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CORPORAL PUNISHMENT -- Video clips: China

Caning at Chinese Martial Arts academies

Martial arts academy punishment

With comments by C. Farrell

Martial arts academy punishment: Two clips.

CLIP 1 of 2 (50 secs)

This clip from 2010 or earlier is said to be from a Shaolin martial arts academy in northern China.

 The caning, if you can call it that, is a formal ceremony with a very long wooden stick, too rigid to be called a proper punishment cane in the British sense. According to one source, this stick is called a "goon", and it is a "fighting staff" that is part of the version of Shaolin Kung Fu being taught; supposedly the punishment is therefore called "gooning" in English.

 Here, three Western students are punished, two strokes each on the buttocks, allegedly for "breaking rules and bad behaviour", but the strokes look relatively light, and the punishment is perhaps more symbolic than real. The "push-up" stance adopted is rather similar to that normally seen in South Korean schools in the past.


CLIP 2 of 2 (30 secs)

This 2013 video from the Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Academy appears a little more severe, but the modus operandi is otherwise identical to that in Clip 1 above.

 A young man has broken the rules of the academy (which boasts of its "strict discipline") and is told to assume the push-up position. He does so without demur, and receives three hard, fast strokes across the seat of his shorts.

 Once again the implement is a long wooden Kung Fu staff. It is applied with such force that it breaks. This appears to be a formal ceremony carried out in the presence of a small group of, I think, officials and fellow-students.


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