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Judicial CP - August 1999

Corpun file 4141


Straits Times, Singapore, 6 August 1999

Jail and caning for two ECP robbers

TWO robbers who attacked a couple with crash helmets at the East Coast Park have been sentenced to jail and caning.

Mahat Ahmad Sin, 22, and Yusnni Abdullah, 24, were part of a group of four who robbed the couple in March this year. Both men, who are unemployed, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to attempted robbery as well as causing hurt while committing a robbery.

Mahat was given six years' jail and 18 strokes of the cane, while Yusnni was sentenced to 6 years' jail and 18 strokes of the cane. Two other men have claimed trial.

The court heard that on the morning of March 25, Yusnni spotted Ms Voon Hui Wan, 20, and Mr Chew Poh Kwee, 30, resting on a stone bench in the park. He suggested to the three men with him that they rob the couple.

When they set upon Mr Chew with their crash helmets, he warded off the blows with his hands and ran off, with Yusnni in pursuit.

Mr Chew escaped by jumping into a drain and seeking the help of anglers nearby. Meanwhile, two others held Ms Voon down. When Mahat demanded her valuables, she gave them $90 and her watch.

Yusnni rejoined the group and then they dispersed. When Ms Voon screamed, Yusnni swung his crash helmet and hit her on the forehead.

Ms Voon later received three stitches at Changi General Hospital.

Anybody who voluntarily causes hurt while committing a robbery can be jailed for between five and 20 years and given at least 12 strokes of the cane.

Corpun file 4139


Straits Times, Singapore, 7 August 1999

Mum duped into letting man rape her daughter

By Lim Seng Jin

A 32-YEAR-OLD married man with three young sons duped a 42-year-old divorcee into having sex with him by telling her that he was "the last messenger of God".

He also told her she and her nine-year-old daughter were his wives from a previous life, and got her to pressure the girl into having sex with him.

Tay Chee Keong, who is jobless, was given 24 years' jail and the maximum 24 strokes of the cane by the High Court yesterday for molesting the girl and raping her nine times in three years.

Tay befriended the woman in March 1996 when they were both working in a shopping centre. He told her he was a medium who could "make contact" with God.

He moved into the four-room flat in Jurong West the woman shared with her 47-year-old husband and their two young children -- the nine-year old girl and her younger brother.

Tay, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Amarjit Singh, told the family that he was "the last messenger of God, and his soul would go up and have a meeting with God, His angels and Buddha".

He started having sex with the woman after telling her she was his wife from a previous life. He later told her the same thing about her daughter.

One afternoon in September 1996, he cornered the girl in the flat and molested her, saying he was trying to cure her of a disease. About two weeks later, he raped her.

In October 1997, the husband caught Tay in a compromising position with his wife and chased them and the children out of the flat.

Tay raped the girl four more times in rented chalets and a Geylang hotel before the woman and her children moved back in with her husband in January last year without him.

He lived with them for three days in April last year, when her husband went to Malaysia, and raped the girl once more during this period. When the woman rented a flat in Jurong East after separating from her husband last December, he moved in.

He raped the girl there in January and February this year, and complained to the woman when she refused him once. The woman then scolded her daughter.

Tay raped the girl for the ninth time on Feb 14. The next day, she reported the rapes to her schoolteacher, who took her to make a police report. The victim, now 12, has been placed in a girls' home by the Ministry of Community Development.

Judicial Commissioner Tay Yong Kwang told the rapist yesterday:

"You preyed on people's beliefs and gullibility in tricking the victim's mother, and you used the same beliefs to make the mother pressure her own daughter...public interest dictates that you should be put away from society for a sufficiently long period of time."

A police spokesman said yesterday that the woman's role in the rapes was being investigated.

Tay's mother yesterday described him as an irresponsible son and husband who has not been home for more than three years. She spoke from her three-room flat in Bukit Batok West, where she lives with her husband, Tay's three sons, aged five, four and three, and his wife.

Corpun file 4125


The New Paper, Singapore, 10 August 1999

This man molests woman in front of her hubby. Guess what hubby did?


Vathada Raju (above) was sentenced to 10 months' jail and three strokes of the cane.
Anyone found guilty of molest can be jailed for two years, or fined, or caned.


HE was outraged by what the molester did to his wife.

A molester who pretended to be drunk as he reached out to grab his wife's breast in public.

In fact, right before his eyes.

