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Millcreek Valley News, Cincinnati, Ohio, 17 January 1980

Purely Personal

By Les Wilson, editor

Purely Personal believes that just one lone act of the legislature could erase a majority of the vandalism in every school in Ohio -- or perhaps the nation. PP would propose a law that provides a henchman for each school. Make that two henchmen!

At the present time, some problem schools are patrolled by security guards, police officers and juvenile authorities. But they are restricted by other laws which prevent them from administering the only discipline that could straighten out some spoiled brats -- a good butt beating!

The henchman would be authorized to thrash condemned vandals with a leather belt, not to exceed four inches in width, or a wooden paddle, no more than three feet long and no thicker than three inches, without [sic] no more than three holes bored in the vicinity of the paddle where it makes contact with the posterior of the offender.

After administration of the thrashing, the principal or his appointed representative would be charged with the responsibility of notifying the parent or legal guardian of the offender.

That notification would be accompanied with an offer of free use of the belt or paddle used in the thrashing, so the parent or legal guardian could repeat the punishment at home.

Of course, some parents today would never think of laying a hand on their little angels with horns. In that event, the principal or his appointed representative would offer the services of the school henchman to do the job a second time at home. And as a bonus, the henchman's services would be offered if the unruly child misbehaves at home -- for a slight fee.

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