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Video clips: Pakistan army: Unofficial chastisement

Commando spanked

With comments by C. Farrell

Pakistan -- Unofficial punishment of army commandos

Date: 2016
Duration: 1 minute

This brief film, of low picture quality, appears to have been taken in an ill-lit cave that serves as a camp dormitory. We see three commandos of the elite Special Services Group of the Pakistan army receiving corporal punishment.

  The first two to be disciplined get 4 or 5 brisk strokes from their senior officer.

  The implement seems to be a doubled-over belt, applied vigorously to the seat of the trousers. The beneficiaries have already assumed a push-up position before the clip starts.

  The third soldier's spanking is administered by someone in white robes who has just come in from outside. It sounds considerably less severe than the first two, even somewhat tentative.

  There is a matter-of-fact atmosphere, perhaps suggesting that this event is no big deal but rather quite routine.


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