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Judicial CP - November 2001

The Post, Lusaka, 15 November 2001

Justice Chitambo Seeks Public Caning of Wayward Husbands

By Martin Kunolu

I WISH the law in Zambia allowed that men who neglected their wives be caned in public, Boma local court senior justice Sainet Chitambo has said.

This was in a case in which Beauty Lungu, 24 sued her husband of three years, Paul Lambakasa, 34, for reconciliation alleging that he deserted the family.

Lungu in her testimony said that disputes started in 1999 when Lambakasa fell sick. Lungu said her husband went to his parents on grounds that she was too young to look after him in his ailing state.

"I was surprised to discover that he had gone to join his first wife. But when we married he did not tell me that he was once married," said Lungu, adding that she still wanted to live with Lambakasa so that they look after their child together.

Lambakasa who declined to cross-examine Lungu in his brief testimony said: "I am ready to reconcile with her because I still love her." Responding to justice Chitambo's question, Lambakasa maintained that he went to his mother not to the former wife. In the verdict justice Chitambo rebuked Lambakasa for being cruel to Lungu.

Justice Chitambo said that women are highly abused because of lighter sentences that can't help society to change. Court reconciled the couple.

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