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Illicit CP - January 2004

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Independent On Line, South Africa, 26 January 2004

Ring in the new year with a spanking for luck

Taipei - Thousands of Taiwanese people have been flocking to a Taoist temple in southern Taiwan during the Chinese New Year holidays to be spanked and whipped to get rid of bad luck, a newspaper said on Monday.

Since January 21, the first day of the Lunar Chinese New Year, thousands have been visiting the Dong Lung Gong temple in Tungkang to go through the century-old ritual to get rid of bad luck, the newspaper said.

Although men receive spankings and women are whipped, the number of times is decided by the god Wang Ye and by burning incense and tossing two pieces of wood.

"The temple staff only lightly spank or whip the faithful, but they all go home happily, believing their luck will improve from now on," said a temple staff member.

The week-long Chinese New Year holidays, or Spring Festival, is the most important festival for Chinese people all over the world. - Sapa-dpa

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