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Judicial CP - March 1957

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Isle of Man Examiner, Douglas, 29 March 1957

Six Strokes of the Birch for 14-Year-Old

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SIX strokes of the birch were ordered to be given to a 14 years old boy who was charged with seven cases of indecent assault by the Douglas Magistrates on Monday afternoon.

The cases had been adjourned from the previous week pending a report on the boy by the School Medical Officer. There was also a charge made against the boy for the theft of a toy pistol valued at 2/6d. He was dismissed on the Probation of Offenders Act on this charge and ordered to pay the cost of the toy and costs.

Mr P.G. Hislop, chairman of the Bench praised the detention officer for the way in which he had looked after the boy. He said that looking at the photo taken by the Police on the boy's arrest it was hard to believe that it was the same person.

"From a boy who looked a very seedy specimen indeed to today where we see you as a good looking young fellow who could go places," said Mr. Hislop.

The birch was ordered to be given to the boy for indecent assault of an eight years old boy who since the incident had been suffering from nightmares it was stated.

On the charges concerning offences against an 11 years old girl, Mr Hislop told the boy that Bench were not holding her entirely blameless but he should have known better. He was placed on probation for three years on these charges. The last three charges concerning offences made against another boy of 13, Mr. Hislop said that his actions were more animal-like, than human as far as these cases were concerned. He was bound over for good behaviour for three years on his own recognisance of £5 and another surety of £20.

During the hearing the boy's headmaster and a teacher were present.

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