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Illicit CP - April 2004

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East Valley Tribune, Arizona, c.14 April 2004

News Update

ASU looking into possible fraternity hazing

By Kristina Davis

Photos of a whip-wielding woman and the marred bare buttocks of male students have prompted a hazing investigation into an Arizona State University fraternity, school officials and police said Tuesday. Seven photographs showing male students who may have been whipped at the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house, at 615 Alpha Drive, were anonymously delivered March 15 to the ASU Office of Greek Life and the Office of Student Life along with a letter of complaint, according to a police report released by the ASU Department of Public Safety.

Some of the photos show at least eight men being made to lie on their stomachs with their arms and legs in awkward positions with pieces of lime in their mouths, according to a memo written by ASU police Cmdr. Allen Clark.

There are also photos of a woman, who is topless in one of the photos, wielding a whip or belt to the buttocks of at least one of the men, while the other students show "clearly visible red marks/ welts on their bare buttocks," the memo stated. Cups of what appear to be alcohol are shown on the floor next to the students.

Since no victims have approached ASU police about pressing criminal charges, the case has been forwarded to the Office of Student Life, meaning members involved can face Student Code of Conduct violations, said university spokesman Manny Romero.

However, police have been asked to help the school with its investigation, which may reveal underage drinking and other criminal activities, Romero said.

The national chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha has placed the fraternity under a 30-day suspension pending its own investigation.

Chapter president Nathan Clutter, an ASU student, said national fraternity officials will travel to Tempe this weekend to investigate.

"We are working with Student Life and national (chapter) 100 percent to clear up these matters," Clutter said.

Officials are investigating whether the students in the photos were new members.

Hazing or aiding in hazing has been punishable at universities since 1986, according to the code of conduct.

Hazing is defined in the code of conduct as a situation in which individuals are harassed, intimidated, humiliated, ridiculed or hurt.

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Corpun file 13237

The Journal, Des Plaines, Illinois, 18 April 2004

High Schools Turn Down Expulsions

By Jeff Borgardt
Journal Reporter

Lacrosse players suspended for paddling teammates returned to class Monday at Glenbrook South High School after the Board of Education declined to expel the students.

Approximately 50 people turned out for a Board of Education special session Sunday which lasted more than nine hours. They heard public comment and then convened into a closed-to-the-public "executive session."

After returning from the executive session the Board of Education decided not to expel 11 students who had been suspended for paddling 13 teammates in a recent hazing ritual.

The lacrosse players must devise an anti-hazing plan and present it to the Board of Education next month. The students must participate in the project to avoid expulsion.

At a Mar. 12 party, 11 veteran athletes allegedly spanked 13 newcomers to the squad on the buttocks with wooden paddles. Those paddled declined to press charges, police said. They were each suspended for five days and received counseling. The 13 paddlers were suspended for 10 days.

The Glenbrook South varsity lacrosse season has already been canceled.

With the May, 2003 memories of the infamous Chilopy Woods forest preserve Glenbrook North girls hazing incident fresh on the mind, the Board of Education response to the lacrosse paddling has received much publicity.

Glenview police investigated the incident involving the Glenbrook South lacrosse team and issued two citations to team members for distributing alcohol to minors. The tickets carry a fine of $75. The court date is set for Apr. 23 at the Second District Courthouse, Skokie.

The tickets were issued Apr. 7 after interviews with all the youths convinced investigators two particular athletes, ages 18 and 16, brought the liquor to the team at the Mar. 12 hazing party in Glenview.

The two players cited by police can also simply pay a $75 fine. Police stress that no one was arrested in the incident. Instead, the two teens were "cited" for a violation of a village ordinance.

On May 4, 2003 images of Glenbrook North girls crawling in filth and dumping fish guts and sewage on younger girls were broadcast on television. School officials assembled a task force of prominent community members to investigate and 33 seniors were expelled for their role in the attacks. In addition, 20 juniors were reprimanded

Four lacrosse team members did not attend the March hazing party. They will be invited to join their teammates in the presentation to the Board of Education. The students will devise a program that will be the "basis for an annual student body awareness program relative to hazing and alcohol abuse."

Among the topics to be addressed by the players are:

* Research, definitions and examples of hazing.

* Under age drinking.

* A plan for appropriate initiations for lacrosse players, and possibly other athletes, to be implemented next year.

* A plan to inform the students body at large about the hazards of hazing.

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