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Judicial corporal punishment in Peru

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Public whipping of youth by his mother

With comments by C. Farrell

Peru - public whippings: one clip. New!

Date: February 2020
Duration: 2½ minutes

Here we are in the town of Huamachuco, in La Libertad region, which is next door to Cajamarca. A large crowd has gathered outdoors to witness a boy being whipped by his mother for stealing a cell phone from a shop. The punishment is taking place under the auspices of the local crime patrol group ("rondas campesinas"), one of whose members supplies the special whip.

First, the woman delivers a long accusatory rant at her son while he stands there looking embarrassed. Then he assumes a push-up position and receives four lashes across the seat of his jeans.

We also see the youth making a tearful confession and/or apology to the audience.


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