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MALAYSIA (at the time: Malaya)
Judicial CP - March 1962

Corpun file 23941

The Straits Times, Singapore, 11 March 1962, p.11

Whipping for young thug who stabbed a boy

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PENANG, Sat. -- A 16-year-old self-confessed gangster was ordered to be given six strokes of the rotan today for stabbing a boy at a mee stall in Trengganu Road on Feb. 9.

He was also ordered to be sent to the Henry Gurney School for three years.

The boy admitted he was a member of the "Wah Kee" gang.

"I must take you away from your gangster associates," the senior sessions court president Mr K. Somasundram, who sat in the juvenile court, told him.

"And I am ordering a whipping to make you realise what pain is like."

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