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Schoolgirl caned

Thailand -- Canings of schoolgirls

Ten video clips of real schoolgirl corporal punishment in Thailand.

Clip 1 of 10 (1 minute) -- Half a dozen schoolgirls are caned on their buttocks.

Half a dozen secondary school students are given two hasty (and therefore not always 100% accurate) strokes of the cane each on the buttocks as they pass the master on their way into the classroom. Perhaps they are being punished for arriving late. All the students seen being disciplined are girls, but there are also boys in the class. Afterwards many of them are clutching or rubbing their buttocks, including at least one boy, so he must have been caned when the camera was looking elsewhere. The atmosphere is highly jocular. Some of the students are Muslims, so this is perhaps southern Thailand.


Clip 2 of 10 (2 minutes) -- About 20 girls are punished amid jocularity in a mixed class.

Here is an unusual situation: we are in a mixed-sex classroom, but only girls are being punished. In total, some 20 girls come forward in rapid succession to receive, seemingly at random, either strokes on the hand or strokes across the seat of the uniform skirt; in a few cases, both. The implement being wielded by the lady teacher, not with very much vigour, appears to be a large ruler. The atmosphere is highly rowdy and jocular, and the teacher joins in with the general hilarity, so clearly these are not serious punishments. It is not obvious to the outsider what purpose is served.


Clip 3 of 10 (15 secs) -- A female student receives one stroke of the cane in a formal setting.

A secondary schoolgirl in typical Thai school uniform of white shirt and navy-blue skirt receives one serious stroke of a long whippy cane in a formal setting. The position adopted is the standard one for formal canings in Thailand, standing up straight with the arms folded in front. The proper stroke is preceded by several "aiming" taps by the schoolmaster. This takes place in a solemn atmosphere with no classroom noises heard. After the stroke lands, the student clutches her buttocks in pain and there is a very slight gasp, just barely audible if you turn the volume up. It appears that the teacher is preparing to administer further strokes, but these are not seen.


Clip 4 of 10 (40 secs) -- 13 strokes of the cane for a teen.

This is similar to the previous clip, but more serious, as in this one 13 strokes of the cane are administered, once again across the seat of a teen student's typical uniform skirt. As before, this is taking place in a quiet and solemn atmosphere, seemingly in a corridor or office rather than in the classroom. The culprit remains fairly still and, as far as can be discerned, entirely silent.


Clip 5 of 10 (1 min 25 secs) -- A schoolgirl receives three strokes.

Here we are looking into a school from outside through an open window. This was evidently filmed in fairly difficult circumstances. A girl dressed in exactly the same uniform as in the previous two clips (navy-blue skirt and white blouse) is being disciplined by a male teacher dressed in scout uniform (which seems to be quite common in Thailand). At first I thought this was three different students receiving one stroke of the cane each, but after careful study I think it is the same girl getting three strokes, with a lot of time spent between strokes while the teacher patiently waits for her to get ready for the next one. The whack of the cane landing across the student's buttocks may clearly be heard, despite the distant view.


Clip 6 of 10 (45 secs) -- Two more girls are caned.

Same setting and same teacher as clip 5, and maybe the same occasion. A further two female students are seen and heard receiving discipline. The first gets three strokes of the cane, and the second gets one, whereupon she shrieks and clutches her buttocks; another girl in the class shrieks in sympathy.


Clip 7 of 10 (1 minute 15 secs) -- Three senior schoolgirls caned in front of the class.

The camera's view in this classroom scene, filmed in January 2012, is somewhat obscured at first but soon becomes clear to show girls (allegedly aged 17, though they look younger) coming forward in turn to face the blackboard and receive three fairly hard strokes of the cane each from a male teacher across the seat of their uniform skirts. There is some facial reaction as the punished students return to their seats, and some rubbing of buttocks. The implement used appears to be a long, proper whippy punishment rattan, giving a loud report on impact. The position adopted is the typical Thai one of standing up straight with arms folded.


Clip 8 of 10 (2 minutes) -- More caning of girls seen through a window.

Same setting as clips 5 and 6, further up this page. Several more girls receive caning in the class, mostly of three strokes each. It appears that the punishment is for unsatisfactory work. The impact of the strokes on the girls' posteriors can just be heard in some cases.


Clip 9 of 10 (1 minute) -- Nine vigorous strokes of the cane.

This is the same setting as for clip 3 above (note the green skirting board) and probably the same teacher -- note again his technique of taking aim by tapping the seat of student's skirt with the cane before delivering the strokes. This is proper, formal corporal punishment -- solemn and serious discipline with a long whippy rattan. The teacher has to wait between certain strokes while the student holds her buttocks in pain. Somebody in a distant room seems to be playing the piano.


Clip 10 of 10 (2 minutes) -- A mass classroom caning of laughing schoolgirls.

This two-minute clip shows five secondary girls receiving three strokes of the cane each on the seat of their uniform skirts from their lady teacher. The atmosphere is jocular, verging on hysterical, with much rubbing of buttocks.


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