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ZIMBABWE (at the time: Southern Rhodesia)
Judicial CP - May 1960

Bulawayo Chronicle, 3 May 1960

African waiter jailed, caned for 3,300 theft from shop safe

For stealing 3,301, clothing and other articles, Cuthbert, an African waiter from Beitbridge, was sentenced yesterday to 10 years' imprisonment with hard labour and eight cuts with the cane.

Seven years of the sentence was suspended for two years, one condition being that Cuthbert repays at least 2,000 within six months.

The case was heard in the High Court, Bulawayo, by Mr Justice Dendy Young, sitting with two assessors.

Though Cuthbert pleaded not guilty, he admitted, when questioned by the judge before sentence was passed, that he knew where the stolen money was, but he would not say where.

Cuthbert was charged with breaking into Chituripasi Store near Beitbridge, owned by an African cattleman, Kumeleni, and stealing 3,301 from the safe.


Other articles stolen -- exhibited in court -- were five dresses, a pair of tennis shoes, two pairs of socks, a pair of trousers, a hat, 23.12s. in cash, a gramophone and 12 torches.

Cuthbert's torch was found in the store and the imprint of his shoes around the premises.

He was traced to the Union, where he was employed, and arrested by the South African Police, who handed him over to the BSAP.

Corpun file 6386

Bulawayo Chronicle, 28 May 1960

12 years for rape attempt

press cuttingAn African domestic servant, Katonda David, was sentenced in the Bulawayo High Court to 12 years and eight cuts for the attempted rape of his European employer at her home in Morningside last January.

Katonda David, who pleaded guilty, attacked the complainant, a Dutch housewife, a fortnight after he was employed by her.

The two children saw part of the struggle, but were too frightened to get help.

She continued to fight until the accused ran out of the house.

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