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Judicial CP - December 2001

The Monitor, Kampala, 17 December 2001

Man Banished Over Incest

Local Council I Court in Luzira, Gomba in Mpigi district presided over by chairman, Sunday Fred, gave 20 strokes of the cane and later banished a man from the village after finding him guilty of incest.

Kamya Frank, 26, was last week allegedly caught in the act with the daughter of his step-father in the bush where they had gone to catch grasshoppers.

"There had been suspicion that Kamya was having sex with his sister but we had no proof till they were caught red-handed," a family member said.

Kamya pleaded guilty and asked for pardon. Court, however, refused saying the crime was too much and to cleanse their land, Kamya had to leave. They said this would deter other would-be offenders.

The girl has, however, allegedly threatened to follow him.

The Monitor, Kampala, 18 December 2001

Arua RDC to Cane Lazy Men

By Tabu Butagira

More Arua residents are being infected with HIV/AIDS due to their reckless lifestyle, the Resident District Commissioner, Thomas Okoth Nyalulu, has revealed.

"Although national statistics show a considerable decline in the rate of HIV/AIDS transmission, in Arua the spread is on the increase. This means with every other hour people are tending towards their graves," Nyalulu said.

Nyalulu made the remarks at a two-day leadership developing workshop. Over 120 women attended the workshop at Pajulu sub-county headquarters Saturday, organised by Ayivu Rural Participatory Project for Development.

He said he is planning to start administering lashes on alcoholic and lazy men in the district.

"It's hurts to see husbands doing nothing productive but only drinking alcohol from morning to sunset. I am going to begin caning such men. When I reach that extend, please excuse me!" Nyalulu said.

He said despite the abundant productive resources in the countryside, the majority of Ugandans are still mired in biting poverty due to laziness, despise manual work and prefer to depend on others.

He lamented that only few people overwork to cater for several idle relatives.

"The worst aspect of it all is that people who do not work eat most and have round cheeks in every family," Nyalulu said amid hearty laughter. He advised such people to stop enjoying meals they have not contributed towards.

He ordered parents to send all children of primary school going age to school under UPE. He said they should prepare their gardens for next planting season in order to enhance food security.


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