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Panafrican News Agency, 5 March 1997

Crusade Against Sexual Perverts Launched

By Mildred Mulenga, PANA Staff Correspondent

HARARE, Zimbabwe (PANA) - A wide section of the Zimbabwean community, including human rights activists, started a crusade Tuesday against what they said were sexual perverts in the country.

Led by politician Michael Mawema, the crusade said it would transform itself into a pressure group that will lobby Zimbabwe's parliament to enact harsh laws for offenses such as homosexuality, rape, incest and bestiality.

The culprit must be whipped 100 times in the public square, he said.

He proposed that sexual perverts be castrated. In addition, the group said it would propose a 20-year mandatory sentence for offenders.

The proposals come in the wake of increased incidents of homosexuality, rape and incest in Zimbabwe. Most prominent was that alleged of the country's former President, the Reverend Canaan Banana. Details of his homosexual rape of his former aide-de-camp were given in court February 24.

Have you not read of some reverends who sleep with other men? Some reverends, with white colours, Mawema said.

Zimbabwe is at a moral and political crossroads, Mawema said. God commands the death of sexual perverts.

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