The wife herself, Madam Chua (not her real name), was too stunned to react.

But her quick-thinking husband, Mr Lee, grabbed hold of the molester's T-shirt and tried to detain him.

Seeing a metal pole sticking out at a nearby bus stop, Mr Lee pulled the molester towards the pole and pulled his T-shirt over it.

Madam Chua then used her handphone to call the police.

Vathada Raju, 34, a welder, was sentenced recently to 10 months' jail and three strokes of the cane for the offence.

Raju, an Indian national, was charged with molesting the 50-year-old woman on April 11 this year at Jalan Besar.

During the trial, he claimed that he could not remember what he did because he had been drinking.

He insisted that he did not molest the woman, and that his hand had accidentally hit her breast.

Madam Chua, a senior administrative assistant, and Mr Lee, 52, were walking home around 10 pm when the incident happened.

The victim said she felt a sudden "real hard squeeze" on her left breast.

She then saw Raju pulling away his left hand.

Her husband also saw Raju removing his hand from her chest area.

The couple, who have no children, were on their way home that night after Mr Lee had closed the cooked food stall he owns.

Madam Chua would go to his stall to help him out after work.

They would then walk back home to their flat in the Serangoon Road area, where they have been living for the last 15 years.

Raju's lawyer, Mr Lim Joo Toon, said in his client's defence that he had accidentally bumped his hand against Madam Chua's chest.

Although Raju had claimed that he was drunk that night, a test taken six hours after the incident showed that his blood alcohol level was below the legal limit for driving.

He had 74 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood. The legal limit for driving is 80 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood.

The New Paper spoke to Madam Chua and her husband at the Subordinate Courts on July 30 after Raju was sentenced.

The petite and bespectacled Madam Chua did not want to say much. "Talking about it means I have to think about it. And I don't want to think about it anymore," she said.

She stepped behind her husband, who was holding her hand.

Said Mr Lee: "He may have been punished, but I still cannot erase the bad memory of what he did to my wife."

The Electric New Paper. Copyright 1999
Singapore Press Holdings. All Rights Reserved.

Corpun file 4136


Straits Times, Singapore, 11 August 1999

Young rapist's jail term increased

The 19-year-old youth who admitted raping a 12-year-old girl last year had his sentence increased to seven years' jail and six strokes of the cane

A 19-YEAR-OLD youth invited a 12-year-old girl to his flat to play computer games but he ended up raping her.

Soh Lip Yong had been sentenced to five years' jail after he admitted raping the girl in October last year. Yesterday, his sentence was increased to seven years' jail and six strokes of the cane by the Chief Justice, after the prosecution appealed for stiffer punishment against those who raped young victims.

In his ruling, CJ Yong Pung How said the minimum jail term for such rapists should be 10 years, and the term could be reduced only when the offenders had pleaded guilty or shown other strong mitigating factors.

Under the law, the maximum sentence for rape is 20 years in jail and caning.

In Soh's case, the girl had gone to his flat in Block 206, Bishan Street 23, to play computer games with another youth at about 6 pm on Oct 17 last year.

While they were in Soh's bedroom, the youth, Tan Ah Peng, fell asleep. It was then that Soh tried to undress the girl. She resisted and told him that she had an attack of asthma.

Soh then woke Tan up and told him to buy some medicine for her.

After he left, Soh stripped the girl forcibly and raped her.

He was arrested hours later when the girl went home and told her parents.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Kan Shuk Weng said yesterday that Soh deserved a heavier punishment because he took advantage of his friendship with the victim.

"He turned out to be a wolf in sheep's clothing," she said.

Agreeing with the DPP, CJ Yong noted that District Judge F. G. Remedios was lenient with Soh because he found that the girl had gone to the flat willingly.

CJ Yong noted: "She had gone there willingly to play computer games and not to be raped."

He added that he did not agree with Mr Remedios' finding that she had gone there "for more than just computer games" as she had sat on the accused's bed.

CJ Yong said: "Perhaps the district judge would like to visit the bedrooms of one of these HDB flats.

"If you do not sit on the bed, where else can you sit? In a rocking chair or an armchair?"

Even if the victim had sat on the accused's bed, it did not mean that she was asking to be raped, he said.

A rapist could not claim that such victims had agreed to have sex because the law has deemed those under 14 as being incapable of giving consent.

