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The Star, Kuala Lumpur, 2 August 1997

Jail, cane for businessman in share scam

By Dalilah Ibrahim

GUILTY.... Kueh being led out of the Sessions Court after he was sentenced yesterday.

KUALA LUMPUR: A businessman who cheated two siblings of a total of RM86,354 in a share scam was jailed a total of 104 months and ordered to be given a total of seven strokes of the rotan by two Sessions Court yesterday.

Kueh Thuan Seng @ Kueh Thuan Khim, 47, pleaded guilty to charges of inducing Tan Bee Chih and her brother Aik Keng to believe he had the help of a "datuk" to obtain shares in various companies.

However, Kueh will only serve 18 months as the courts ordered the sentences to run concurrently.

Kueh, who faced four charges of cheating self-employed Bee Chih, was jailed 18 months for the first count, 12 months for the second count, 18 months for the third and 14 months for the fourth count.

He cheated the victim into parting with a total of RM 54,654 for the purchase of 11 lots of Metrod, Yaohan and Latexx shares and a deposit for a Proton Wira car.

Judge Suraya Othman ordered one stroke of the rotan for each offence but said the jail sentences would run concurrently from the date of his arrest on June 5.

In another court, Kueh was jailed a total of 42 months for three counts of cheating retiree Tan Aik Keng of RM31,700.

He was jailed 16 months for the first offence, 14 months for the second and 12 months for the third.

Judge Hasnah Mohd Hashim ordered that Kueh be whipped once each for the offences and that he serve his sentences concurrently from the date of his arrest.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Lailawati Husain told both courts that Kueh told the victims that a "datuk" he knew was trying to get investors to buy the shares as the VIP was short of money.

She said Kueh had issued receipts for every payment but the siblings never received the shares or their money back.

Kueh is facing four other charges in another court for cheating a woman of RM 97,450 in a similar share scam.

Kueh had pleaded guilty to all the charges but judge Lim Yee Lan rejected his plea saying it was conditional.

She said this after the DPP pointed out that in Kueh's mitigation, he said he had no intention to cheat the woman.

Lim urged Kueh to get a counsel and fixed Aug 11 for mention of the case.

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The Star, Kuala Lumpur, 5 August 1997

Bomoh jailed 12 years for rape

By Stephen Then

MIRI: A bomoh who raped a 16-year old student during a purported mandi bunga (a flower-bath ritual) to rid the girl of her bad temper was yesterday jailed a total of 12 years and ordered to be caned six times.

Rayes Muhitar, 28, an Indonesian, pleaded guilty at the Sessions Court here to a charge of raping the student at a house near Bintulu on Dec 24, and another charge of attempting to rape her the day before.

Sessions Court Judge Supang Lian jailed him eight years and ordered him to be whipped three times for the rape offence and another four years and three strokes of whipping for the attempted rape.

The sentences will run consecutively.

The judge said she had considered his guilty plea, public interest and the facts surrounding the case when passing sentence.

Prosecuting officer Asst Supt Victor Gopal, when presenting the facts of the case, said the victim was now pregnant because of the rape.

The girl and her mother lodged a report against Rayes on Feb 13 after the girl suffered stomach upsets and vomiting and subsequently discovered that she was pregnant.

The victim claimed that Rayes had tried to rape her while performing the ritual on her in the bathroom of his house.

She claimed that he again raped her the following day while chanting some verses during another ritual.

ASP Victor said investigations revealed that the girl was sent to the bomoh by her mother so that he could cure her of her bad temper.

The mother also wanted the bomoh, who was also a labourer, to perform some ritual to make her husband more faithful to her, he added.

The victim claimed that she was under a spell when the offences were committed.

In mitigation, Rayes pleaded for leniency, saying that his wife and children had suffered a lot and had become beggars since he was imprisoned.

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The Star, Kuala Lumpur, 12 August 1997

More jail blues for businessman

By Dalilah Ibrahim

KUALA LUMPUR: A businessman who was jailed 104 months and given seven strokes of the rotan over a share scam early this month has more coming to him.

Yesterday, he was sentenced to another 100 months' jail and ordered to be whipped four times for a similar offence.

Kueh Thuan Seng @ Kueh Thuan Khim, 47, admitted to the Sessions Court here that he cheated a bank officer of RM97,450 on four occasions by inducing the victim to believe he had the help of a 'Datuk' to obtain shares in various companies.

Kueh cheated the officer into giving the money for a total 19 lots of Eden, Johor Ports, Forestwood and Pernas shares at Crown Photographer, Persiaran Ara Kiri, Lucky Garden, and Caster Fields in Jalan Tun Sambanthan here between July and Oct 14, 1996.

Judge Lim Yee Lan sentenced Kueh to 18 months' jail for the first offence, 16 months for the second, 24 months for the third and 42 months for the last offence.

Lim also ordered Kueh to be whipped once for each of the offence but ordered the jail sentences to run concurrently from the date of his arrest on June 5.

In mitigation, Kueh asked for a lenient sentence on the grounds that he had fully co- operated with the authorities since his arrest and had saved the state's time and money by pleading guilty.

He asked the court to consider his health problems and pleaded for an opportunity to start life anew.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Lailawati Husain, in asking for a deterrent sentence, said there were five other cheating reports against him involving a total of RM415,000.

To a question by Lim, Kueh admitted to cheating the five.

On Aug 1, Kueh was sentenced to 104 months' jail and given seven strokes of the rotan for cheating two siblings of RM86,354 in a similar share scam on seven occasions.

Based on the concurrent sentences, Kueh will be in jail for 42 months although he was jailed for a total of 204 months for 11 counts of cheating.

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