

  • Russell County Schools, Jamestown
    The only form of CP allowed is "striking the student's buttocks with a paddle". Written parental consent must be on file in the office. There is a maximum of three licks, and no student may be given more than two paddlings per school year.
    Stats: This May 2011 news item reported that there were 141 paddlings in the county in the 2009/10 school year.

  • These Kentucky public schools or districts also state that they use corporal punishment, but give few or no details:

    Clinton County Schools, Albany
    Elliott County Schools, Sandy Hook

    Hazard Independent Schools

    Hopkins County Schools, Madisonville

    Lawrence County Schools, Louisa

    Owen County Schools, Owenton

    Pulaski County School System (covers Somerset) [DOC]
    Warren County Public Schools, Bowling Green

    Wayne County Schools
    Whitley County Schools

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