Corpun file 4135


Straits Times, Singapore, 21 August 1999

Toy gun robbers get jail, caning

A five-man gang used a toy gun and knives during a hold-up and got away with more than $57,000

By Chong Chee Kin

FIVE robbers, one of them armed with a toy pistol, robbed three employees at a United Square office along Thomson Road in March this year fled with more than $57,000 in cash and valuables.

A district court heard yesterday the robbers, all Malaysians, held the victims captive for about three hours and forced one of them to sign two cheques so that they could cash them.

The culprits escaped and went to Malaysia.

But four of them -- Ong Eng Hin, 27; Chong Mun Choon, 30; Tajilmulok Alias, 25, and Anuar Abdul Aziz, 27, were later caught with the help of Malaysian police.

The fifth man is still at large.

Yesterday Ong, Chong and Tajilmulok pleaded guilty to their crimes and were all sentenced to six years in jail and 12 strokes of the cane.

Anuar, who had committed another robbery, received a stiffer punishment -- seven years in jail and 24 strokes of the cane.

The court heard that on March 26, the robbers had gone into the 17-storey office in United Square.

There, Anuar whipped out a silver-coloured toy pistol and forced the three employees into a meeting room. His four accomplices were then armed with knives.

Ong later demanded that one of the employees, Mr Chen Yung-fu, 48, a trade representative of China Petroleum Corporation, hand over his cheque book.

He later ordered Mr Chen to sign two blank cheques and gave them to his accomplices so that they could cash it.

About 40 minutes later, the bank called the office and informed Mr Chen that the cheques, which amounted to US$35,000 (S$57,700), had been cashed.

Before they left, the culprits also robbed the three victims of their cash and valuables.

In an earlier hold-up on Feb 27 this year, Anuar and four other men had robbed two people at knife-point in an office in Albert Complex. They escaped with more than $3,000 in cash and valuables then.

Corpun file 4134


Straits Times, Singapore, 21 August 1999

Gang member goes to jail for killing rival

A MAN who fell in love with the girlfriend of a rival gang member had caused the two underworld groups to clash, the High Court heard yesterday. For having a relationship with their friend's lover, members from the Sio Kun Tong secret society first attacked the "romeo", Mr Shau Soon Kiat, an Esso petrol kiosk in Upper Bukit Timah Road on May 1 last year. In retaliation, Mr Shau's friends from the Pak Hai Tong secret society later launched an attack against the Sio Kun Tong.

During this clash, Sio Kun Tong member Tan Lai Kim, 22, got slashed behind his knee with a knife and bled to death.

Police were called in, and later the killer, Pak Hai Tong member Chua Soon Hock, 23, a full-time national serviceman, was arrested.

Yesterday Chua pleaded guilty to the killing and was given 10 years' jail and 18 strokes of the cane.

Deputy Public Prosecutor R.D. Gangatharan told the court that the dead man and other members of his gang had earlier attacked Mr Shau because they were unhappy that he was going out with the lover of one of their ex-members.

They wanted to "teach him a lesson", the DPP said.

After Mr Shau was clobbered, he told his gang members and they decided to take revenge.

Three days later, at about 3.45 am on May 4 last year, the victim and his friends were seen at a restaurant near Upper Bukit Timah Road.

Chua and his gang members then went there with knives and attacked them.

During the clash, apart from the victim who died from the loss of blood, another Sio Kun Tong member, technician Lim Heong Neng, 22, had cuts on his head and hands.

Chua and his accomplices fled to Malaysia after they found out that one of their victims had died.

He later came back and was arrested here at Bukit Panjang Plaza on May 8 this year a police spot-check.

Yesterday, Justice M.P.H. Rubin scolded Chua for "labouring under a false sense of loyalty to an unworthy group of thugs with a view to seeking revenge over a trivial matter".

The other Pak Hai Tong members are still at large.

Corpun file 4126


The New Paper, Singapore, 21 August 1999

Victim, 17, outwits this serial molester


His method: Prowling the streets on a motorbike
His disguise: His motorcycle helmet and dark visor
His target: Women returning home late at night
His threat: Shout and I'll scratch your face with my key
His purpose: To ambush and molest them
His punishment: 24 years' jail and 24 strokes of the cane

Yesterday, Pua was sentenced to 24 years' jail and 24 strokes of the cane.
The penalty for unnatural sex is life imprisonment or up to 10 years' jail and a fine.
The penalty for aggravated molest is three to 10 years' jail and caning.

