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Judicial CP - March 2001

masthead Vanguard Daily, Lagos, 10 March 2001

Drama As Sharia Convict Dares Judge With Whisky Sachet


A middle-aged man, convicted and given 80 strokes of the cane for drunkenness in Katsina State, stunned the judge and spectators when he brought out a sachet of whisky, from his pocket and told the judge to order that he be caned again as he would continue to drink.

The man, Mallam Ummanu Bubeh, who is a teacher by profession, was arrested by Sharia agents who found him drunk on the street of Katsina while staggering home from the army barracks mammy market, where he had gone for drinking.

After his conviction by the Sharia court in the city, Mallam Bubeh was given 80 lashes in the presence of his mother who had pleaded for him to no avail.

But soon after he received his punishment, Mallam Bubeh brought out a small sachet of whisky from his pocket, and told the judge that he was going to drink it even in his presence.

He dared the judge to order another round of strokes of the cane the next day, stressing that would not deter him from his pastime.

The judge, who was dumbfounded at the audacity of the teacher, ordered that he (Bubeh) be immediately taken out of the court premises on grounds of insanity.

He also recommended Mallam Babeh's dismissal from his job.

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