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School CP - May 2003

Daily News, Harare, 13 May 2003

Letters and Opinions

I wish to register my disapproval at the way EATC College in Bulawayo is being run. It has become an insult of the highest order to those of us who believe in logic.

They have been capriciously effecting fee increments by shocking margins since January and it is no longer sustainable.

Of course, the economic climate is bad, but that does not justify such an exploitative modus operandi.

This has been a cruel trap to parents who do not want to inconvenience their children by transferring them in the middle of the year.

Contrary to the general view that expensive schools offer competitive service, the school has nothing admirable besides the girls' uniform.

Incredibly, for reasons best known to the administration, it is punishable for a student to be found reading a newspaper or simply in possession of one.

One wonders how students can improve their written English and cognitive development if the culture of reading is discouraged.

The deputy headmaster who appoints "big boys" in upper six to exercise corporal punishment on boys in lower forms, must revisit the Ministry of Education regulations.

The owners of EATC College must be warned that if this is how they run their institution, they are missing the goal posts. The high fees they charge should not have an intoxicating effect on their psyche to the extent of them losing vision of the future.

Harold L Z

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