HIS UNDOING: The 17-year-old victim outsmarted Pua by pretending to befriend him.


THE serial molester had grabbed her body and cupped her mouth in the lift.
She was returning to her Bukit Panjang flat alone after a late-night supper.
It was about 2.50 am on Feb 24 this year.
But the 17-year-old private student used some smart psychology instead.
She began talking to Pua Sor Keong, a 24-year-old site foreman, as a "friend".
She asked Pua, who was yesterday sentenced for molesting four women, over and over again: "Why are you doing this? Don't you know that it's wrong?"
She also cried and gasped heavily from an asthma attack, triggered by anxiety.
She also desperately stalled for time.
But slowly and surely, Pua was moved. He started pouring out his relationship woes to his victim.
About how he broke up with his girlfriend of four years, who despised him for his poor education.
About how he felt jilted and how he hated fickle girls.
For some time, Pua the serial molester and his victim sat and talked at the staircase landing, near the lift where he had grabbed her earlier.
Then she persuaded him to remove his motorcycle helmet.
Her reason?
"Since we started talking already, let me have a good look at you," she told him.
At first, Pua hesitated.
But she had gained his trust. So he obeyed. He even took her to his flat in a nearby block.
While his parents were sleeping, he dug out old pictures of his girlfriend.
One by one, he showed them to his new "friend".
He even gave his name and contact numbers, in exchange for hers.
Said a friend of the victim's: "She was still in fear. Since he wanted to talk, she let him continue, hoping that he would let her go."
She even agreed to go to Marina South, where they played some arcade games together.
Then he took her back on his motorbike - the same one used to stalk three other women returning home late at night in cabs. (See report at right.)
He paged her more than 10 times the next day.
And then he made one more mistake. He asked her to be his girlfriend.
The girl felt disgusted.
But she didn't want to provoke him.
After all, Pua knew where she worked as a part-time waitress and had waited there for her.
So she agreed to be taken to Marina Bay for some drinks.
But she left before long, to meet a male friend who had called her.
Pua - thinking he was the gallant knight in shining armour - even lent her his jacket and took her there on his motorbike.
Then the harassment went into full swing.
He paged her many times the next day.
When the frightened girl didn't return the call, he left a message on her voicemail.
"Call back or I will hurt your male friend," he barked.
Things were getting out of control.
She called back, telling him not to bug her any more.
Not surprisingly, he was hopping mad.
The girl and her male friend decided to lodge a police report.
It was not hard for the police to track Pua down.
The girl knew where he lived, what he looked like and how to contact him.
Pua was soon arrested, on March 8 this year, in his flat.
Jan 19: Pua ambushed an 18-year-old waitress returning from bowling at 3 am at the staircase landing near her Bukit Panjang flat and forced her to masturbate him and perform oral sex on him.
She made a police report.
Feb 16: Pua rushed into the lift and grabbed a 20-year-old student who was returning to her Bukit Panjang flat from her boyfriend's home at 3.40am. He pulled her to the staircase landing and forced to perform oral sex on him. She rushed to her flat and called her boyfriend, who took her to make a police report.
March 2: Pua ambushed a 28-year-old woman returning to her Jurong West flat after work. She struggled to get out of the lift on the sixth floor.
Her mother, who heard her screaming, rushed to the lift and asked Pua what he was doing. He said "nothing" in Hokkien and fled.
He was caught six days later.
Yesterday, all four victims turned up in court.
They all left with smiles.
They refused to be interviewed.

The Electric New Paper. Copyright 1999
Singapore Press Holdings. All Rights Reserved.

Corpun file 4154


The New Paper, Singapore, 25 August 1999

'Beer treat' turns bloody

Toh Khiam Hock and Toh Kee Eng were each sentenced to nine months' jail and three strokes of the cane in the Subordinate Courts on Monday.
Toh's brother-in-law, Ong Hock Lee, is claiming trial for causing hurt to Mr Goh.
Anyone found guilty of causing hurt with an instrument, which is likely to cause death, can be jailed for up to five years, caned or fined.
Or he may face a penalty which includes two of three such punishments.

His wife was having an affair so he bashed up her lover with beer bottle

ANGRY HUSBAND: Toh Khiam Hock allegedly asked Mr Ong for $1,000 for having an affair with his wife.

HUSBAND'S BROTHER: Toh Kee Eng was roped in for the confrontation with Mr Ong.

