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The Daily Nation, Saint Michael, 11 May 2011

'Chaos' to remove corporal punishment

Director of the National Task Force on Crime Prevention Cheryl Willoughby is all for corporal punishment to remain in schools (Ricardo Leacock)

THE director of the National Task Force on Crime Prevention (NTFCP) says the removal of corporal punishment from schools would lead to a chaotic society.

Cheryl Willoughby was speaking to the Press during the NTFCP 11-Plus Programme 2011 at the Church of Christ, Marchfield, St Philip, yesterday.

Willoughby said that corporal punishment would assist in controlling and deterring children from some of the "bad behaviours that we are seeing today".

"I believe that it is important that children understand and recognize that for bad behaviour and other deviant acts there is a penalty involved," she said.

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Addressing the matter of bullying, she said that she encouraged teachers to act when they received complaints from students that they were being bullied.

"When you have children who are constantly complaining for a particular child . . . you need to intervene . . . ." (AH) Nation Publishing Co. Limited 2011

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