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Judicial CP - December 1960

Corpun file 20938

Press cuttingEast African Standard, Nairobi, Kenya, 7 December 1960

15 years for gang who attacked man

Standard Staff Reporter

Three men have been convicted by a senior judge in the Principal Court at Mengo of theft with violence and causing grievous bodily harm to Midalodo Bundikize, of Singo, by castrating him. They were each sentenced to 15 years' imprisonment and two of them were ordered 24 lashes.

The three men, Antonio Kalekezi and Edward Kazakwaka, both Banyaruanda, and Edwalido Kyagaba, a Muganda, all living in Temanekali Village, Singo, on August 20 stole 34/- from Midalido [sic], stripped him and castrated him.

The judge, Mr. Francis Nalima, said he could not believe the evidence of Kalekezi and Kazakawa [sic], who denied knowledge of the incident. He could not believe that of Kyagaba either.

They had committed a terrible act. The conjugal life of Midalido and his wife was spoiled. Midalido felt he was now to live a woman's life and had asked in court whether he should not be exempt from paying taxes.

Kalekeze [sic] and Kyagaba were sentenced to 24 lashes. It was a pity that the court could not order them to be castrated too, the judge said.

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