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Judicial CP - November 1999

Corpun file 5303

The Monitor, Kampala, 2 November 1999

Up Country

LC fined Shs 50,000

By Faustine Odike in Malaba

An LC-I court sitting Oct. 26 in Amoni "A" zone in Malaba has fined the LC-I general secretary Shs 50,000 and six strokes of cane for assaulting a village mate.

Court heard that on Oct. 25, Simon Okejeu bought for Opama Tabutabu waragi, but later assaulted him when he became drunk. Opama at the time had a debt of Shs 200 with Okejan which he (Okejeu) demanded immediately.

Opama is reported to have assured Okejeu that he would pay him the next day prompting Okejeu to box Opama.

Okejeu later pleaded to Opama not to take matter to police.

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Corpun file 5306

The Monitor, Kampala, 12 November 1999

Up Country

Rukungiri wife beater whipped

By Patson Baraire in Rukungiri

Nyakabungo LC-I court has meted out to a wife beater corporal punishment -- ten strokes of the cane.

Bataringaya, a resident of Nyakabungo village, Rugyeyo sub-county, Kinkizi county, Rukungiri was also forced to make an agreement never to beat his wife, Maresiano Kenyangi again.

Kenyangi, 32, had accused Bataringaya of habitually beating her and chasing her out of their matrimonial home for no sound reason.

The court presided over by Nyakabungo LC-I chairman Bimbeiha asked Bataringaya to defend himself and he pleaded innocent.

However, one of his sons testified against him and he lost.

The court directed the woman to administer the corporal punishment but she declined, saying she would create more problems to herself.

Bataringaya was then caned by the LC-I secretary defence.

He is now reported to have stopped drinking and gets home before 7 p.m.

The couple is blessed with six children.

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