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Judicial CP - March 1932

Hansard (House of Commons), London, 21 March 1932

Corporal punishment.

Mr. BERNAYS asked the Secretary of State for India whether in view of the number of cases of the administration of corporal punishment on boys for political offences in India, he will make representations to the Government of India that this punishment for such offences shall be discontinued?

cuttingSir S. HOARE: The matter is one for the discretion of the courts. This form of punishment may be awarded for offences against the Penal Code under the ordinary law and not under any emergency ordinances. The political nature of the offences is not relevant. In these circumstances it is not for me to intervene in the ordinary course of justice.

Mr. MORGAN JONES: Can the right hon. Gentleman say whether such punishment may be administered irrespective of the age of a child?

Sir S. HOARE: I cannot give an answer without looking into the facts.

Mr. T. WILLIAMS: Can the right hon. Gentleman say whether all those children come either under the ordinary law or the law relating to ordinances?

Mr. D. GRENFELL: Will the right hon. Gentleman tell us the minimum age at which a child can be charged with an offence?

Sir S. HOARE: I have just said that those offences are not political offences. They are offences under the penal code.

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