THEY worked in the same factory.
Both were married.
And Mr Goh Pek Hua, 44, used to drive Madam Ong Ah Tin, 45, to and from her house in the company van.
But it didn't stop there.
Madam Ong began to keep late nights, and sometimes didn't return home at all, the court was told on Monday.
Now, which husband won't get suspicious?
So, Madam Ong's husband, Toh Khiam Hock, 48, a driver, decided to investigate. He found out the co-workers had become lovers.
Toh questioned her, and she admitted to having an affair with Mr Goh.
He begged her to break off with her lover.
Toh then asked his wife and her lover to settle the matter on May 16 this year - about a month after he found out about them.
Madam Ong conveyed the message to Mr Goh on the same evening. She told him her husband wanted to treat him to a beer.
Mr Goh agreed and drove to the Delicious Food Centre at Block 291, Yishun Street 22 to meet Toh around 8 pm on May 16.
But the meeting at the Yishun coffeeshop turned into a bloody confrontation.
Toh had asked his younger brother, Toh Kee Eng, 32, a renovation contractor, and his brother-in-law, Ong Hock Lee, 37, to be present.
But they were all seated at different tables.
Shortly after Madam Ong and Mr Goh arrived, an argument broke out.
Mr Goh alleged that Toh wanted him to pay $1,000 for the affair. But he refused as it was Madam Ong who had suggested that they divorce their spouses and live together.
The argument ended in a fight.
The older Toh used a beer bottle to hit Mr Goh on the head, while his brother smashed another beer bottle and used the broken edges to attack Mr Goh on his face.
Madam Ong tried to shield Mr Goh.
But the younger Toh did not stop.
He attacked Mr Goh with the broken beer bottle, aiming it at his left ear.
Mr Goh fell to the floor and was taken to the Tan Tock Seng Hospital by ambulance.
By the time the police arrived, the two brothers had fled.
They surrendered to the police the next day.
In mitigation, their lawyer, Mr Tan Teow Yeow, said Toh had hoped to persuade Mr Goh to "leave his wife alone".
The couple have been married for 21 years and have three children.
Mr Tan said that Toh did not want to see his marriage breaking up.

The Electric New Paper. Copyright 1999
Singapore Press Holdings. All Rights Reserved.

Corpun file 4158


Straits Times, Singapore, 27 August 1999

Youth stole and extorted from family

By Alethea Lim

HE THREATENED to beat up his grandmother and set his family home on fire unless his mother gave him $2,000.

Before that, Vincent Lim Hock Seng, 20, had twice broken into his mother's flat to steal.

This time, his mother, Madam May Tan, 55, had had enough. She told the police.

They laid a trap for him and caught him when she handed over some money.

Lim, a Malaysian and unemployed, was jailed for five years on Wednesday and ordered to be caned six strokes for extorting money from his mother and breaking into her flat twice.

A district court heard that Lim made the threat when he telephoned his mother at her flat in Ang Mo Kio on Aug 10 at 9.30 am.

Madam Tan, a factory worker, arranged to meet him that night at 9 pm at the Ang Mo Kio Library, but told him she could give him only $400.

Ten minutes before the appointed time, as she was walking towards the library, he accosted her and demanded the money.

When she handed it over, the police stepped in and arrested him.

In July, he had broken into her home twice.

On July 20 at 5.50 am, he used an umbrella to unlatch the door. He then stole $1,200 which his grandmother had kept in a drawer.

He broke in again on July 26 at 6.20 am by removing two window louvres. He then stole $250 and some jewellery from his grandmother's bedroom.

Lim, a Malaysian, was previously convicted of theft on Sept 2 1997 and was put on probation for 18 months.

Yesterday, he pleaded guilty to extortion, two charges of housebreaking and overstaying in Singapore.

He told the court he had been an "unfilial son" and would change when he is released from jail.

But his mother told The Straits Times on Wednesday she did not believe her son's words.

"We've given up hope on him. I've given him many chances to change. We thought he would become a better person after his probation. I've also given him money so many times to pay off what he said are loanshark debts.

"The last straw came when he said he wanted to beat up his granny and burn the flat. That was when I called the police.

"Of course, it hurts me to see him end up in jail but I've cried over him until I've no tears left. We'll just have to see if he'll learn his lesson this time."

Copyright 1999 Singapore Press Holdings Ltd. All rights reserved.

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