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Judicial CP - September 2004

Corpun file 14059

The Guardian, Dar es Salaam, 21 September 2004

Ex-policeman gets 30 years for defiling minor

By Sifa Lubasi

Former police officer Mihayo Genjile was yesterday jailed for 30 years and ordered to receive 12 strokes of the cane for defiling and raping a 13-year-old girl.

Temeke District Court Magistrate Mwanaisha Chande passed the sentence after she was satisfied that the prosecution had proven its case against the accused beyond any reasonable doubt.

The prosecution paraded seven witnesses, including the victim, while five witnesses appeared for the defence during the case.

The judgement was delivered behind closed doors and a stunned Genjile was later led from the courtroom to the cells to await the short trip to Ukonga Prison where he will begin serving his lengthy sentence.

Genjile was found guilty of defiling the girl in Chang'ombe, Dar es Salaam, last year after taking her to his home where he had promised to temporarily accommodate his "guest" as arrangements were being made to ferry her to Songea.

The case was heard in camera, but according to reports appearing in The Guardian's Kiswahili sister paper, Nipashe, when it first highlighted the girl's ordeal last year, Genjile raped and defiled the complainant repeatedly during the three weeks he locked her in his house.

Genjile warned the girl against talking to neighbours and told her to tell them that she was his sister if they insisted on knowing who she was.

The girl was lost and found loitering in the streets when she was picked up and taken to Kilimahewa Police Post.

Genjile collected the girl from the post and was supposed to take her to Chang'ombe Police Station where arrangements for her trip to Songea were to have been made.

But Genjile led her to the Chang'ombe police quarters where he asked her to have a bath and offered her a snack before defiling her.

A curious woman living in a neighbouring house spotted the girl after three weeks and questioned her.

Good Samaritans took the girl to Central Police Station after she had narrated her ordeal at the hands of Genjile who was arrested and charged with defilement and rape.

On January 6, the Police Force announced that it had sacked Genjile.

The Force's spokesman, Aden Mwamunyange, made the announcement on behalf of Inspector General of Police Omar Mahita.

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Corpun file 14072

The African, Tanzania, c.27 September 2004

Jailed 30 years for rape

Bunda District Court in Mara Region, Friday last week, sentenced Fyeka Makanga (28) and Sanai Webiro, both residents of Nyamuswa Centre to 30 years in jail each and be whipped 12 strokes by the cane after they were convicted of raping a woman.

Earlier, it was claimed by Public Prosecutor Inspector of Police, Lukyaa Enosi Rwamahe, that on March 28 2004 at around 8.00 pm at Nyamuswa Centre, the accused raped one woman (name withheld) causing her severe injuries and harm.

The Public Prosecutor told the court that the two accused covered the woman’s mouth to stop her from calling for help. However, the woman identified them and went to report at Nyamuswa Police Post, resulting in the arrest of the offenders.

The two men were jailed for 30 years each and will also have to pay a fine of Tsh. 50,000 to the woman after the prosecution proved their case beyond reasonable doubt.

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