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MALAYSIA (at the time: MALAYA)
Judicial CP - January 1956

Corpun file 7218

The Straits Times, Singapore, 12 January 1956

He Has 'Bad Hands'

Rotan, jail for thief

KUALA LUMPUR, Wed. -- A magistrate today ordered a young Malay driver to receive six strokes of the rotan, 12 months' jail, and a year's police supervision after his release.

The driver, Mohamed Ali bin Sa'ad, 28, was described by the prosecution as "a man who must be kept away from society because he has bad hands."

Stole cigarettes

He was convicted of stealing a carton of cigarettes, valued at $84, from a provision shop in Sentul Pasar on Nov. 30.

Mohamed Ali went to the shop with a friend. While the friend was bargaining with the shopkeeper, Mohamed Ali took the cigarettes and drove away, the court was told.

Denying the charge, Mohamed Ali claimed he had bought the cigarettes.

The magistrate, Raja Azlan Shah, ordered him to pay the shopkeeper the cost of the cigarettes.

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