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Video clips: Azerbaijan

Group caning of schoolboys in classroom

With comments by C. Farrell

Video clip of classroom punishment in Azerbaijan.

Group caning of boys at the blackboard

Azerbaijan used to be part of the Soviet Union, so it ought in theory to have had no tradition of formal CP in modern times. It became independent in 1991. This 20-second clip from 2012 is the first intimation we have had of the existence of school CP there.

    In a secondary classroom, seven teenage students are lined up facing the wall. The teacher goes along the line, giving each student one hard and loud stroke of a long cane on the seat of the trousers. All the recipients are male, though there are girls among the class, some of whom can be heard making a noise as they watch the boys being disciplined.

    Despite one or two suppressed giggles from the class, the atmosphere in the room is serious. It is hard to guess whether this is a rare event or just a routine and typical one, but it is interesting that the teacher happens to possess what appears to be a proper rattan punishment cane.


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