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Judicial CP - March 2001

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The New Paper, Singapore, 5 March 2001

Ran from one group, but 10 more were waiting

By Andre Yeo

Shashi Kumar Narayannan

Rengan Balakrishnan

Melvin Mathenkumar Segaran

Tesleem Ahmad Sayed Ahmad

THEY were caught in a deadly sandwich.

Wedged between two groups who wanted their blood.

Attacked by more than 10 men, they fled towards a shopping centre for safety.

But all they ran into was another group of 10 men.

Who also attacked them.

It happened in Orchard Road at the dead of night.

On Aug 28 last year at 1.55am, seven men left Boss Karaoke Lounge at Orchard Plaza and were walking along Orchard Road.

Part-time security officer Ng Yeow Chong, 31,freelance hairstylist Wong Tee Chin, 41, Tan Yeow How, 23, and Mohamed Tamrin Abdul Murad, 37, both unemployed, technician Mulyadi Kassim, 27, production operator Mohamed Rosni Yusuff, 24, and car dealer Lee Boon Hong, 23, just had a night on the town.

They were walking past Orchard Point when they ran into trouble.

A group of more than 10 men attacked them.

They ran towards Centrepoint for shelter - but were horrified to find another group of about 10 men waiting there.

The seven victims were caught in a deadly sandwich as about 20 men attacked them in an orgy of violence.

Some used motorcycle helmets, knives, a dustbin and bottles to assault their victims.

When it was all over, the attackers escaped in taxis.

The police conducted several raids and arrested warehouse assistant Shashi Kumar Narayannan, 23, delivery assistant Rengan Balakrishnan, 26, contract labourer Melvin Mathenkumar Segaran, 18, delivery driver Thavachelvam K Amirthalingam, 28, and despatch rider Tesleem Ahmad Sayed Ahmad, 30.

They admitted kicking and punching the victims.


But why did they do it?

It was not mentioned in court.

Rengan, Melvin and Tesleem also admitted hitting the seven men with a dustbin.

The injuries sustained by their victims included lacerations on their necks, backs, arms, ears and hands.

Mr Mulyadi was even stabbed in the groin.

The medical report stated it was consistent with injuries caused by a beer bottle.

The identities of the other men are unknown.


ON March 1, Shashi Kumar Narayannan, Rengan Balakrishnan, Melvin Mathenkumar Segaran, Tesleem Ahmad Sayed Ahmad and Thavachelvam K Amirthalingam pleaded guilty to rioting.

Shashi and Rengan were each jailed 20 months and given three strokes of the cane.

Tesleem was sentenced to 18 months' jail and given three strokes of the cane.

Melvin also pleaded guilty to another charge of rioting and being part of an unlawful assembly with a deadly weapon.

On April 19 last year, he was armed with a parang and was with his group of friends who were planning to hurt another group at Block 1, Toa Payoh Lorong 7.

On Dec 20, 1999, he and 10 others attacked another group at the void deck of Block 309, Shunfu Road.

He was sentenced to a total of 22 months' jail and given six strokes of the cane.

Thavachelvam was also convicted and will be sentenced on March 20. He asked for an adjournment to settle personal matters.

For rioting, they each could have been jailed up to five years.

Another man, contract worker Kerishnan Rajkumar, 25, has claimed trial and his case will be heard on March 30.

Corpun file 6672


The New Paper, Singapore, 10 March 2001

Housewarming party turns bloody

It leads to a man being stabbed a few days later

By Lee Tee Jong



Saifuddin Othman (top) and Mohammed Farik (above) were jailed three years and given six strokes of cane for rioting. They could have been jailed up to five years.

THE 18-year-old asked the 15-year-old: "Are you a secret society member?"
No, replied Sharul Hisham Shuhada, 15.
Saiful Jani, 18, then slapped him. Sharul did not hit back but did not forgive him either.
The handshake that followed was just a gesture. After all, they were at a housewarming party.
But Sharul was seething inside.
A few days after the party at her flat, Miss Nurfadlin Kamarudin claimed to have overheard Sharul saying he was preparing two coffins - one for Saiful and another for Saiful's friend, Aswad.
She informed Aswad and they decided to have a word with Sharul.
On Sept 17 last year, Saiful and Sharul met near Bedok MRT station.
Saiful went with five friends armed with scissors.
Sharul came with his brother and two friends.
They could not make up.
And Saiful and his friends attacked Sharul's group.
Sharul's brother got the most injuries as he was punched, kicked and stabbed by the gang. He was warded in hospital with injuries.
Sharul was beaten up but his two friends managed to escape.
Four of the six attackers, Mohammed Hajrat Aswad, 18, Saiful Jani, 18, Mohamad Razali Kamis, 20, and Azlan Abdul Malek, 18, pleaded guilty to rioting on Dec 21 last year.
They were jailed three years and given six strokes of the cane.
The other two, Saifuddin Othman, 18, and Mohammed Farik Mohamed Rafik, 18, were found guilty of rioting after a trial.
In her verdict, Judge Brenda Tan rejected the defence lawyer Mr A Rahman Mohd Saleh's argument that Saifuddin did not know about the gang's intentions.

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