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School CP - March 1960

Central African Post, Lusaka, 23 March 1960


Rod spared, so the boy spoiled

Press cuttingSIR, -- I have watched with much distress over many years the lack of respect and discipline in African schools. I sympathise with the principals, headmasters and teachers.

But is not the root cause of the continued insolence, indiscipline and unruliness the fact that teachers are not permitted to cane or thrash the pupils in African schools?

And, if this is correct, is it not time that the African Education Department changed the policy?

I might add as a point of interest that the no-beating rule was probably introduced in the early days around 1924, when the British Government first took over Northern Rhodesia, the schools were staffed largely by European missionaries and ex-missionaries who thought that it was wrong for a European to thrash an African.

I agree that there may have been something in this point at that date but today, when all African schools have trained African teachers, surely the rule should no longer apply.



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