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Judicial CP - March 2009

Corpun file 21156

Saudi Gazette, Jeddah, 17 March 2009

30 lashes for two youth

By Adnan Al-Shabrawi

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JEDDAH -- A court in Jeddah sentenced two youths Monday to 30 lashes each for using laser beams on a security patrol carrying out its duties in south Jeddah.

The two Saudis in their teens showed laser beams on a police patrol outside a mosque in south Jeddah before fleeing the scene, only to be arrested later.

After their detention, both were released on bail until the date of their trial.

The sentences, which will be carried out publicly, also include the swearing of oaths by the pair that the act will not be repeated.

The sentences cannot be appealed. -- Okaz/SG

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