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KIFI-TV, Idaho Falls, 10 May 2001

Local News Idaho Falls/Pocatello/Blackfoot

School Leaders say Hazing Becoming out of Control

Idaho Falls - It may seem harmless to some. But to the kids and parents at Eagle Rock Middle School, hazing has become a harsh reality.

Kids over there have been getting paddled by students from Skyline High School as part of an initiation ritual.

Now parents and administrators are trying to end the ritual.

1970's high school hi-jinx. It seems pretty funny on the big screen. But for students at Eagle Rock Middle School, it's been pretty painful.

To their parents, it's downright scary.

"I had visions of him being out in the desert because apparently they go out to the desert to paddle them. You know hurt or even dead. As a mom the worst fears come to your mind."

Pain has just been part of the problem. Kids are so afraid they have trouble with their work.

"I have kids that are so scared of being paddled they are staying home. They don't want to come to school for fear they get dragged off and get paddled."
"My son has said all I worry about is being paddled after school. I can't focus on my tests. He's forgotten his homework."

Regardless of the issues of the parents, some kids at Skyline say it's all being blown out of proportion.

"It's like a bonding experience. It brings them into the school. It's kind of like an initiation."

None of this is new over there. They say it's been going on for a few years.
The administrators I talked to said they're doing their best to stop it, but it's not easy.
Most paddlings happen away from school, so unless the parents file charges the school can't do a whole lot to prevent it.
District 91 released a statement this evening saying any students involved in hazing may face suspension or expulsion.

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