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Judicial CP - November 1952

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News Chronicle, London, 8 November 1952

Flogging for 3 in Kenya tribe

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THREE Kikuyu tribesmen have been sentenced to 24 lashes and two years' hard labour at Fort Hall, Kenya.

They attacked an African they suspected of giving information about Mau Mau terrorists to the police.

Six more tribesmen were sentenced to seven years' hard labour for administering a Mau oath at Fort Hall, and two got three years for going to a Mau Mau ceremony.

News of these sentences came a few hours after Mr. Lyttelton, Colonial Secretary, had told the House of Commons that the Government is determined to "deal with the terror in Kenya and restore the Queen's peace."

More police

George Vine cables from Nairobi: Additional white police officers are to be recruited and trained by the Kenya Government for anti-Mau Mau duty in Kikuyu land. Some may come from Britain.

A Kenya Government spokesman said the next phase of the campaign will be establishing permanent police posts inside the Kikuyu reserve.

Show-of-force tactics and lightning swoops on Mau Mau black spots will give way gradually to a close system of policing to restore the confidence of the Kikuyu and to protect law-abiding tribesman.

Army headquarters in Nairobi said a Soccer team of the 7th King's African Rifles will play a match against a Kikuyu XI on Sunday.

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