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    VIRGINIA: private schools

  • Faith Outreach Education Center, Hampton
    One of the disciplinary actions here is "Paddling (by parent)".

  • Gateway Christian Academy, Virginia Beach
    Parents must sign that "I will be notified whenever corporal discipline is deemed necessary. The school does not administer corporal discipline, however when notified by the school I understand it is my duty given by God to administer corporal discipline."

  • Jefferson Christian Academy, Ripplemead
    At this K-12 school, "paddling is employed because it is a disciplinary method sanctioned and supported by Scripture (Proverbs 13:24)". Parents are informed beforehand.

  • New Covenant Schools, Lynchburg
    "Forms of discipline that may be used in extreme cases include corporal punishment (upon parental request witnessed by a staff member)."

    WASHINGTON STATE: private schools

  • Christian Faith School, Federal Way New!
    Discipline here may include "a spanking administered by the parent at school".

  • Columbia River Christian Academy, Kettle Falls New!
    "If, in the principal's judgment, a student's behavior warrants a more severe discipline, a spanking will be administered, with the parent's prior approval."

  • Riverview Baptist Christian School, Pasco
    All parents must sign the Corporal Punishment form. There is a maximum of three paddle swats (although the Parents Pledge document says five). Three demerits plus a spanking are given to any student, at any grade level (K through 12), who cheats, shows disrespect, uses vulgar language, listens to rock music, lies, skips class or leaves campus without permission, among other things. Also, any student who accumulates six demerits in a quarter receives an "Automatic spanking". Furthermore, "Any effort to cheat in completing of the demerit will result in swats".

  • The Oaks Christian School, Spokane Valley (New URL)
    At this K-12 school, a second disciplinary visit to the Headmaster's Office "may entail corporeal [sic] punishment".

  • The River Academy, Wenatchee
    Spanking is normally for elementary students only, and may occur on a second or third visit to the office.

    WEST VIRGINIA: private schools

  • Elk Valley Christian School, Elkview
    Corporal punishment is used at the parent's request and only with a signed consent form.

    WYOMING: private schools

  • Newcastle Christian Academy [DOC]
    "Corporal discipline will be administered by Administration, Staff, and Faculty." Parents may come and administer it themselves if they wish.

    WYOMING: public schools

  • Fremont County School District, Riverton
    This stipulates that only elementary schools may use corporal punishment; a record must be kept. At the Middle School and the High School, "no paddle or other means of inflicting such punishment shall be retained on school premises".
        In fact, none of the four elementary schools mentions CP in the discipline pages of their individual websites, so this policy is probably now a dead letter.

  • These Wyoming public schools also state that they may use corporal punishment, but give few or no details:

    Carbon County School District (covers Encampment, Hanna, Saratoga)

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