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Daily Nation, Barbados, 21 December 2009

HC head: Students will be flogged

CORPORAL PUNISHMENT at Harrison College is there to stay.

Winston Crichlow

Until the secondary school receives word stating otherwise, flogging, which in recent times has been at the centre of much debate, will be maintained.

So affirmed principal Winston Crichlow as he addressed parents, students and well-wishers at the school's Speech Day last Monday.

"Corporal punishment is administered here at Harrison College as one of the many options to instil discipline and to maintain order.

"Corporal punishment has been used here sparingly and to good effect. Our academic achievements have not been negatively effected by its judicious application.

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"We will continue to apply this form of punishment until the law says otherwise," he stressed.

He also gave a warning to delinquent parents who remained inactive in their children's scholastic life until such time as they were disciplined.

Several students received form prizes, awards and trophies for academic, non-academic and sporting excellence.

Among those was star pupil Rashad Brathwaite, who won several awards for outstanding academic achievements including a Barbados Government Scholarship and the most outstanding candidate overall in the regional awards in the May/June 2009 Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE).

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