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Spank your kids: Boy with belt

United States - parental spanking

Comment by C. Farrell

A US television program takes a jokey look at attitudes towards parental spanking. The clip lasts 3 minutes 34 seconds.

The presenter, himself evidently of Hispanic extraction, interviews a series of passers-by on the street, of various different ethnic backgrounds, about how they discipline their kids. He also asks some youngsters about their own views and experiences. He even interviews his own mother and his wife.

He makes no secret of his own pro-spanking views, but notes that there is a wide range of opinions.

The whole approach is superficial, quirky and humorous: this is, after all, a comedy show. The responses should therefore not be taken too seriously. Nevertheless, the sharp differences of view that emerge, if these comments are at all typical, do suggest a deep clash of cultures, and seem to lend some support to the conventional wisdom that ethnic minority families in America are much more likely to support and embrace the use of parental CP than some white people.

Mind you, these white people are clearly in a big city (I think probably Los Angeles). I suspect the same questions might produce quite different answers if asked of white people in, say, a small town in Arkansas or Texas.

The date of this item is unknown, but it cannot be many years old because the existence of the IPod is mentioned.

UPDATE: I'm told the show is called "Mind of Mencia" and the presenter is Carlos Mencia.


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